During a spell to summon Cole, Prue is sent into the past where she and Piper are kids and realizes more about Paige’s role in the Halliwell family. Now, Piper and Paige must find a way to bring Prue back. What will Prue find out about Paige? Will Piper and Paige save Prue?


Cole Turner/Belthazor/Hollow (Mentioned)

Patty Halliwell

Penny Halliwell

Victor Bennett (Mentioned)


Prue: Uh, so what's going on here?

Piper: Where did Prue go?

Paige: Prue is trapped in the past and it's all my fault.

Leo: I'll ask the Elders how this happened.

Patty: Phoebe's at Aunt Gail's house. Where's Prue and Piper?

Penny: You've come from the future, you say? How many grandchildren do I have?