(A crowd stands outside the movie theater waiting to go in as PRUE HALLIWELL, PIPER HALLIWELL, and PAIGE MATTHEWS stand in the crowd.)

PAIGE: Okay, what is the hold-up?

PRUE: Oh, I'm going to take a guess and say that everyone is waiting to see "Kill It before It Dies 2".

PIPER: Why? I mean, the movie will pretty much be the same as the first one. Just with new characters, a new villain, and a new love interest.

PRUE: Piper…

PIPER: What?

PRUE: You know why we are here. We need some time to have bonding time.

PAIGE: This is bonding time already. We're learning about each other. (Smirking) I'm noticing that Piper is very neurotic.


She playfully hits Paige's arm as she smirks back at her.

PRUE: Well, I'm sure we will love this movie. Phoebe did.

PAIGE: She was into old films? So am I.

PIPER: Perfect…another sister who likes oldies.

Paige smirks at her just as two men begin to argue ahead of them. One of them, named JOHN MINOS, is taking more of the yelling from the other man, JAMES MINOSA.

JOHN: Hey! You can't skip me in line!

JAMES: Oh yeah?! What are you going to do about it?

(James pushes John and he falls backwards into Paige who gasps as she is sent into a premonition.



James is being pulled out of a chair he is tied up in.



James is standing behind a fire.



Paige falls backwards into Prue and Piper who catch her in time. Security runs over to the two men and pull them apart.

Paige looks on in shock as James walks away from the movie heater.

PRUE: Paige.

PIPER: Paige. Are you okay?

PAIGE: Uh…I had a "you know what".

Prue and Piper pull Paige away from the crowd as they begin whispering.

PRUE: What did you see?

PAIGE: I saw that man.

She points to the man walking away from the movie theater.

PIPER: What about him?

PAIGE: This thing grabbed that man and threw him. And then a fire was behind that man.

PRUE: Do you know what it looked like?

PAIGE: I don't know. It's weird. He looked like a bull or something.

PIPER (Confused): What?

PRUE: Alright, that doesn't matter. What matters is we save him.

The three of them quickly take off after James and to the alley.



James walks towards a door and tries to open it.

JAMES: Damnit! Bobby locked up early.

He begins pulling out his keys to his store. As he puts the key into the knob, Paige, Prue, and Piper reach the alley. Just as James is opening the door, Piper extends her wrists, freezing the door and seemingly the man.

Just as the sisters begin to step towards him, he looks up and down at the door in shock. The sisters gasp as they realize that the man is not actually frozen.

James turns around in wonder and sees them looking back at him.

PAIGE: Why isn't he frozen?

Piper extends her wrists again, but James still doesn't freeze.

JAMES: What the-! Who are you?!


PRUE: Piper…

PIPER: He isn't freezing…why isn't he freezing?!

JAMES: I'm going to take a guess and say that you're the ones who were sent by the clan.


She TKs James and he flies backwards and into boxes.

The three sisters are watching, hoping that the man is out cold, but he quickly stands up with anger on his face.

He lets out a yell just before he begins shapeshifting into the bull-like creature from Paige's premonition. As he completely shreds his clothes and steps over them, Paige gasps.

PAIGE: Oh my god! That looks like the thing from the premonition!

The creature starts to approach them but Prue lets down her head and astral projects behind him. She picks up a piece of wood and attempts to stab the demon. But he quickly swings around, catching her arm and throws her backwards into the front of a trash can.

PIPER: Oh god! (She flicks her wrists and the demon is blasted backwards onto the ground, knocking him unconscious.

Paige stares at her two sisters as Prue's astral projection disappears and she wakes up in her own body.

PAIGE: Cool powers!

PIPER: Thanks! But I didn't mean to use that one.

The demon shapeshifts back into his human form which is James, shocking the three sisters.

PRUE: Okay…that was almost too easy.

PIPER: Easy for you to say. Both of your powers phased him. I was only able to blast the thing.

PAIGE: What do we do now?

Prue, Piper, and Paige look at the man on the ground, clearly in confusion about him.





James is tied up in a chair near the sunroom wall while Piper is sitting on the sofa and Prue is pacing back and forth in front of him.

PRUE: Piper, maybe we should call Leo.

PIPER: Why? We can deal with this on our own.

PRUE: But we at least need some info about the Minotaurs.

PIPER: Prue, please…I don't think it's early enough to have Leo back yet.

Prue sits down next to her sister with comfort in her eyes.

PRUE: Hey. (Piper looks at her.) I know after everything that's happened in the last few weeks has been…tough, tougher that we've ever faced before, but…having Leo around you to help you with it might make you feel better.

PIPER: Prue, I don't know if I still blame him or not for Phoebe's death. I'm just so confused. I don't want him to be around with me being so confused. He doesn't deserve it. (She looks down to her feet as Prue tries to find something to say.)

PAIGE (Walking down the stairs): Found it!

PRUE: The creature?

As she approaches the others, she is carrying and reading the Book of Shadows with determination on her face.


PIPER: What does it say?

She sits down in the middle of her two sister as she sits the Book in their laps.

PAIGE: Demons that can kill you with a poisonous slash of their claws…

PIPER: Ooo, ouch.

PAIGE: You will recognize a Minotaur by their bodies of men and heads and tails of bulls.

PRUE: Well, that fits our description of his creature-form.

James begins to wake up groaning, causing the sisters to look up from the Book to him. He slowly opens his eyes and observes the three sisters.

JAMES: What is going on? Where am I?

PRUE: That doesn't matter. But we already know who you are. The question is where did you come from?

JAMES: My name is James Minos. I'm from a clan of Minotaurs.

PAIGE: Minos? Guess that makes sense.

JAMES: My clan is based out in this city.

PIPER: Where?

JAMES: Why would I tell you that?

PRUE: Because we want to save your life.

He looks at them in confusion.

PAIGE: We know that someone who looks just like your Minotaur form is going to attack you. We need to know how to save you.

JAMES: Well can you please get me out of these ropes?

PIPER: Oh you think we're dumb?

PRUE: You are a Minotaur which means there's a possibility that you may kill someone too.

PIPER: So you're not going anywhere.

PAIGE (Thinking): But Prue…YOU need to.

PRUE What?

PAIGE: You have to go into work, remember? We were going to see the movie early and you would go to work right after.

PRUE: Oh! (She rolls her eyes in disbelief.) ! I-I completely forgot…but I need to be here.

PAIGE: Why? We've got this. We have this guy tied up. We're good.

PRUE: Paige, I don't know.

PAIGE: What's wrong?

PRUE: It's just…this is your first own demon…I mean, besides Cortez and the Source. You will need me to guide you and make sure everything goes alright.


PRUE: No buts, I'm going to call my job and tell them that I have a family emergency.

JAMES: I'm still not out of these ropes.

PAIGE: Can you wait?

PIPER (As Prue is walking away): I'm surprised we still have our jobs after all of the family emergencies we have.

PAIGE: Well, to be fair…I haven't had many. My boss and I have a good professional relationship.

Paige nods her head while Piper raises her eyebrows.

PIPER: I just hope she isn't doing this because of her pride.

PAIGE: What do you mean?

PIPER: Prue is very…very prideful and it's her pride that almost got her killed many times before. In fact, there was this time where we all got zapped with sins and guess what Prue got?

PAIGE: Pride?

PIPER: Yep, and it almost got her killed some times.

PAIGE: Zapped with sins?


PAIGE: Wow…you, Prue, and Phoebe sure had some interesting times when I wasn't here.

PIPER: She wants to help you with your first demon, but she's going to be very prideful about it. But who knows? She may have learned how to control it.

Prue walks back in with wonder on her face.

PRUE: I completely learned how to control what?

PIPER: Your pride.

PRUE: What about it?

PIPER: You learned from the last time your pride almost got you killed, right?

PRUE: Yeah…I-I learned…a little bit.

Piper shakes her head with disbelief.

PRUE: Look, it's going to take some time for me to control it, but I will get a handle on it. But right now, we have more important things to worry about.

PIPER: The Minotaur.

PRUE: Yeah.

PIPER: What do we do?

PRUE (Nodding her head): Alright, so first thing's first, we need to make sure that he stays here and doesn't escape.

PAIGE: Well, we have to make sure he doesn't get angry.

JAMES: I'll be less angry if you would just untie me!

PRUE: Paige, in the Book of Shadows, does it say anything about where the Minotaurs might be?

PAIGE: It says they hide in caves before attacking their victims.

A CRASH noise is heard as the glass of a window in the sunroom breaks causing everyone to look away in shock. A Minotaur charges through the window and enters the sunroom just as everyone begins looking at him.

PAIGE: What?!

PIPER: There's two of them?!

The Minotaur growls and begins leaning over James. Prue TKs the demon into the wall and it falls to the ground.

PRUE: Piper?!

Piper tries to freeze them but they are still immune to her freezing.

PIPER: They're both immune.

The Minotaur quickly stands up and charges towards the women, but Piper quickly flicks her wrist and the demon is blasted backwards into the wall, falling into the sunroom.

PAIGE: Nice shot.

PIPER: I just got pissed about my freezing not working.

The Minotaur quickly stands up and grabs James. As the creature yanks him up, James starts to yell out and he shapeshifts into a Minotaur as well.

PRUE: Uh…okay! Double trouble!

James' Minotaur form breaks his ropes and punches the other Minotaur. The other Minotaur catches himself and charges at James' Minotaur form. They fall into the coffee table, breaking it knocking out James. The other Minotaur begins to scratch James before Prue TKs him into the grandfather clock, knocking him out too.

Prue, Piper, and Paige watch as the two Minotaurs quickly transform into their human forms and one of them is John, the guy that James was arguing with earlier.

PAIGE: Well, this is something.




James is tied up in the living room and John is tied up in the sunroom with Prue, Piper and Paige sitting on the seats in front of him.

John awakens in the sunroom, looking around in wonder as he sees the sisters looking at him.

JOHN: Where am I?

PAIGE: That doesn't matter. What matters is that you attacked us and you attacked James.

JOHN: What? (He looks at the two in confusion.) That doesn't make sense.

PRUE: It doesn't? We saw you attack him and us. I'd say that makes sense.

JOHN: The clan…the clan must have cast a spell on me. They wanted to see who would win between us.

PIPER: Who? You and James?

JOHN: Yes. A long time ago…a witch cursed my ancestors into Minotaurs forever. But another witch helped them break the curse a little. So instead of having all Minotaurs, one day there will lead up to a half-human, half Minotaur.

PAIGE: But…that doesn't make any sense. Both of you are half-human.

He looks at them without saying a word and Prue slowly realizes the truth.

PRUE: You're twins.

PAIGE (In Shock): What?

JOHN: Fraternal twins. He is the one that wants to kill me so he can be the king of the clan in this city.

PIPER: Wow. How big is the clan?

JOHN: Probably seven or eight.

PRUE: Okay seven or eight big hairy creatures. That won't be hard to handle.

PAIGE: So you don't want me to be king?

JOHN: I don't know. I mean, I grew up around them and they're only scared of how powerful James is. I want to protect them. But I also want to have a normal life.

PIPER: I can relate to you on that. I also have wanted a normal life for a while. I still do, but I know that I can't have a totally normal life. I just have to deal with both parts of my life.

JOHN: How do you deal with it?

PIPER: Well, I have family for that.

JAMES: (Tears begin to form in his eyes.) My father tried to keep me safe, but… (Tears fall down his face.) My mother died when hunters killed her.

PAIGE: I'm sorry.

JOHN: I wish that she was still here. I wish she got to know me. Every day I wonder what my life would be like if she were still alive.

PAIGE (Nods her head.): I know how you feel. I wish my mom were still here. Maybe I wouldn't be so new to this.

JOHN: To what?

Paige looks at her two friends/sisters and they both nod their heads before she turns back to John.

PAIGE: We're witches.

John looks at them in hope.

JOHN: Really? (He smiles at them.) Then you can help.

PIPER: Help with what?

A sound of doors opening and hitting the walls interrupts them and they all turn towards the living room.



Prue, Piper, and Paige walk in to see three Minotaurs staring back at them, breathing heavily.

PRUE: Oh god.

The bulls roar, waking up James who looks up in wonder. He quickly looks excitedly at the bulls.

JAMES: You guys came for me! I knew you were loyal servants!

The three Minotaurs take off towards the sisters and James. One of them unties James while the other two face off against the sisters.

Prue TKs the bookcase onto the two Minotaurs and Piper quickly flicks her wrists.

PIPER: I got nothing.

PRUE: Just fight.

JOHN: I can help! (He quickly begins to shapeshift, with his form turning hairy.)

As James stands up and quickly shapeshifts into his Minotaur form, they turn to see John enter the room in his Minotaur form as well.

The Minotaurs and James, except John run out of the manor through the front doors. John watches them angrily.

PAIGE: Don't chase after them, John!

He huffs and decides to chase after them anyways.

The three sisters look around at the destruction of their living room and the sunroom wall in disbelief.




Prue is sitting down trying to think of a plan as Piper paces back and forth while Piper's husband, LEO WYATT, looks at her in anger and Paige is sad because she feels dim-witted for letting the demon trick her.

LEO: I can't believe you didn't call me!

PIPER: I didn't think I should!

LEO: Why not?! I'm your whitelighter, remember?

PIPER: I know that, but you are also my husband. And considering what's been going on lately, I wanted to let you have a break.

LEO: Piper. I know that you are pushing me away because you still blame me, but that should not stop you from calling me because I am not just your husband, I'm your whitelighter.

Piper stops pacing around and looks up to Leo.

PIPER (Nodding her head): You're right. And I'm sorry, but I just don't think you deserve someone who blames you for their sister's death.

Leo looks down at her with a frown.

PIPER: I'm sorry…what are we going to do?

LEO: We just have to take everything at a time. But right now, we need to focus on those creatures.

PRUE: We have to do something. No matter what it takes, we have to stop those two from killing each other and anyone else.

LEO: I don't think that's our only problem…Minotaurs exist in a land beyond the physical plane.

PRUE: Are you talking about the astral plane?

LEO: No. It's another plane…a plane that has many dangerous creatures. It's a place between the physical plane and the Underworld.

PRUE: But John said they lived in a cave in the city.

LEO: That's true, but they live on another plane.

Piper looks to Paige in wonder of why her friend/sister is silent.

PRUE: Paige? Have you thought of anything?

Prue, Piper, and Leo turn to her to see that she is looking at the broken sunroom wall.

PIPER: Paige? What's wrong?

Paige begins to have teary eyes as her sisters sit next to her and Leo stands in front of her.

PAIGE: I can't believe that I lost my innocent already. How could I be so stupid?

PIPER: We don't know if he's dead or not, Paige.

PAIGE: But he might be.

PRUE: Listen…you weren't stupid. You just want to save him. You see the good in him, that's all.

PIPER: That doesn't mean you're stupid at all, Paige.

LEO: It's actually one of the traits in the family. You all see and believe in the good of people.

PAIGE: But look where it got me. John is going to get killed and then more innocents are going to get die, especially now that we know if James kills John, he becomes King of the Minotaurs who don't even really want him to be King.

PRUE: Paige…we can stop James. There are ways we can.

PAIGE: But how?

Piper's face begins to light up.

PIPER: What about a potion to bind their powers? It would eliminate the threat.

PRUE: Yeah, but what if it doesn't work?

Paige sniffs as her face begins to light up as well.

PAIGE: Can't we create spells ourselves?

PIPER: Yeah. Maybe we could make one that can vanquish them.

LEO: Yeah, but we still have to locate them.

Prue looks at Paige in wonder.

PRUE: What did you see in your premonition?

PAIGE: I saw the Minotaur and the innocent in a park. There were a lot of trees.

PIPER: Hard to tell what park you saw.

PRUE: What if you called on a premonition?

PAIGE: What?

PIPER: Is that even possible?

PRUE: Well, yeah…Phoebe did it.

PIPER: Only Phoebe had more time, months, to get control of her powers. You might not be able to call for a premonition.


PIPER: Well…I think I have an idea.

Prue, Paige, and Leo look at her in wonder.

PIPER (Looking at Leo): It's a long shot, but…Is it possible for us to access the power of three and somehow advance Paige's premonition power so that she can call for one? I mean, we've always known that the power of three is what makes us so strong so maybe it'll be strong enough to get Paige to call for a premonition.

PRUE: Yeah, you're right. That definitely qualifies as a long shot.

PIPER (To Prue): What do you think, though?

PRUE: It seems possible.

She stands up, along with Piper and Paige. Prue and Piper stand in front of Paige as Paige is confused.

PAIGE: But how do I call for one?

Piper looks around and picks up the rope that was on James off of the floor. She hands it to Paige.

PIPER: Here.

Paige holds the rope in one hand while holding Prue's hand who holds Piper's hand.

PRUE: Okay. Concentrate on your first premonition about the attack on James…what did you see?

As if on cue, Paige is sent into a premonition.



The sign "Golden Gate Park' stands in the dark just as John in his Minotaur form runs past it. He runs into a cave near a big oak tree. J



James in his Minotaur form holds John above on a pyre while the Minotaurs watch in fear. Just as James is about to light the fire, Paige is pulled out of the premonition.



Paige gasps as she opens her eyes and smiles to herself.

PAIGE: Oh my god… (Breathing excitedly) I did it! I got it. I know where the cave is.

PRUE: Okay. Now that we have the location, we need a potion to vanquish James. So Piper, you work on the potion and Paige you-

PAIGE (Interrupting Prue) Start working on a spell that will vanquish the Minotaurs. Gotcha.

Piper stands up and makes her way downstairs, followed by Paige.

Leo looks down at Prue smiling.

LEO: What is it?

PRUE: It's nothing. I just thought Paige would need me to help her vanquish the Minotaurs. But looks like I was wrong.

Leo smiles at her.

PRUE: Well, she definitely is a Halliwell.

She begins walking up the stairs as Leo walks towards the kitchen.



John runs through the trees as he keeps looking behind him.

Across the park, Leo orbs in with Piper, Prue, and Paige linking hands with each other.

PAIGE: Okay. We need to find the cave I saw in my premonition.

PRUE: Where do you think it is?

PAIGE: It's by a big oak tree like… (She looks around and slowly spots a big oak tree.) Let's try there.

The four take off towards the tree and when they reach it, Piper notices a big footed trail leading pass the tree.

PIPER: Look. (She gestures the others to look at the trail.)

PRUE: This must lead to the cave.

LEO: Well we better hurry before John is killed like in your premonition, Paige.

The four take off again. The trail eventually stops at a big pile of bushes and they look at it in wonder.

PRUE: Is this it?

LEO: Must be.

Piper and Paige push the bushes a little and realize that they're removable. They pick them up and move them away.

They immediately notice the cave behind it.

PRUE: Looks like we found it.

PAIGE: Now we just go into it.

PIPER: Why do I feeling it's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows on the other plane?

PAIGE: We have to hurry you guys.

PRUE: Okay, let's go.

They all join hands as the eldest leads them into the cave, and they are all quickly pulled in through the portal.



A portal by a stone wall opens and Prue, Paige, Piper, and Leo are thrown in, thankfully landing on their feet.

The four look around them and notice a land full of fire and brimstone, where other creatures preside such as Minotaurs and Goblins. They can hear the sounds of dragons on the plane. Lightning flashes and thunder roars in the dark sky.

PAIGE: Uh…uh oh.

PIPER: Hey…are you sure we should save this innocent? I mean, if we try to save him, we could end up being captured and tortured in this hell.

PRUE: We have to save John, regardless.

PIPER: I know… (Her whims as the eldest begins leading them pass the busy Goblins and Minotaurs.)

They eventually reach a part of the plane where nine Minotaurs are surrounding another Minotaur who is on a pyre that hasn't been lighted yet. James in his Minotaur form holds the torch.

JAMES: Today we burn this traitor…this false king…this failure of a brother into nothing but bits and pieces.

John is unconscious on the pyre as the sisters and Leo watch from above the Minotaurs and begin whispering.

PAIGE: Okay. How do we get John?

PRUE: We have to distract James first.

LEO: What about the other Minotaurs?

PIPER: They're not going to do anything. They don't want James as King either.

PRUE: Okay. I have an idea.

PAIGE: What is it?

PRUE: I throw the torch out of his hand while you, Piper, and Leo orb down there. I'll astral down there after you and take the battle against James while you untie John. Sound good?

PAIGE (Whispering): The best plan we got.

PRUE: Okay. Ready? (The others nod their heads and Prue TKs the torch out of James' hand and he looks around in shock.

Leo joins hands with Piper and Paige and orbs them out. They orb back in near the pyre, shocking all of the Minotaurs.

Prue drops her head and astral projects down there in front of a still shocked James.

PRUE: Hey. You thought we were going to let you get away with this?

Paige struggles to untie John from off the unlit pyre while Piper and Leo guard Paige and John from the other Minotaurs who are clearly in fear of them all.

Astral Prue runs and kicks James in his stomach and punches him in the face. She tries a roundhouse kick, but he quickly grabs her legs and tosses her into a few other Minotaurs.

James turns to see John off the pyre and Paige next to him. Unknown to James, Prue's astral self disappears off the other Minotaurs.

PAIGE: Afraid you're not getting away with this Jamey-boy.

JAMES: Oh yeah? I took down your sister.

Astral Prue appears next to Paige's side as Leo grabs hold of John and Piper steps to the other side of Paige.

Piper pulls a vanquish potion out of her jacket throws it at James who begins yelling from its impact on his body. He burns intensely on his bull-like face and he places his hands on his face.

Paige pulls out the spell on a piece of paper out of her pocket and holds it in front of her and her sisters to chant.

PRUE/PIPER/PAIGE: Half Minotaur, You've been evil all of your hours, we vanquish you now and all of your power.

James begins to shake as flames consume his body. As he roars in pain, he blows up, leaving nothing behind.

PIPER: Whew!

John lets out a yell as he transforms back into his human form.

John coughs as he breathes deeply.

JOHN: Thank you!

Before anyone could breathe, the other Minotaurs begin looking at them all.


John steps in front of the Minotaurs and holds out his hands.

JOHN: It's okay, it's okay. They're friends. They vanquished James. His reign is over now. You can live here in peace.

All of the Minotaurs look at each other and bow down on their knees to John. The sisters and Leo look at them in surprise.


LEO: Hmm…seems like they want a King.

John turns to the sisters and Leo.

JOHN: No… (He looks at them again and then back to the others.) They need a King.

PAIGE: I guess it was always meant to be this way.

JOHN: Yeah. I guess you really can't fight destiny.

Prue, Piper, and Paige smile at John and nod their heads.

JOHN: You know…earlier I wanted to see if you three can create a potion to bind my power, prevent from transforming any more, but now I see…this is just what's meant to be. We're good Minotaurs.

PAIGE: We like that.

He nods his head at them.



Piper sits down at the table while Leo is already sitting eating biscuits and oatmeal that Piper had cooked. He drinks his cup of coffee as Prue walks in.

PRUE: Morning.

Piper has a piece of paper in her hand that confuses Leo and Prue.

LEO: What's that?

PIPER: It's something we need to talk about. Something we need to do right now.

PRUE: Uh oh…that's not what I think it is, is it?

Her younger sister turns and gives her a look. Prue puts her free hand in the air and grabs a cup of coffee.

PRUE: I'm out.

She walks out of the kitchen, leaving Piper and Leo.

LEO: Look, Piper…I know these last few weeks have been tough but-

PIPER: It's not a divorce paper.

LEO (In confusion): It's not? (Smiles) Then what is it?

PIPER: It's a promise paper. We need to promise that through whatever battle and obstacles we go through, we go through them together. One person cannot handle a load by themselves, like I tried to do. If there is anything that needs to be talked about between us, then we will talk about it…And we will never let anything get between us.

Leo gets up from the table and kisses Piper who returns the kiss.

LEO (After they break part from their kiss): I'd love to sign this.

Piper smiles at him.



The door opens and Prue walks in, slowly looking around at her surroundings.

Prue looks at the various pictures of Phoebe while she sits down on her bed. Tears begin to form in her eyes.

PRUE: I'm sorry…I'm so sorry…

A knock goes on the door, causing Prue to quickly wipe her tears.

PRUE Come in.

The door opens and Piper and Paige walk in with sad faces.


PIPER: We noticed you haven't left for work yet and we figured this is where you would be.

Piper sits on Prue's left side while Paige sits on Prue's right side.

PRUE: God. I miss her so much.

PIPER: Me too.

PRUE (To Paige): Yesterday I wanted to make sure you learn how to trust someone you thought was innocent because I was afraid that what happened to Phoebe will not happen to you.

PAIGE: Oh Prue…That'll never happen.

PIPER: Yeah and like was said, it's not bad to see the good in someone. That's what Phoebe did.

Prue nods her head at them.

PAIGE: It's going to get better. It's just going to take some time.

Piper lays her head on Prue's shoulder as Paige does the same.

They share their moment as they all look at pictures of Phoebe.