While at P3, Piper is kidnapped by a demon and taken to the Underworld. Prue and Paige learn that the demon has the power to swap good memories in a person’s mind with bad memories. They soon discover that the demon wants to get Piper to relinquish her and her sisters’ powers. Meanwhile, Leo is hiding a secret from the sisters. Will Prue and Paige save Piper and save their magic? And what is Leo’s secret?


Memory Wiper


Prue: Hey, did Piper come home last night?

Piper: My sisters aren't dead!

Paige: We'll find her, Leo. I promise.

Leo: We have a problem...I can't sense Piper.

Memory Wiper: You see, I have the power to swap memories...more precisely good memories...with bad memories to drive a person into self destruction. For a witch. them into relinquishing their powers.