Following Cole’s attack, he has finally captured the powers of the Source. Meanwhile, a magical being visits the sisters with an incredible offer: They can relinquish their powers and wipe their magical slate clean. During a full on offensive against the sisters, Cole attacks someone they love dearly. Now, Prue, Piper, and Paige must make a choice: Save their loved one by relinquishing their powers and wiping their magical slate clean or lose their loved one and their lives as well. What will the Halliwell sisters do in the finale of this season?


Cole Turner/Belthazor/Hollow/The Source

Angel of Destiny


Prue: Who are you?

Piper: He's not freezing!

Paige: How about the power of three?!

Leo: Well, the Elders say the Angel of Destiny is legit, along with his deal.

Cole: I can't believe I will finally kill you after all the attacks and deals I had to go through with the Underworld. Demons aren't too persuasive when the body you're in killed some of their kind.

Angel: I'm the Angel of Destiny...and I'm here to change yours'.