Now that Cole has got the sisters off his back for a while, he continues with his plan to kill them. Paige gets a premonition of Cole and all the work that has been put up with his plan. After she warns her sisters, Prue, Piper, and Paige decide to visit Cole and vanquish him. However, what they find out may be something they can't stop. At the same time, Piper thinks that it may be time for P3 to close and for her to open her own restaurant. What is Cole’s evil plan? And will Piper close P3 and get the restaurant she always wanted?


Cole Turner/Belthazor


Prue: Piper, you want to close P3?

Piper: There's this place I found on Oakley Street.

Paige: I saw Cole! I saw him!

Leo: Whatever you decide, Piper, I will support you.

Cole Turner/Belthazor: My plan will work. Whatever it takes, I will succeed.