Live Three or Die Piper
Season 4, Episode 04
Air date March 16, 2016
Written by Neil Scovell
Directed by Noel Nosseck
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The Unusual Demons
A Paige From the Past


When a demon attack sends Piper into another plane, Prue and Paige must figure out a way to save her before she dies. Meanwhile, their dad visits and meets Paige for the first time. Will Prue and Paige succeed in saving Piper or will they just lose another sister like before?


Prue Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

Paige Matthews

Leo Wyatt

The Slimer

Magical Notes

Book of Shadows Edit

to fight the evil spirit on the astral
plane it is necessary to join him
in death.
mix the following:
a pinch of oleander
a pinch of jimsonweed
a pinch of bloodroot
a pinch of hollyhock seeds
grind to a fine powder and
take with the juice of
after battle is joined,
chant the following
"ashes to ashes
spirit to spirit
take his soul,
banish this evil."
continue chanting without ceasing
until the evil spirit disintegrates.
this spell must only be
attempted with a partner.
after not more than four minutes
the dead one must be awakened,
lest she too becomes
a spirit in fact.

Powers Edit

Telekinesis: Prue

Molecular Immobilization: Piper

Premonition: Paige

Orbing: Paige and Leo

Slime Motion: When blew up by Piper, the slime hit her.'


Prue: Piper, watch out!

Piper: Something's wrong with me.

Paige: Okay, so we just find the demon and vanquish him?

Leo: Oh can this be happening?

The Slimer: Your sister is on the edge of death and you're playing silly games?