While at P3, Paige meets a man and decides to ask him out. However, when he asks that it be before sunset, she wonders why that time. When she discovers that the man changes into a beast looking creature at sunset, she decides to get her sisters help. But, they learn that the beast is unable to be vanquished. Paige doesn’t give up and tries to help the man, but she causes him to fall in love with her. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo are starting to have marriage problems and decide to see a marriage counselor.Will Paige break the man’s curse…or will the man be forced to change into a beast for the rest of his life? And will Piper and Leo solve their marriage problems?


Prue Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

Paige Matthews

Leo Wyatt

Kurt Johnson

Powers UsedEdit

Telekinesis- Prue Astral Projection- Prue

Molecular Immobilization- Piper Molecular Combustion- Piper Premonition- Paige Orbing- Paige and Leo Sensing- Leo


Prue: you met a guy last night. I don't see the problem.

Piper: Well, Leo and I are having...marriage problems.

Paige: So he's not a demon?

Leo: Piper believes we should...see a marriage counselor.

Kurt: I'd love too, but it'll have to be before 6 'o clock.