PIPER HALLIWELL is sitting on a table just as a doctor with balding hair walks in.

Doctor: Okay. I'm back with your results.

Piper looks at him as he lets out a long sigh.

PIPER: Is something wrong?

Doctor: Well…it's your results.

Piper immediately begins looking at him in fear.

PIPER: Oh no…what's wrong?

Doctor: Don't worry too much now. Your blood tests came back normal, but…

PIPER: But what?

Doctor: We've found some scar tissue. It usually comes from trauma like falling down the stairs or a car accident. Has anything like that happened to you recently?

Piper looks down at her feet as she shakes her head, developing her lie.


She looks back up at the doctor with wonder.

PIPER: Is that something I should be worried about?

Doctor: Well, are you having any pain?


Doctor: Well, if you were having pain…or wanting to have a baby…then I would suggest surgery.

Piper begins looking at the doctor with worry.

PIPER: Wait. Why would I need to have surgery to have a baby?

Doctor: Well, it can cause fertility issues. But you haven't talked to me about having a baby…unless you are thinking about it?


She takes a moment to think about her answer.

PIPER: No. I'm not thinking about it.

The doctor nods his head as Piper looks away from him and knows that she has been thinking about having a baby.



Piper walks down the sidewalk as she is looking through her purse.

Across the parking lot, a demon with black eyes hoists a man up in the air by his neck. He growls as his eyes turn red.

Man: Help!

Piper looks up from her purse and is shocked to see the demon and the man.


She runs towards the demon as he turns to her with an evil grin. He lets go of his grip on the man's neck and the man takes off, running away from the scene.

PIPER: Uh oh.

She extends her wrists and the demon begins to turn all red, getting bigger like a bubble. Piper watches him in wonder as he blows up, spilling green slime out at her, cars, and the rest of the parking lot.

PIPER: Oh! God! Gross!

She places her hands above her eyes and pulls the slime from on top of them.





The front door opens and Piper walks in before beginning to take off her slime covered jacket.

She starts to walk down the hallway just as her eldest sister, PRUE HALLIWELL, walks down the stairs, noticing the green slime on Piper's sweater.

PRUE: Uh…Morning.

Piper walks past her with slight annoyance.

PIPER: Morning.

Her eldest sister looks at her in wonder and chases her towards the kitchen.



Piper walks in and heads towards the refrigerator as Prue walks in behind her.

PRUE (Confused): Okay. What is all of that stuff on you?

PIPER: That's what's left of this demon that attacked someone outside of the hospital.

She opens the refrigerator as Prue starts shaking her head in worry, beginning to remember Leo's recall of the events that led up to Phoebe's death.

PRUE: No one saw you use your powers, did they?

PIPER: No, thank God. (She takes out a bottle of water and closes the refrigerator.) But I bet everyone will be wondering what that slime is on their cars.

PRUE (Looking worriedly at her sister): And what about you? Are you okay?

Her younger sister begins drinking the bottle of water, not missing a beat. Prue looks at her, trying to understand why she is drinking the water so fast.

PRUE: Piper, is something wrong?

PIPER: No. Nothing's wrong. (She opens up the refrigerator again.)

PRUE: What are you doing?

The eldest sister notices her younger sister pulling a plate of food out of the refrigerator and closing it.

PRUE: Nothing's wrong?

PIPER: No. (She walks over towards the microwave.) Why do you think something is wrong?

She opens the microwave and places the plate inside.

PRUE: Well, for one…you usually throw out food that's two days old and two…you never warm up food in the microwave… (She looks at the microwave with slight sadness.) Only Phoebe did.

Piper lets out a sigh just as she closes the microwave door.

PRUE: What is it, Piper? (She notices Piper putting her hand on her forehead.) Does it have something to do with that demon?

PIPER: No, it's just…well, I went to my doctor's appointment and I-

The doorbell RINGS, causing her to stop talking as her and Prue look at each other before walking out of the kitchen.

As they get to the front doors, PAIGE MATTHEWS stands at the door with a smile.


PIPER: Hey. (She hugs her youngest sister with a smile.)

PRUE: Sup, sis. (She hugs Paige as well.)

Paige walks in and Prue closes the door behind her.



The three walk into the parlor as the youngest sister sits down on the couch.

PAIGE: How are you two? Everything good?

PRUE: I'm okay, but Piper…

PIPER: We're good. How are you?

Prue looks at Piper in wonder at why she didn't let Prue tell Paige that something is going on with Piper.

PAIGE: I…just came here to meet Victor today.

PIPER: Don't you mean dad?

PAIGE: For now, I just want to call him Victor.

PRUE: Paige-

PAIGE: I'm sorry you guys. I know Victor is my biological father, but…I already have a dad. A great one at that. I can't imagine anyone else taking his place.

PIPER: Well, maybe it's not about him taking his place. Maybe it's about opening up another place for him in your heart.

PRUE (To Paige): I say give him a chance, Paige. (She sits down next to Paige.) I mean, for years I never tried to get to know him, let alone find him. Piper and Phoebe always wanted to see him…but I didn't. And now he's back in our lives again and I gave him another chance. (She smiles at Paige.) I'm glad I gave him a second chance.

PIPER (To Paige): He may not have been father of the year in the past, but he's a great one now.

PAIGE (Slightly smiles): Okay I see what you both are saying…I'll give him a chance. But don't expect me to go out and buy him a best dad in the world mug.

Her two older sisters smirk at her as she smirks back at them. Prue looks down at her watch and gasps in shock at the time.

PRUE: Oh… (She begins walking away.) I'm going to be late for my lunch date with Justin.

Piper and Paige look at each other before taking off behind her. Prue almost reaches the stairs before hearing her sisters' footsteps behind her.

PIPER: Your date with Justin?

Prue turns around to them and smiles as she nods her head.

PRUE: Yeah. I'm surprised he called and scheduled it.

PAIGE (To Prue): So, is this lunch date a good thing or a bad thing?

PIPER (To Prue): Or are you not sure?

PRUE: I'm not sure at all. I mean, when he called he seemed like he was doing okay, but I don't really know.

PAIGE: Why would he even want to talk if it's a bad thing?

PIPER (To Paige): Oh…I don't know. Maybe he looovvvees Prue.

PAIGE: Oh yeah…he's so in looovvvees with the Eldest Halliwell sister.

PRUE (Smirks): He's not in love with me. At least I don't think. I'll just go get ready.

She nods her head at them as she takes off up the stairs.

PAIGE (To Piper): I'll be in the parlor.

She begins walking away, just before Piper gasps and places her hand on her head. Just as Paige enters the parlor, a demon with dark hair and dark leather clothes shimmers in.

Piper quickly notices him and yelps with a flick of her wrists as a reflex and freezes him.

PIPER: Paige! Prue!

The demon quickly unfreezes and walks towards Piper again. Paige turns around to see Piper facing off against the demon.

PAIGE: Prue! Demon! (She watches the demon smirk at Piper who flicks her wrists again.)

PIPER: Uh, he's not freezing anymore! (She extends her wrists just as he gets closer to her.)

The demon blows up, causing an explosion that engulfs Piper backwards. Paige closes her eyes and ducks behind the wall next to her as the explosion slowly disappears, leaving everything seemingly untouched…except for Piper who is on the floor next to the stairs.

Paige peeks from behind the wall and looks around her in confusion.

PAIGE: Uh… (She notices Piper on the floor.) Piper!

She rushes to her in worry as Prue runs down the stairs.

PRUE: Oh god! Leo!

Just as she reaches her younger sister, Leo orbs in next to them, quickly noticing his wife on the floor.

LEO: What happened?

PAIGE: I don't know! There was a demon and he attacked Piper. (She looks at her older sister frantically.) There was this huge explosion!

PRUE: Try to heal her, Leo!

Leo places his hands above Piper's chest as a glow emits on her.

Prue and Paige watch him in hopes that their sister is okay.

Confusion begins to form on his face as the glowing disappears from his shaking hands.

PRUE: Leo? Why isn't it working?

LEO: I don't know.

PAIGE: She…she isn't-?

LEO: No. But I can't heal her for some reason.

Prue and Paige look at each other in worry.



A slight mist carries through the air as there is nothing but walls and ceilings around. Piper begins standing up in wonder and disbelief. She begins to whimper as she looks around.

PIPER: What the…what is going on? Prue!

She looks around her again.

PIPER: Paige! Leo!

MALE VOICE: No one's here but us

She whips her head around to see a young—looking male with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes, SHAUN WILSON looking back at her.

SHAUN: My name's Shaun.

Piper looks at him in wonder.




Piper is looking at Shaun in wonder as to why he needs her help.

PIPER: Help? Help with what? And what is wrong with my house?

Shaun: I don't really know what this place is.

PIPER: Did you do this?

Shaun: No. I wish I knew who did this to both of us though.

PIPER: Wait…you're stuck here too?

He nods his head as she begins nodding hers as well.

PIPER: Okay…so where's my body?

Shaun: Wherever you last were.

PIPER: Here. Okay…hopefully my sisters will save us both and-

Shaun: What about you?

She looks at him in confusion.

PIPER: What about me?

Shaun: Can't you save us?

PIPER: Uh, me? See I don't know about that because my big sister is the super-witch in the family. I just freeze and blow up stuff.

Shaun: Really? Can't you try?

PIPER: I guess I can go see if the Book of Shadows is here.

She begins walking up the stairs with Shaun following after her.



Piper walks in but just as she enters, she stops. Shaun walks in not far behind her while he looks around.

Shaun: Nice attic.

Piper looks around herself in disbelief.

Shaun: What are you looking for?

PIPER: The Book of Shadows. But it's not here. W-Why is it not here?

Shaun: We're on the ghostly plane. Nothing is here but spirits really.

PIPER (in disbelief): But we need a spell to get out of here.

Shaun: I've tried that. No spell can get us out of here.

PIPER: Wait. You're a witch?

Shaun nods his head with a slight frown.

PIPER: So…you mean to tell me that magic doesn't work here?

He shakes his head at her causing her to look away in worry.

PIPER: Then that means… (She throws her hands in the air in disbelief) I have no way of getting home!


Piper and Shaun turn around to see CHARON, the soul-collector, standing in the middle of the attic with a smile. Her dark red hair touched her skin so lightly and her pale skin is hidden underneath her dark red and black dress. She smiles at the two young witches across from her.

PIPER: Uh…who are you?

CHARON: Don't worry about that, child. You will soon spend eternity in hell.

Piper extends her wrists, but Charon doesn't freeze. The soul collector simply laughs at Piper.

CHARON: When I was told that I would have the chance to capture not only one soul but two and one of them would be a Charmed One's…I couldn't pass it up.

She reaches her hand out at Shaun who steps back in worry.

Shaun: You can't take my soul, Charon. There's no magic here.

CHARON: I know that. I can't get your souls until you're really dead. That's why I'd like for you to have a get together with the demons that you have been running away from.

As if on cue, three demons appear next to her, all with weapons and evil smirks on their faces. One has a metal axe, one has a sword, and the last has a dagger.

CHARON (To the demons): Kill him. (She turns to Piper with a sadistic smile.) And capture the Charmed One for me.

Piper frantically extends her wrists, but nothing happens.

PIPER: Oh okay! It's time to get out of here!

She quickly grabs Shaun by the hand and pulls him out of the attic with her.

CHARON (To the demons): Make his death slow…and painful.

The demons nod their heads and run out of the attic, taking off behind Piper and Shaun.



Prue is flipping through the Book of Shadows as Paige is scrying for Piper a few feet away from Prue.

PRUE: We need to I.D. the other demon that Piper vanquished today. Are you scrying right?

PAIGE: I think so. She vanquished another demon today?

PRUE: Yeah. Thankfully, no one saw her. (She flips another page of the Book of Shadows and it lands on the demon that Piper vanquished.) The Kevmay... (She scans the page and in a few moments, she notices the word green slime.) I think I found him.

Paige walks over to her side and sees the page.

PAIGE: Low-level demons that can incinerate human flesh with their eyes…ouch…

PRUE: They are sometimes hired by upper level demons. (She looks away from the page as she begins to have a theory.)

She turns to her younger sister with wonder on her face.

PAIGE (To Prue): What are you thinking?

PRUE: How much are you willing to bet that this demon was hired by the Source?

PAIGE (slowly beginning to put pieces together): And how about the demon that attacked Piper down stairs was also hired by the Source?

At the same time, Leo orbs in near them with a look that only made them worry more.

LEO: I've got some good news and bad news.

PRUE: Hit us with the good news first.

LEO: Well, Piper's not dead.

PAIGE: Well, that's definitely good news.

PRUE: What's the bad news?

LEO: The Elders can't sense her either which makes them think that she's on another plane.

PAIGE (To Leo): What do you mean?

LEO: There are eleven planes of existence. And it seems that the plane Piper is on is the plane between life and death.

PRUE: The ghostly plane?

LEO: Exactly. But we need to figure out how to save Piper fast or…

PAIGE: Or she'll die?

He slowly nods her head to which Prue shakes her head.

PRUE: No. We won't let that happen. Okay? Now, we need to-

The doorbell RINGS, alerting the two sisters and their brother in law.

LEO: Who is that?

PAIGE: Oh crap! I forgot I'm supposed to be meeting Victor today.

PRUE: And I had a lunch date with Justin.

PAIGE: Okay, what do we do?

PRUE: Okay. Go answer the door, Paige.

PAIGE: What do I say though?

LEO: I'll go with you.

Paige and Leo walk out of the attic, leaving Prue staring down at the Kevmay page of the Book of Shadows.



Paige and Leo rush to the door and she opens it. She lets out a slight smile as she sees Victor smiling down at her.

VICTOR: Paige.

PAIGE: Victor.

She steps aside and allows him to walk in as he sees Leo.

VICTOR: Hey Leo.

He pats Leo on the shoulder who pats him back.

VICTOR (as he is walking in): How are you and Pip-?

He stops as he sees Piper on the sofa, seemingly breathless.

VICTOR: Piper.

LEO: Victor!

Victor rushes to Piper's side. Paige and Leo race towards Victor who kneels next to Piper in worry.

VICTOR: Piper!

PAIGE: Victor!

LEO: Victor! She's not dead!

His father in law looks up at him in worry and disbelief as he looks back at Piper.

VICTOR: But she-

LEO: We know, but she's not dead.

PAIGE: She was attacked by a demon and something happened. And now she's like this.

Tears begin to swell in Victor's eyes as he looks at Piper.

VICTOR: Are you sure she's not dead?

PAIGE: We're sure. But we're working on a way to save her.

The doorbell RINGS again, causing Paige to look at it in wonder.

LEO: Who is that?

PAIGE: It must be Justin. I'll answer it.

She walks towards the door as Victor stands up and glances at Paige.

Paige opens the door and Justin stands there with a smile on his face.


PAIGE: Hi Justin.

JUSTIN: Is Prue home? (Paige steps out of the way, allowing him to enter the manor.) We had a lunch date, but she missed it. She didn't call me so I got worri- (He stops as he sees Leo and Victor standing over an unconscious Piper.)

JUSTIN (Rushing over to Piper): Oh God. What's wrong with Piper?

After closing the door, Paige walks towards them, preparing an explanation while Leo looks at her with disbelief.

LEO: Paige.

PAIGE: I know what you're going to say, but he already knows about us, remember?

JUSTIN: What's going on here?

PAIGE: Piper got attacked by a demon and she won't wake up.

JUSTIN (after taking a deep breath): A demon…right. (He looks away, attempting to understand the concept of actual demons in the world.)

PRUE: Justin. (She walks down the stairs to see Justin standing by the sofa next to Piper.)

JUSTIN: Prue. Um…

PRUE: I'm sorry I didn't make it. We have a problem.

JUSTIN: The demon attack?

She nods her head with disbelief as she turns to Paige.

PAIGE (looking at her with a surprised expression): What?

PRUE: You told him?

PAIGE: Well, yeah.

VICTOR: Wait a second. I just want to know…who are you?

JUSTIN (turning to Victor): I'm…Prue's boyfriend… (He extends his hand to Victor.)...nice to meet you…

VICTOR (shaking Justin's hand): Victor…Prue's father.

Justin looks at him in shock and turns to Prue in disbelief.


VICTOR: Alright, I'm not trying to sound rude but this introduction thing is not what's important right now. We need to focus on doing what we can for Piper.

LEO (To all): Yeah, now we need to try to figure out how to save Piper.

PAIGE (To Leo): First we need to see if we can get Piper back here.

LEO: Well, from what the Elders explained, there is no magic on the ghostly plane which means she can't get outside with magic.

PAIGE: So how does that help us?

PRUE (To Leo): But we can get inside with magic. (To Paige) Okay. Paige, you and I-

VICTOR: Wait, Prue. You two are not going to save Piper alone, are you?

PAIGE: That's kind of the plan, Victor.

VICTOR (sighing after hearing Paige call him by his first name): I want to help. Please.

JUSTIN: I agree with him. If there's anything we can do to help save Piper, we are up to it.

PRUE (slowly nods her head): Okay. Well, let's head to the attic. (Looking at Leo.) Leo, can you go ask the Elders if they know anything else about the ghostly plane?

Leo looks at her in worry, before she places her hand on his shoulder.

PRUE: Don't worry. We're not going to lose Piper.

Leo slowly nods his head before orbing out. Then, Prue turns around and begins walking towards the stairs, followed by Paige, Justin, and Victor.



Piper and Shaun rush in with him looking around in wonder.

PIPER: Okay. I think we lost them.

Shaun begins looking around in terror. Piper notices this and looks at him in confusion.

PIPER: What's wrong?

Shaun: This is where it all started for me.

PIPER: What started?

SHAUN (glaring at the empty alley): The hunt for my life. (Turning to Piper.) This is where I first got my powers.

Piper gave the young man a look of pity as she starts walking closer to him.

PIPER (glancing at Shaun): What happened when you first got them?

SHAUN: My parents…they had just closed down their store for the day. They decided to walk home instead of riding the bus because they figured "hey we might as well use these legs for something". (He slightly smiles at the thought of his father saying that.) But then… (His face begins turning into a frown.) They came.


SHAUN (turning to her): The Brotherhood.

Piper looks at him in shock as she remembers that Cole used to be a part of the Brotherhood.

PIPER: What did the Brotherhood do?

SHAUN (Looking at the ground): They killed my parents.

Piper looks at him with a frown.

SHAUN (Tears beginning to fill his eyes): They didn't even do anything. They weren't after them!

PIPER: Who were they after?

Shaun: Me! (He doesn't try to hide his tears as he lets his back hit a wall.) The Brotherhood were after me! They wanted to recruit me! Use my powers for evil! I told them that I didn't want to join them and they were angry with me! So they took away the only two people that I cared about.

Tears begin to well in Piper's eyes as she notices that the young man has been through a lot in such a short time.

Shaun: My parents died protecting me! Even though I hadn't come into my powers yet, the Brotherhood had shown up times before trying to recruit me. They knew my power was going to come soon enough.

Moments later, Shaun begins wiping his tears and sniffing his nose.

Shaun: After that, I just lost it. My powers came in and I ended up killing one of their members, I think his name was Jassa.

Piper walks up to the side of Shaun as he turns and looks down at her.

PIPER: And that's why they're after you.

Shaun: Yeah.

PIPER: Well, I'm not going to let them get you. Somehow, we'll find a way out of here.

Shaun: But we don't have any magic here. What can we do?

PIPER: I don't know, but we will get out of here… (She stops as she starts considering the possibilities of them getting out of there) one way or another.



Prue is reading a page of the Book of Shadows with Justin standing next to her looking in the BOS in wonder. Across the room, Paige is sitting and scrying with the crystal on a map of San Francisco again at a small table while Victor stands next to her, watching Prue and Justin. He leans down to Paige and taps her shoulder while maintaining his sight on Prue and Justin.

VICTOR (whispering to Paige): Are they really…dating?

PAIGE (whispering back to Victor): Actually, I don't know. He just found out we were witches on the same day that Phoebe… (She gives a sad expression to Victor) …you know.

Victor nods his head to her and walks around the table, sitting down in the chair across from Paige. He begins looking at Paige for several moments, spotting something that he finds familiar. Paige notices him gazing at her, causing her to look up at him in wonder.

PAIGE: Uh, are you okay?

Victor begins grinning as he nods his head.

VICTOR: Your eyes…you have your mother's eyes.

This statement causes Paige to smile while she tries to continue scrying.

PAIGE: Thanks…

Her father nods his head just before she begins gazing at him now.

VICTOR (Looking at her in puzzlement): What?

PAIGE: It's just…I can't believe I have a father. (She starts to laugh) I mean, I know I had one because I wouldn't be here if I didn't, but… (She starts looking at Victor with a smile.) …knowing my biological father and knowing that he actually wants me is-

PRUE: Unbelievable!

Paige and Victor turn to Prue and Justin in wonder to see that Prue is staring down at a page in the Book of Shadows in disbelief.

PAIGE: Uh oh. (She stands up and begins walking towards them, with Victor shortly behind her.) That doesn't sound good.

VICTOR: What is it?

PRUE: Well…I know of a way for one of us to get to the ghostly plane.

JUSTIN: And how are you going to do that?

PRUE: Well, back when Piper, Phoebe, and I first became witches, there was this ghost that was killing people for revenge. And the only way to vanquish him was to drink a potion and say a spell.

Paige begins scanning the page that Prue is on.

VICTOR: So what happens to you when you drink the potion?

PAIGE (Looking at Prue in disbelief): You die.

Victor and Justin look between Prue and Paige in shock and confusion.

Prue shakes her head at the three of them.

PRUE: I won't die. I just have to become a ghost long enough to reach Piper.

VICTOR: But that's kind of cutting it close, don't you think Prue?

JUSTIN: I agree with your dad, Prue. You can't do this.

PRUE: Look, there's no other way. (Looking up at the ceiling.) Leo!

PAIGE: Prue…I don't…I don't-

PRUE: (Looking at Paige as she grabs her hands in hers'.) Hey, you are not going to lose me. (Turning to Victor and Justin.) None of you are, okay?

PAIGE: Isn't there another way?

Prue looks away as if she knows something. Not a second later, Paige's eyes light up as she gets an idea.

PAIGE: Hey. What about that Angel of Death guy?

PRUE: What about him?

PAIGE: Can't he help out? Isn't it possible he can take us there or something since he does take ghosts to the big gate.

White lights enter the room as Leo orbs in with determination on his face, instantly catching the four's attention.


LEO: I have some news.

PRUE: What is it?

LEO: The Elders told me that a portal was triggered that sent Piper to the ghostly plane.

PAIGE: A portal?

LEO: Yeah. And this isn't the first portal that's been triggered today. A portal was triggered in the city as well.

PRUE: Do you know where it is?

LEO: No. But it's near a store called Hardy Mart.

VICTOR: Hardy Mart? You mean THE Hardy Mart?

PAIGE: You know it?

VICTOR: Yeah, it's a few blocks from my place. I can give you the address of the store if you want. It's 314 Lino Street.

LEO: Okay. That's easier.

PRUE: Well then let's go check it out. See if we find anything.

LEO: But that's not just all that I found out. While I was "Up There", I located some books about portals. I read that whenever a portal is opened, it stays open until it's either closed by the person who created it or the person who created it is destroyed.

PAIGE: Wow. The question is, who created it?


Everyone looks to where the voice came from and are shocked to see Charon standing in the middle of the attic with a smirk on her face.

PRUE (Remembering the red-headed woman from when she was a ghost): You…

CHARON: I told you I'll be back, witch.

PAIGE: Who are you?

CHARON (smiling devilishly): I'm Charon…a soul collector. And I'm here to take one of yours.

PAIGE: Like hell, lady. Give us Piper back.

Charon starts smirking as she shakes her head at the youngest sister who she deems naïve.

CHARON: Oh child…you cannot think that it will be easy to get your precious sister back, do you?

Prue steps in front of Paige, Leo, Justin, and Victor.

PRUE: Why? Why come after us?

CHARON: When someone offers me many souls if I just send a Charmed One to the ghostly plane, giving me the opportunity to take her soul, I can't refuse.

LEO: Who offered you the deal?

CHARON (smiling so evilly at Leo): Wouldn't you like to know?

PRUE: It's the Source.

CHARON: (Ignoring Prue's statement): If you want to save your sister, you must give me what I've been after for years.

PAIGE (confusion on her face): What's that?

PRUE: My soul… (Knowing that Charon has wanted her since their last encounter two years ago.)

CHARON: Twice I've come close to having your soul, but each time, you were saved…especially the last time. Your soul was almost mines to take… (She looks at Leo.) …until you saved her.

PRUE: But the Angel of Death-

CHARON: None of you noticed I was there, ready for you.

Prue looks away in shock as she begins to process that she has almost faced an eternity in hell twice.

CHARON: (Looking back at Prue.) But now I will finally have your soul.

VICTOR: No chance in hell.

CHARON: (Looking at Prue and Paige) Then your other sister will die.

PAIGE (Fearing Charon): No.

Charon smiles at the youngest Charmed One.

CHARON: Your powers are useless against me, child. (Looking at everyone else in the room.) Either I get her soul or I get the other's…the choice is yours. (Flames rise at her as she disappears within them.)

Prue turns around to her sister and the others with a look of acceptance.

JUSTIN: Prue… (He steps towards her with worry on his face) I know this…magic stuff is new to me, but…I won't let her touch you.

LEO: We have to find a way to save you and Piper.

PAIGE: The question is how.

PRUE: We stick to the original plan. I have to become a ghost.

Victor steps towards her in disbelief.

VICTOR: Prue, did you not hear what she said? She wants you. She wants you to die. Doing this…plan…will give her what she wants.

JUSTIN: Besides, Paige said you can get that Death guy to help, can't you?

PRUE: I'm not calling him, okay? We're doing this the original way to save Piper. We have to do this. And as long as one of you are able to give me CPR, I'll be okay.

PAIGE: Yes, but how exactly do we save Piper? Charon said that our powers are useless on her.

PRUE: Yeah, maybe our individual powers, but not the power of three.

PAIGE (looking confused at her oldest sister): We don't have it, remember?

PRUE: We will. Trust me.

Her youngest sister nods her head as Prue turns to Leo.

PRUE: Alright. Leo, you, Paige, and dad go to where the portal opened in the city. Justin and I will stay and work on the potion.

PAIGE: Gotcha. But hey… (She points her finger at her oldest sister.) Don't do anything until we get back.

Prue nods her head and Paige walks over to Leo as Victor does the same.

VICTOR (worried about his oldest daughter): Be careful, Prue.

PRUE: Don't worry, dad.

VICTOR (looking at Justin): Take care of my daughter while we're gone.

JUSTIN: I will, sir.

Victor nods his head as Leo extends his hands to Paige and Victor. As soon as they take his hands, the three orb out.

Justin looks at Prue with worry evident on his face.

PRUE: Justin…you really don't have to be here. (Understanding that he's worried about her.) I don't want you to worry about me.

JUSTIN: You know, ever since high school, I've always wanted to be with you-

PRUE (Already suspecting what Justin will say next): But ever since you found out I'm a witch, you don't want to be. Am I right?

JUSTIN (letting out a laugh): No. Although finding out you are a witch is a shock…It doesn't change how I feel about you.

Prue starts smiling at him, her eyes lighting up at him.

PRUE: Really?

JUSTIN (stepping closer to her and nodding his head at her): And…yes I still have a lot of getting used to the magic part of your life, I still want to be in your life.

He slowly leans down to her as they both smile before their lips connect. As they kiss, Justin cups Prue's face. As he slowly releases her, the two again smile at each other.

PRUE: Whoa.

JUSTIN: Now, let's get back onto saving Piper.

Prue, still recovering from their kiss, nods her head with determination.

PRUE: Okay, first I need poppet seeds-

JUSTIN: Poppet seeds? You mean the ones that sometimes people use in teas.

PRUE: Yeah…

JUSTIN (Smirks): I'm one of those people.



The three demons walk in, each with their weapon. They walk around with hopes of finding their targets. Just as the three pass by a dumpster, Piper and Shaun rush from behind it and both deliver a smack to the neck nerve points of two demons.

The two demons fall to the ground and the other turns around with a swing of his sharp axe. Piper and Shaun duck quickly.

Shaun rushes to the two demons and picks up a dagger as Piper steps in front of the standing demon.

PIPER: Hey. So Ms. Curly Red sent you here, huh?

The demon takes a swing at Piper who quickly ducks again and dives away.

Shaun sneaks to the demon, clutching the sharp dagger.

The demon approaches Piper who smirks at him.

PIPER: Won't she be in a surprise-

Shaun plows the dagger through the demon's heart.

PIPER: When she notices that three demons have gotten their asses kicked by two ghosts.

The demon explodes in flames with no trace left.

Shaun and Piper turn around to see the two remaining demons regain their consciousness. Piper and Shaun rush to the demons.

As Shaun quickly stabs one of the demons in the heart, Piper grabs the sword and plows it into the final demon's chest. They blow up in flames, leaving nothing behind.

Shaun releases a deep sigh of relief as Piper does the same.

Shaun: Wow…nice plan.

Piper: Thanks. Nice teamwork.

The two look around themselves.



Leo, Paige, and Victor orb in with Victor almost falling back and Paige catches him.

PAIGE: Hey. (She catches Victor from falling.) It's your first time riding the orb train?

VICTOR: Pretty much. Well, your mother, grandmother, and I took you to that church and somehow that white lighter of her's sent us there.

Leo starts looking around as Victor and Paige start walking through the alley.

PAIGE: (Rolling her eyes) Oh right…the one where you just dropped me off like an Easter basket?

VICTOR (Letting out a sigh): Paige, it was never like that.

PAIGE (After letting out a sigh): I know. I'm sorry, it's just…I don't know if you should be in my life.

VICTOR (Looking at his youngest daughter in wonder): What do you mean?

Leo spots two scorch marks on the ground as he scans it.

PAIGE: I have a dad! He was a great dad and it's just weird to have my biological dad here now!

VICTOR: I…I don't know what to say.

PAIGE: Don't say anything. I want my biological father in my life, but I'm not sure if you should be.

VICTOR: I know this is hard on you Paige, but…I think I should be in your life because I love you. I know I haven't known you but for a few weeks, but I know I love you.

Paige begins scanning Victor's face, expecting herself not to be fazed, but only beginning to frown as she sees tears in her father's eyes.

VICTOR: Your mother and I wanted to protect you girls. We had to give you up. Even though we didn't want to give you up….we were protecting you from the evil of the magical world. But now I see… (He looks at Paige with a slight smile.) Magic isn't all that bad, considering it's what brought you and your sisters back together.

Paige slowly smiles back at him, finally feeling like an empty void is filled inside of her.

VICTOR: I'm sorry, Paige. I'm sorry for what I did.

Paige nods her head at him, internally accepting his apology.

LEO: Hey!

Paige and Victor turn to see Leo gazing at a brick wall. The two walk over to him, confused as to why he is staring at the wall until they see that he is looking at a large scorch mark on the wall.

LEO: I can sense something here.

PAIGE: Wonder what happened here.

LEO: Stand back. (Victor and Paige step back as Leo does the same and picks up a small rock. He throws it at the scorch mark on the wall, causing the wall to flash grey for a moment and flash back to its original color.)

Paige and Victor look at it in shock, before she spots two scorch marks on the ground near her.

PAIGE: Hey. What's with all the scorch marks?

She steps towards the large scorch mark on the wall and lets his fingers graze it. She gasps as she is sent into a premonition.)



Four demons stand in an alley looking at Shaun, his father David Wilson, and his mother Lisa Wilson who are staring back at the four in terror. One of the four demons, Jassa who has long dark hair and dark clothes on, runs towards Shaun and his parents.

Jassa throws an energy ball towards them and David slams his body to his wife and son, causing them to fall to the ground. The energy ball hits a wall a few feet away from them, leaving a scorch mark.

David quickly stands up, holding his hands up with terror on his face.

Jassa throws an energy ball at David who yells before engulfing in flames and quickly disappearing, leaving a scorch mark where he was standing.

Lisa and Shaun stare down at the scorch mark in utter shock.

Lisa: No!

Jassa throws another energy ball at Lisa who is instantly caught in flames. Shaun looks at her in more shock as she disappears, leaving a scorch mark next to the other one.

Shaun: No! (He yells, sending a sonic scream to Jassa and throwing him to the wall. He instantly bursts upon impact, causing a large explosion.)



Paige opens her eyes and steadies herself as she looks at Leo in shock who, unlike Victor being confused, looks at her in wonder.

PAIGE: Oh god…

LEO (instantly noticing that Paige had a premonition): What did you see?

PAIGE: I saw a man and a woman getting killed by a demon. And this guy… (She starts to think about the look on Shaun's face when he saw his parents getting killed.) He must have been their son. He was shocked and scared. (She looks down to the two scorch marks.) This is where they were killed. (She turns and points to the large scorch mark on the wall.) And that's where the demon was killed by their son. He blew up just like the demon in the manor.

LEO: How old was their son?

PAIGE: Maybe around my age. (Thinking about the son's connection to the portal.) I wonder…what if Piper's not alone on the ghostly plane.

VICTOR: What do you mean? It's the ghostly plane after all, isn't it?

PAIGE: Yeah, but what if the man that I saw in there was caught in the explosion just like Piper was and they're both stuck there?

Leo looks at Paige, quickly realizing that she may be right.



Prue walks down the stairs holding a potion in one hand and a paper with the spell on it while Justin is not far behind her.

PRUE: Alright, you with me on this Justin?

JUSTIN: Yes, but I still don't want you to do this.

PRUE (Turning to Justin): I have to do this. We're just waiting on-

JUSTIN: No, Prue… (He looks down at her, understanding her duty.) I said I don't want you to do this, but I know you have to. It's going to be hard for me to accept this, but…I will try to. Is that okay?

Prue smiles at him just as white lights appear in front of them and Leo, Paige, and Victor are standing before them.

PRUE: Did you find anything out?

PAIGE: Well, we found out that there may be an innocent with Piper on the ghostly plane.

PRUE (confused): What?

PAIGE: Yeah. I had a premonition of him and it looked like his parents were killed and then he killed the demon. The explosion looked exactly like the one Piper was in.

VICTOR: Also, we found the portal.

LEO: At least a part of the portal. If we can somehow trigger it and hold it long enough for us to get Piper…

PAIGE: And the innocent.

PRUE (beginning to know what to do): Okay. Take me there. I know how we may be able to get them.

Leo nods his head at his sister-in-law.



Leo, Prue, Paige, Justin, and Victor orb in only to see Charon standing near the large scorch mark on the wall. She smiles at them as she waves her hand at them.

CHARON: How nice to see you all again…

PAIGE: Is it? We weren't thinking the same for you.

CHARON: You're new to the craft, child. But you're a snarky little witch, aren't you?

Prue hands Paige the spell to which Paige looks at her in confusion.

PAIGE: What's this?

PRUE: A spell that I wrote. In a few moments, say it.

Prue begins opening the potion and quickly downs it, catching everyone's attention.

PAIGE: Prue!

PRUE (To Paige, Leo, Victor, and Justin): Remember what I said about when I drink this potion. (She begins closing her eyes, just before she collapses towards the ground, but Justin quickly catches her.)


Slowly, a white light appears to come out of Prue's body and lights up, revealing Prue's soul, instantly catching Paige and Leo's attention.

Prue, being transparent, looks at Charon with a smile.

PRUE: See you on the ghostly plane. (She fades away, leaving Paige and Leo looking back at Charon.)

CHARON: Witch. (She disappears in flames.)

JUSTIN (Looking down at Prue while holding her body): Should we give her CPR now?

PAIGE: Not yet I don't think.



Piper is pacing in the alley as Shaun is sitting on the ground with no hope on his face.

Prue fades into the middle of the alley.

PIPER (shocked at seeing Prue): Prue! You found us!

Shaun stands up and looks at Prue in shock as he and Piper go towards her.

PRUE: Yes but we don't have much time. We have to vanquish Charon to get you out of here.

PIPER: How do we do that?

PRUE: We say the spell. Repeat after me…collector of souls, queen of soul-takers, we banish you to hell, for an eternity with this spell.

Piper begins memorizing Prue's spell, just as Charon flames in front of them.

CHARON (Smiling at Prue and Piper): Well, I guess I'll just take two witches souls instead of one's.

PRUE: I don't think so.

PRUE: Now Piper.

Prue/PIPER: Collector of souls… (On the physical plane, Paige is saying the spell, almost in sync.) …queen of soul-takers…

CHARON (Flames begin to consume Charon as she looks at it in fear): No!

Prue/PIPER: We banish you to hell, for an eternity with this spell!

Charon screams as the flames creep to the top of her head and she explodes sending tiny particles everywhere. Slowly, Piper and Shaun begin fading out.

PIPER: What's happening? Prue?

PRUE: You've been saved.

Piper notices that Prue is not disappearing, just as she herself notices as well.

PIPER: Prue! What's going on?

PRUE: I don't know! (She watches Piper and Shaun completely disappear from her sight.



Not a moment later, the look of the alley begins changing, slowly turning into color and before they know it, Shaun is on the physical plane. He looks around in shock as he notices he is back and then he sees Paige, Leo, Victor, and Justin.

Paige looks up to see him and she smiles at him.

PAIGE: You're safe. What about my sisters?

Shaun: She disappeared too.

LEO: Her soul must have went back to her body. I can sense that she's safe.

Justin bends down and gives CPR to Prue. Nothing happens. He gives her CPR again, but nothing still happens.

Shaun: She didn't disappear with us.

PAIGE: Why isn't she waking up?

(Leo quickly bends down to Prue's body. He places his hands over her and the golden light emits on her body. Though nothing happens.

VICTOR: Leo. Leo. Why isn't it working?!

Leo looks at her in fear and he looks up at Victor with a frown.

LEO: I'm sorry.

Everyone looks at him, in fear of what he struggles to say.

LEO: She's dead.

PAIGE (In disbelief): What?

VICTOR: No. No. No. She can't be!

JUSTIN: Prue! Prue!

PAIGE: This can't be happening. This can't be happening.

LEO: I'm sorry.

PAIGE: No! We're not giving up! There has to be a way to save her! I'm not about to lose another sister!

She looks away in wonder and desperation just before an idea pops in her head. She looks around her with hope.

PAIGE: Hey! Angel of Death guy! We need your help!

LEO: What are you doing, Paige?

PAIGE: I'm getting him to save Prue. (Looking around her again.) Please! We need to save my sister! Please!


Paige turns around to see THE ANGEL OF DEATH, standing next to Prue's body. It is evident that no one can see him, except Paige.

PAIGE: You really came. We need you to save Prue.

The Angel of Death: I can't.

PAIGE (Looking at him in disbelief): What?

The Angel of Death: I'm neutral. I cannot interfere. It is her time…it's time to take her.

VICTOR (To Paige): Who are you talking to?

LEO: Is it the Angel of Death?

PAIGE (ignoring her father and Leo): You can't just let her die.

The Angel of Death: I have to. It's for the cosmic balance.

PAIGE: Just look at her dad's face. Look at all of our faces!

The Angel of Death glares at the faces of the three men surrounding Prue's body and back to Paige's face.

PAIGE: Please. We need her. The world needs the Charmed Ones.

The Angel of Death (After sighing): This would be breaking more rules.

PAIGE: I know.

He looks at her and nods his head.



Prue paces in a circle while tears run down her face, allowing herself to sob.

The Angel of Death: It seems you have beaten death once more.

Prue turns around to see him standing a couple of feet away from her. She looks at him in confusion.

PRUE: What are you talking about?

The Angel of Death: Your sister…Paige…she has persuaded me to break rules…again.

PRUE: What?

The Angel of Death: We don't have much time.

He holds his hand out to her and she looks at in fear.

PRUE: This isn't it?

The Angel of Death: Not this time.

She stares at his hand for a few moments before she slowly places one of her hands in his and they disappear in his usual wisp.



Justin is doing CPR on Prue once more as everyone watches her. After doing CPR on Prue one more time, she begins coughing and her eyes begin fluttering open. Justin quickly grabs Prue and helps her sit up.

PAIGE: Oh thank God. It worked. He saved you.

Everyone smiles in relief as Prue looks away with terror about her experience.



Piper is sitting on the sofa while Paige is heading to sit on the side of her and Victor stands next to the sofa, along with Leo, Shaun, and Justin.

PAIGE: Oh (She places her arms around Piper, hugging her tightly.) I thought we were going to lose you!

PIPER (smirking while hugging Paige back): I know. You guys almost did.

Prue walks in holding a glass of water and hands it to Piper. Her younger sister takes the glass of water and takes a sip of it.

JUSTIN: Well, I wasn't scared one bit. (He lies, before being caught by Prue smirking at him.)

PRUE: Oh really? (She sits down on the left of Piper.)

VICTOR: Well, I was sure scared as hell. (He lets out a relieved sigh.)

LEO: Thankfully, everything turned out okay. (He smiles at Piper who smiles back at him.)

Shaun looks down at his feet, remembering his parents' fate, just before Piper catches this.

PIPER: Not everything…Shaun, you know that what happened to your parents' wasn't your fault right?

Shaun (slowly nodding his head): I'm starting to see that.

PIPER: It was the Brotherhood's… (She turns to Prue and then Paige) which means we need to watch out for them as well as the Source.

PRUE: I'm sure the Source knows we vanquished Charon and he's going to send more demons now.

PAIGE: More demons than now?

VICTOR: Wait. So you think he orchestrated all of this?

PRUE: Yeah. Who else?

PIPER: Well, hopefully we can rest for tonight (She looks up and smiles at Leo.).

PIPER (Standing up to her husband): We need to talk.

She walks up to her father and gives him a hug.

PIPER: Bye dad. Thanks for being here.

VICTOR: Bye sweetie. It was no problem. I will always be here for you girls.

Paige looks at him and smiles at him.

After they release each other from their hug, Piper turns around and grabs one of Leo's hands and leads him towards the stairs, leaving Prue, Paige, Justin, and Victor.

VICTOR: I think I'm going to go now. I had a little too excitement today.

Prue and Paige smirk at him as they nod their heads.

PRUE (Standing up and hugging her father): Sorry for the scare today, dad.

VICTOR (Shaking his head): No need to apologize. (They break their hug with smiles.) I just have to get used to you girls being the Charmed Ones.

Paige nods her head at him as she stands up.

PAIGE: I'll walk you out.

Victor walks towards the front doors as Paige is behind him. Before opening the door, he turns to her.


PAIGE: So, I'm going to guess this will be the last time you're here for at least a month.

VICTOR (Shaking his head): Not a chance. I came here to meet you Paige and connect with you…and that's exactly what I did and want to continue to do. I plan on staying in you girls' lives for as long as I'm still in this world.

Paige smiles at him as she nods her head.

VICTOR: If anything, I'm going to be coming here more often to check up on you girls.

PAIGE: Well… (She lets out a happy sigh.) I look forward to it.

She steps up to him and finally hugs her father, surprising herself and him. Victor hugs her back, happy to finally get to embrace his youngest daughter. As the two continue hugging, tears are on the verge of running down their faces.

When they finally break apart, the father looks down at his daughter, taking in the fact that he has finally connected with his youngest daughter while Paige realizes that she has finally connected with her biological father.

VICTOR: I'll see you girls later.

PAIGE: Bye…dad.

Victor smiles at his daughter as he opens the door. He nods his head at her before walking out.



The door closes and Paige walks back towards the sofa to see Prue and Justin kissing. She giggles loud enough for the two to break apart and turn to her.

PAIGE: Oh. Sorry.

JUSTIN: It's okay. I think I should go too.

PRUE (Smirking): Too much excitement for you too?

JUSTIN (Smirking back): Definitely.

He kisses her passionately once more and stands up from the sofa.

JUSTIN: I'll call you, Prue.

PRUE: I'd like that.

He smiles before walking away towards the front door and waving at Paige who waves back at him. She walks to the sofa and sits down next to Prue.

PAIGE: So, I'm guessing that Justin accepts you being a witch?

PRUE: Yeah… (She smiles.) Yeah I think so.

PAIGE: I'm glad, but I'm even gladder that you and Piper are alive.

PRUE: Yeah. Thank you for calling Death for me.

PAIGE: Oh…are you mad at me?

PRUE: No, no. I'm not mad at you. I'm glad you did. It's just- (She stops as she looks away.)

PAIGE: What?

PRUE: Again, I almost died. And every time I've come very close to the point where I shouldn't still be here and I can't help but think that there'll come a time where I won't be able to cheat death.

PAIGE: Well, I haven't been a witch for very long but I do know that I don't want to lose you anytime soon or Piper. I like having sisters. I like having my biological dad around.

PRUE: Oh…so he's dad now?

Paige nudges Prue who smirks back at her.

PAIGE: Of course I'm not that close with him like I was with my other dad, but we'll try.

PRUE: Trying is a good thing. That's something that we definitely have in common.

Paige smirks at her before giving Prue a more serious face.

PAIGE: I know that this scares you Prue and of course this scares the crap out of me and Piper, but I do believe that what happened today means that we should try to be more careful for now on.

PRUE: You're right. This means that we have to train more.

PAIGE: I'm definitely up for more training and learning more about my craft.

PRUE: And we also need to focus on solving our problems so that they don't interfere with demon fighting.

PAIGE: Exactly. But I'm surprised today actually went alright. Thankfully dad and Justin wasn't hurt.

PRUE: Well, that's because you did so well today.

PAIGE: Thank you. (Paige gives herself a round of applause as Prue smiles at her.)



Piper and Leo are sitting on their bed as he shakes his head.

LEO: So…what do you want to do?

PIPER: I want to…wait until everything is good around here. I don't want to try to make any major changes until we at least get all of the major demons out of the way.

LEO: So…

PIPER: So…we wait until the Source is gone to let my sisters know that I want to do the surgery.

Leo nods his head as he takes Piper's hands in his.

LEO: Well, through everything, I will be by your side, Piper.

He leans in and plants a kiss on her lips. As the two begin kissing, they lean down to the bed.



In a dark cave light by a fire, the Oracle rubs her crystal ball with a serious face, quite different from her usual expressions.

She hears the sound of footsteps and turns to see a black hooded person walks in.


The black hooded person steps closer to her.

THE ORACLE: He can no longer sense me. We turned the tables on the Source of All Evil. (She starts smirking.) But, the soul collector failed. The oldest Charmed Ones are still alive.

The black hooded person slowly takes off their hood and reveals themselves to be KLEA, with annoyance clear on her face.

KLEA: How did she fail?

THE ORACLE: I do not understand myself. We offered her many souls just to take at least one of the Charmed One's souls, but she couldn't even do that? Ugh! Useless.

Klea rolls her eyes at their slight misstep.

THE ORACLE: What do we do now?

KLEA: Well, the Source hasn't a clue of where you are. The spell we worked on hid your presence from everyone. Besides, this is on the furthest side of the Underworld. Not many come this way. The Source doesn't even believe that you would come this way. He doesn't think you have that much intelligence.

THE ORACLE: He sure is wrong, isn't he?

Klea smiles at her evilly.

KLEA: And he doesn't know about what we are going to accomplish…Any who, SHE is waiting for us and we can find out what is the next move.

THE ORACLE: Well then, lead the way.

Klea smiles at her and disappears in her usual shimmer, and is followed by the Oracle who disappears in her usual golden light along with her crystal ball.