The bed cover is shuffled as PRUE HALLIWELL is breathing harshly with sweat on her face, clearly having a nightmare.




Prue is on the floor next to her sister, PIPER HALLIWELL, as she looks up at SHAX and Dr. GRIFFITHS cowering.

PRUE (Pushing herself up): No!

She quickly runs and pushes Dr. Griffiths out of the way, only to be hit by Shax's blast. She crashes into the sunroom wall, falling to the floor on her head.




Piper is on the hospital bed with blood oozing out of her gunshot wound to the abdomen. Her face is slowly losing color. Prue looks down at her sister struggling to breath.

PIPER: I love you.

Then, her eyes go up and the monitor flatlines.




A bullet shoots into the wall, going towards Prue's chest as she holds her hands out in shock.




Prue's younger sister, PHOEBE HALLIWELL, was in Piper's arms as Prue stared down at her in disbelief that her sister is really gone.



Prue shoots up from her bed in shock as she looks around herself, sweat covering her face and chest.




The parking garage elevator opens up and PRUE HALLIWELL steps out and begins to walk towards her jeep. She looks down at her purse and begins shuffling through it, looking for her keys. After a few moments, she finally pulls her keys out of her purse and begins to continue walking to her car, but she slowly stops.

She looks around, almost sensing an unknown presence.

PRUE: Okay…

She quickly turns around just a mini-tornado comes her way. It slowly dies down a few feet away from her, revealing SHAX staring at her with an evil smile.

PRUE: I knew you would come sooner or later. (She quickly puts her hand in her purse and pulls out a potion.) That's why I made this. (She tosses the potion at Shax's chest and he burns from the acid. His chest is quickly burning, causing him to yell.) Evil winds that blow… that which forms below, no longer may you dwell, death takes you with this spell!

Shax yells for another time as he disappears into the wind again and disappears.

Prue lets herself sigh in relief and begins looking around herself, thankfully realizing that no one is around.



Prue is sitting at the table with her head in her hands. Piper sits down next to her and sits a glass of water in front of her big sister.

PIPER: Are you okay?

PRUE: Not at all. (She picks her head up and looks at her sister.) All I know is I thank God that he chose to try to get me first instead of you and Paige.

PIPER: Well, he probably wanted to take out the strongest of us first.

PRUE: I'm not that strong.

PIPER (Smirking): Are you kidding? Prue, you're like a Superwitch.

PRUE (Shaking her head): Well, I wasn't strong enough.

PIPER: Yeah, but you fought him off and-

PRUE (Interrupting her sister): I wasn't talking about him.

PIPER: Then who... (She begins to realize who her big sister is talking about) Oh…Oh, Prue you can't think that. You don't still blame yourself for Phoebe dying, do you?

PRUE: Don't you still blame Leo?

Piper slowly drops her head, realizing that she thinks that she still blames her husband for her sister's death, albeit less though.

Orbs appear behind them and disappears, leaving LEO WYATT. Piper nods her head at him.

PIPER: Good Morning.

LEO: Good Morning, Piper.

PRUE: Morning, Leo. Um…what did you find out?

LEO: Uh… (He sits down across from them at the table.) I couldn't exactly find anything out.

PIPER: Nada?

LEO: Well, I found out that Shax caused some car accidents.

PIPER: Please tell me no one got killed.

LEO: No, it was nothing major. People are calling it "The San Fran Mini-T".

PRUE: Hopefully, he didn't get magic exposed.

LEO: No, he didn't. But it's still risky and we still don't know how to find him.

Prue decides to get up out of her seat and looks at the two in wonder.

PRUE: Great! So, all we know is what the Book says. We have no clue when Shax is going to attack us and why he has waited so long to attack us.

PIPER: It's strange. Why would the Source wait so long to send someone after us?

Leo shrugs his shoulders just as the sound of a door closing alerts the three. Prue quickly walks away, followed by Piper and Leo standing up and following her.



Paige walks in and sits her lime green jacket on the sofa as she looks up to see Prue, Piper, and Leo walking towards her.

PAIGE: Hey you guys. (She walks up and gives Prue a light hug. The two break apart with Paige shaking her head in disbelief.) You won't believe the traffic out there.

PIPER: Actually we can.


PRUE: Apparently it was Shax who caused that.

PAIGE: Ugh. I can't believe that blue-colored demon is still after us.

PIPER (Giggling at her): Blue-colored demon?

PAIGE: Well that's what he looks like.

PRUE: Well, that blue-colored demon is after us again and we need to quickly find a way to vanquish him before he vanquishes us.

PAIGE: And how do we do that? We don't know when he's going to attack.

PRUE: Exactly, which means…we need to stick together...all the time…until he is vanquished.

PIPER: (After shaking her head): Oh no, no, we can't do that. I have an interview with the manager of Coldplay.

LEO: Cool band.

PIPER: That is your favorite band, isn't it? (She rolls her eyes at him to which he looks away in discomfort.)

PAIGE: Yeah and I have to meet with a social worker to help get these children away from their abusive mother. Only problem is, I have any information that proves it.

PIPER: Where's the files?

PAIGE: In my boss' office. I may can get in there but he would have to not be in there which would never happen. And actually…it's the case for Dr. Griffiths' children. His children's mother who was also his ex-wife said he was the one who was abusing them, but I don't think so.

PRUE: I hope you can clear his name. But we have to handle this demon together. (She begins walking up the stairs.)

PIPER (To Prue): Where are you going?

PRUE (Stops): Well, I have an idea of how to be with you both at the same time.

She continues walking up the stairs as Paige, Piper, and Leo look at each other.

PAIGE: So…how is everything going with you guys? You know, is everything…a little better?

PIPER: Uh… (She looks up at Leo who smiles at her and she just turns away.) It's…going.

PAIGE: Hmm. (She makes an awkward face.) So, what do you think Prue is about to do?

LEO: Well, she did say that she was going to find a way to be with both of you at the same time.

PAIGE: Yeah, but what does that mean

Piper shrugs her shoulders before pausing and looking up the stairs. She gasps in disbelief, finally realizing what Prue is about to do, before taking off up the stairs.

PIPER: Oh no…Prue!

Paige and Leo look at each other in confusion and follow Piper up the stairs.



Lightning crackles just as Piper, Paige, and Leo are walking towards the stairs leading to the attic.

PIPER: Prue! Don't you dare do that spell!

As the three run up the stairs, they hear lightning crackle again.



Piper, Paige, and Leo run in before stopping in shock as they see sparkling lights surrounding Prue. Piper runs towards Prue, trying to stop her only to be surrounding by the sparkling lights as well.

PRUE: Piper!

PIPER: What the hell is going on?!

Paige tries to take off towards them, but Leo grabs her, stopping her in her tracks.

LEO: No!

As Leo holds Paige back, they both watch as the sparkling lights spread apart, leaving two Piper's on the side of the original Piper and two Prue's on the side of the original Prue. The sparkling lights disappear as the triple sisters look at each other.

PAIGE: Uh…okay. What is going on?

PIPER: Prue's spell! (She rolls her eyes and looks angrily at her eldest sister.)




The Original Prue and the Original Piper stand at the Book of Shadows' stand and read the page of the "To Multiply Your Powers".

ORIGINAL PIPER: You just had to cast this spell, huh?

ORIGINAL PRUE: Piper, I was trying to find a way for me to be with you and Paige at all times.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Well, we could've just talked to each other over the phone or something? You just resorted to making copies of us?

Paige and Leo walk in, both with exasperation on their faces.

PAIGE: Both sets of you two are in two different rooms.

LEO: This is weird.

ORIGINAL PIPER: (To Leo) No kidding? (She rolls her eyes with Leo looking away uncomfortably.) This happened before, and (To Prue) this one decided to repeat a mistake from the past.

PAIGE: Well, I actually think this is a good idea. We'll be stronger against Shax, right?

ORIGINAL PRUE: Yes, and thank you Paige for being positive about this.

ORIGINAL PIPER: I am positive about this. I'm positive that this is a big mistake.

As both the original Prue and Piper look at each other, they both turn to Leo.

ORIGINAL PRUE: What do you think Leo?

ORIGINAL PIPER: Just remember who you're sleeping with tonight.

LEO: Uh…I'm going to go ask the Elders.

He quickly orbs out as both Original Prue and Piper sigh and shake their heads.


PAIGE: Okay. I think we need to figure out a way to undo whatever just happened.

ORIGINAL PRUE: We can't. Those copies don't disappear until the reason they are here is dealt with.

ORIGINAL PIPER: So pretty much they're stuck here until Shax is vanquished.

PAIGE: Okay…so um, how about we stick with your plan Prue?

ORIGINAL PRUE: The plan for me to go with both of you to your jobs?

PAIGE: Yeah, only change is both a Prue and a Piper will go with us.

ORIGINAL PIPER: I don't follow.

PAIGE: So, us three will go to my job and-

ORIGINAL PIPER: No, we can't do that. I have to go to my job. One of the other me's might mess up my meeting with the manager.

ORIGINAL PRUE: Alright. So here's how it's going to go. You two go to your jobs, right? Then both of me can go with both of you. Got it?

PAIGE: Yeah…I think.

ORIGINAL PRUE: Alright. Let's go get the other me and Piper.

Prue walks towards the door, followed by Piper and Paige.



One by one, Prue, Piper, and Paige walk pass the attic stairs to see a Prue and Piper both wearing all black attire about to walk past them.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you two going? (She looks up and down her and Prue's clones in confusion.) And what are you wearing?

DETERMINED PRUE: We're going up to the attic to look through the Book of Shadows to come up with some plan to find and defeat Shax before he gets to us.

NERVOUS PIPER: Y-yeah. We don't want him to come h-here and kill us off one by one, you know? We've gotta stop The Shax Attack.

PAIGE (Smirking): The Shax Attack?

ORIGINAL PIPER: Yeah, uh, sorry to stop you're racing to battle, but we actually have a plan.

NERVOUS PIPER: W-What plan? We need a plan. How good is the plan?

DETERMINED PRUE: Is it a plan that includes whooping Shax's ass?

Original Prue, Original Piper, and Paige look at each other, feeling weird about the two clones.

PAIGE: It's good enough, trust me. You two just go change your clothes into…something less menacing.

Paige urges the two copies away to both of their originals' rooms. Then the three sisters continue walking towards the stairs leading to downstairs.


Original Prue, Original Piper, and Paige walk down the stairs and look to their left to see a Piper with a green shirt setting a platter of finger sandwiches on the table.

PAIGE: Whoa…Chef Piper. What are you doing?

CHEF PIPER: I'm making my sisters and my husband something delicious to eat. Oh and I accidentally blew up the croissants. They looked so delicious. (She walks to the kitchen as Prue, Piper, and Paige start to follow her. Just as they are about to pass her, Paige picks up two finger sandwiches and starts eating one.

Both Original Prue and Original Piper look at her in disbelief that she is eating a time like this.

PAIGE: What? I skipped lunch.

The three continue into the kitchen.



The three enter the kitchen to see Chef Piper sweeping the pieces of the croissants off the floor and into a dustpan. At the table, a Prue is sitting at the table eating three finger sandwiches on a plate.

ORIGINAL PRUE: (To the two clones) Hey! It's time to leave.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Oh, I'm not going out there. (She eats some of a finger sandwich.)

ORIGINAL PIPER: (Walking towards Chef Piper.) In case you haven't noticed, we have a plan so that we don't die. (Trying to take the broom away from her clone.)

DEPRESSED PRUE: Why? We're going to die anyway.

ORIGINAL PRUE: Hey! Way for encouragement. What is your problem?

DEPRESSED PRUE: Ugh…fine. (She stands up.) Where are we going again?

PAIGE: Two sets of clones have to go with me and Piper's jobs.

CHEF PIPER: Can't. I have more cooking to do. (Looks at Original Piper.) You know it's been a while since we've cooked a meal.

ORIGINAL PIPER: No it hasn't.

ORIGINAL PRUE: Um…she's kinda right.



PAIGE: Okay! I think we should just go already. Alright, you two…(Looks at both sets of Prue and Piper.) Okay, the original Prue and Piper's get your clones and take them to the car and I'll get the ones from upstairs.

DEPRESSED PRUE: You know there's something you haven't thought about?

PAIGE: What is it?

Determined PRUE (Walking in): There's still one Prue left, the original Prue.

ORIGINAL PRUE: They're right. How are we going to go about doing that?

DETERMINED PRUE: I actually have an idea. I should go with Paige to her job and the Piper who cooks should come with us.

CHEF PIPER: I'm called Chef Piper now.

DETERMINED PRUE: Fine. Chef Piper and I will go with Paige. The other two clones will go with the original Piper.

NERVOUS PIPER: Ehh…I don't think that's a good idea.

DETERMINED PRUE: Have some confidence in yourself.

ORIGINAL PIPER: I do have confidence in myself.

Everyone looks at the Original Piper who looks at them in disbelief that they believe she is not confident.

PAIGE: Okay what about you Prue, ugh, the Original Prue?

DEPRESSED PRUE: She will stay and search The Book of Shadows.

ORIGINAL PRUE: So that we will be prepared when Shax attacks.

PAIGE: Okay, everybody got it?!

They all nod their heads and Paige turns around to walk away and into the dining room. Depressed Prue quickly grabs a few finger sandwiches as everyone walks out of the kitchen.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Wait. I just thought about something. How can we tell wo is who? I mean, we'll still be confused.

PAIGE: Oh I got an idea. (She begins reaching into her blue jean purse as everyone awaits for her.



Chef Piper has on a paper nametag that reads: Chef Piper. Next to her is Determined Prue who also has on a paper nametag that reads: Determined Prue.

Paige's co-workers all swarm around her desk as she awkwardly smiles at them as they are all eating brownies, loving Chef Piper.

Paige makes a face at Determined Prue who makes a face back at her. But Determined Prue slowly decides to stand up.

DETERMINED PRUE: Hey! (She whistles, grabbing everyone's attention.) I am available as an assistant to a few of you. I know how to- (Some of Paige's co-workers interrupt her by saying yes and urging her to their desks. The rest of Paige's co-workers still eat some of Chef Piper's brownies.)

Paige's friends, GLEN BELLAND and LILA: BROWN, walk up to her desk with smiles and laughs.

LILA:: Paige, I love them.

GLEN: Yeah, they're awesome.

Paige grabs a binder full of papers and stands up. She walks away as Glen and Lila follow her.



Paige walks into the copier room and Glen and LILA: enter behind her.

PAIGE: God! It's a crowd out there.

GLEN: Yeah, everyone loves them!

LILA:: Yeah, who are they?

Glen and Paige give each other a look, before Paige comes up with an answer.

PAIGE: They're my Best friends. Well, next to you two of course.

LILA:: So, you three are really close?

PAIGE: Yeah. You can say that. Hey, have you guys seen Mr. Cowan this morning?

GLEN: No, he probably got caught up in all of the traffic.

PAIGE: Oh man. We have a meeting with Dr. Griffiths' ex-wife.

GLEN: Exactly. And since Mr. Cowan isn't here, the social worker left. (She looks away from Paige.) And I don't think she told him that he's not here.

PAIGE: Why do you say that?

Glen points towards the window and Paige and LILA: turn to see Dr. Griffiths' brunette with grey streaks ex-wife, MELISSA EVANS, walking around the office.

PAIGE: Oh no… (Turning back to Glen and LILA:.) What are we going to do?

LILA:: What are we going to do? None of us are social workers.

PAIGE: Well, I'm an assistant social worker. (She slightly smiles at Glen and LILA:.) I guess I can try something, but I don't know what exactly I can do.

GLEN: You have to know something, Paige. You can do it.

LILA:: You just have to have confidence.

PAIGE: Confidence… (She starts rolling her shoulders.) Okay…I can do this.

LILA:: Okay…you better hurry out there because I think of your friends are getting into it with Dr. Griffith's ex-wife.

Paige looks out the door to see Determined Prue clearly arguing with Melissa. Paige rushes out of the room and towards Determined Prue and Melissa.

Determined Prue has both of her hands on her hips as Melissa looks at her in disbelief.

DETERMINED PRUE: You're a disgusting human being so can you please leave now?!

MELISSA: I am here to see Mr. Cowan!

DETERMINED PRUE: Oh you want to see Mr. Cowan…hmm…Is Mr. Cowan here, anyone?!


DETERMINED PRUE: Huh? I guess you have no reason to be here, then.

Melissa looks at her in disbelief just as Paige walks up to them.

PAIGE: Hey Ms. Evans. How are you?

MELISSA: I'm fine, except that one of your co-workers is disrespecting me.

DETERMINED PRUE: You say disrespecting, I say calling you out.

PAIGE: Okay. Ms, Evans…why don't we go to Mr. Cowan's office, okay?

As she leads Melissa away, she makes a face at Determined Prue who makes a face back at her.



The door opens and Paige walks in as Melissa follows behind her. Paige closes the door behind her as the older woman sits down in a chair in front of Mr. Cowan's desk. Paige awkwardly sits down in her boss' chair and adjusts herself in it.

PAIGE: Okay…how are you Ms. Evans?

MELISSA: I'm fine now. But where is Mr. Cowan and the social worker?

PAIGE: They're not here. I think Mr. Cowan is stuck in traffic.

MELISSA: Well, if they're not here, then there's no point of me being here.

She quickly stands up and begins walking to the door.

Paige quickly opens the binder and looks at a file.

PAIGE: Do you know why he took out a restraining order against you?!

Melissa stops at the door and turns around in wonder.

MELISSA: What are you talking about?

PAIGE: Dr. Griffiths…He took out a restraining order against you. Do you know why he did that?

MELISSA: Who knows? My ex-husband was nuts. He beat our children.

Paige looks down at the file again and after a few moments, she looks back up to a clearly nervous Melissa.

PAIGE: That's something. The restraining order says that you were the one abusing your children and he was protecting them from you.


Paige looks at her in disbelief.

PAIGE: You were the one, weren't you?

MELISSA: I don't know what you're talking about.

The office door opens up and Determined Prue walks in with a death stare at Melissa.


She shuts the office door and looks at the chair under behind Melissa. Prue points her finger at Melissa.

Prue: Sit down.

Melissa slowly sits down, terrified of Prue's demeanor. Prue turns her around to face Paige.

The Prue clone nods her head at Paige who breathes in deeply and looks at Melissa as if she's staring into her soul.

MELISSA: What is going on?

PAIGE: I'm looking at a child beater, that's what.

MELISSA: I am not a child-

PAIGE: Don't! Talk! While I am talking!

Melissa looks back and forth between Determined Prue and Paige.

PAIGE: Now…I suggest you go straight into a police station and confess to abusing your children.


PAIGE: You know why. You abused your children and blamed it on your ex-husband!


MELISSA: He wanted a divorce! He wanted to take the children away-

DETERMINED PRUE: Because you were abusing them.

MELISSA: It only happened once!

PAIGE: And you blamed it on him?! That is not an excuse. None of what you did has an excuse. You are a child-beater…and I will make sure to tell my boss and the social worker.

DETERMINED PRUE: Besides… (She pulls out a device.) I got your whole confession on tape.

PAIGE: Thank you for coming here.

DETERMINED PRUE: (Waves at Melissa) Bye bye.

Melissa nervously stands up and goes to the door. She opens it and slowly walks out.

Determined Prue rushes to the door and closes it. She turns around and smiles at Paige.

DETERMINED PRUE: Great job, sis.

PAIGE: Really?

DETERMINED PRUE: I'm proud of you.

PAIGE: I was only mimicking you.

DETERMINED PRUE: No. I saw you and I could tell that you had that in you. You just needed a little push.

PAIGE (Smiles): Thank you.

DETERMINED PRUE: It's no problem. (She hands the recorder to Paige who takes it.) Now I need your keys.

PAIGE: They're on my desk. Why?

DETERMINED PRUE: I'm starving and Chef Piper doesn't have any more of those little sandwiches. All she has is brownies. Luckily, I snagged the other Prue's sandwiches.

PAIGE: Okay.

Determined Prue begins walking to the door and opens it before Paige stops her.

PAIGE: Hey. (Prue stops and turns around.) Did you know that woman was abusing her children?


PAIGE: How did you know?

DETERMINED PRUE: I just had a feeling...a strong feeling.

Paige looks at her in confusion before the clone of her sister walks out of the office.



Piper is sitting at the counter writing down on a contract as JEFF MARKS, the manager of Coldplay, is sitting next to her.

In the office of P3, Nervous Piper and Depressed Prue are sitting down.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Ugh! This is so boring!

Nervous: I don't know! But I think it's better in here. It's safe in here.

DEPRESSED PRUE: You know what? Why are you so nervous all the time?

NERVOUS PIPER: A demon could attack-

DEPRESSED PRUE: Trust me, you don't need to be nervous about that. If a demon attacks and we die, we just die.

NERVOUS PIPER (Covers her mouth): Oh God. I think I'm going to be sick.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Okay! That's it! (She stands up and helps Nervous Piper up as well.) You are going to stop being so nervous.


Depressed Prue guides Nervous Piper towards the door.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Okay…Now when I count to three, you freeze the room out there.

NERVOUS PIPER: But the Original Piper is going to be mad?

DEPRESSED PRUE: What's she going to do? Freeze you? (She puts her hand on the door.) Okay…ready?


DEPRESSED PRUE: Yeah, you're ready.


DEPRESSED PRUE: On three…one, two, three.

She TKs the door open and Nervous Piper quickly freezes the room, including Jeff.

The Original Piper looks up at Jeff in wonder and notices that he isn't moving.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Jeff. (She waves her hand in his face.) Uh oh.


The Original Piper turns to see Depressed Prue and Nervous Piper walk towards her.

ORIGINAL PIPER: You…you did that? Why would you do that?!

NERVOUS PIPER: Um…she told me to do it.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Prue…why would you tell her to do that?!

DEPRESSED PRUE: In case you haven't noticed, she is nervous. Nervous Piper.

NERVOUS PIPER: That's just who I am.

DEPRESSED PRUE: It's part of the reason you can't control your powers. It's also part of the reason why you still believe that you blame Leo.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Hey! We can't talk about this right now! I am in a meeting. And right now, I don't want to discuss about Leo.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Why are you so worried about this? You'll get the gig.

Original Piper looks between Depressed Prue and Jeff.


DEPRESSED PRUE: Don't worry, Piper. You got this. You're only holding yourself back. You're powerful, both as a person and a witch. You don't give yourself enough credit.

ORIGINAL PIPER (Smirks): You…are clearly mistaken. I am not powerful…you're the Superwitch—I mean, Prue is, well both of you are -

DEPRESSED PRUE: Why do you always say that? You are just as powerful as we are. Don't you see? Look at her. (She points to Nervous Piper who just looks at them in nervousness.) She is you.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Well, I know that.

DEPRESSED PRUE: No, she is a part of you. A part of you that needs help.

NERVOUS PIPER: Help with what?

DEPRESSED PRUE: (Looks at both Pipers.) You're holding yourself back, you guys. You allow your fear to take control of you. You are anxious all of the time, which is holding you back.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Holding us back from what?

DEPRESSED PRUE: Your true power.

Both Pipers look at each other as Depressed Prue nods her head.

DEPRESSED PRUE: It's also holding you back from Leo.

NERVOUS PIPER: I don't understand that.

DEPRESSED PRUE: You don't blame Leo anymore Piper. What is going is that you're scared…to lose him and yourself. So you push him away.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Okay, so you're right about that. But what do you want me to do about that? I can't stop worrying about when the next demon is going to take out me or one of my sisters or Leo.

DEPRESSED PRUE: If you conquer that fear, you'll realize that you don't have to worry every second of the day, Piper. Allow yourself to beat the fear.

Both Pipers look away from her.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Look, I know that ever since Phoebe died, you have been on edge. So have I. But you have to understand that being in fear all of the time isn't doing you any good… (The Pipers look at each other, finally understanding everything she has said.) You have to control your fear. Don't let it control you.

Nervous Piper and Original Piper look at Depressed Prue and smile at her. Then, Nervous Piper disappears in sparkling white lights that enter Piper and she lights up. As the light dies down, she lets out a deep sigh.


DEPRESSED PRUE: How do you feel?

PIPER: Not nervous. Thank you.

Depressed Prue and Original Piper hug each other.

ORIGINAL PIPER: What would I do without you?

Jeff suddenly unfreezes as the two sisters are hugging and turns around in surprise.

Jeff: Whoa…uh, where did she just come from?

Depressed Prue looks at Piper and waits for her to give an answer.

PIPER: I don't think that matters, Jeff. (She sits back down in her chair.) What does matter is if you decide to book a gig here.

Jeff looks at her in wonder and Piper looks at him with a smile.

Jeff: Okay. You got it.

PIPER (Smiles): Thank you. (She looks at Depressed Prue and nods her head.)



Prue closes Paige's green BMW's passenger's door and eats a finger sandwich. As she is walking, she stops as she gets a strange feeling.


She takes off towards the doors of the building.



Paige, Chef Piper, and Determined Prue are standing by the sofa as Original Prue walks down the stairs.

ORIGINAL PRUE: What's going on?

PAIGE: Prue felt a chill! (Original Prue looks at her in confusion.) I mean, like she thinks Shax is coming.

ORIGINAL PRUE: That chill…oh God.

CHEF PIPER: I really want to make some cookies right now.

The front door opens and Piper and Depressed Prue walks in.

PAIGE: Thank God you're here.

As the two walk up, everyone sees that Nervous Piper is gone.

CHEF PIPER: Where's the other me?

PIPER: Gone.

PAIGE: Demon?

PIPER: More like inner demon.

DEPRESSED PRUE: I really don't think there's a point of-

DETERMINED PRUE: No. We have to remain positive and hope for the best.

The front doors open and all of the young women turn to it. Shax's transportation blows into the manor and knocks them off their feet. Three of them fall near the dining table and two land near the grandfather clock.

The mini-tornado dies down to reveal Shax standing in front of all of the witches. He looks around in confusion at the multiple similar witches.

As Piper sits up, she quickly extends her hands and Shax freezes. Just as all of them begin standing up, he begins to adjust to the freezing just like before.

PAIGE: Uh…(She quickly grabs a lamp and throws it at Shax's head who breaks out of the freeze and steps back from being hit on the head.)

PIPER: (In shock): Paige?

DETERMINED PRUE: Now I think it's time to put him in a time out. Ladies!

The three Prue's join hands and wave their hand at Shax, TKing him backwards and he hits the wall, falling down.

He looks up at the multiple witches and quickly disappears into his mode of transportation. He flies out of the manor swiftly, closing the doors behind him.

The young women look at each other with sighs being let out.




Paige walks in from the dining room and hands a glass of lemonade to Depressed Prue.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Thanks. Even though it may be my last glass of lemonade.

Paige makes a face at her sister's clone as Original Prue and Determined Prue is sitting on the sofa.

PAIGE: Hey. Do you guys want lemonade?

DETERMINED PRUE: Nope. We're good.

ORIGINAL PRUE: What she said.

PAIGE: Okay…

ORIGINAL PRUE: We've come up with a plan to vanquish Shax.

PAIGE: Okay. Shoot.

DETERMINED PRUE: We're gonna lure him here.


ORIGINAL PRUE: The best defense is a good offence.

PAIGE: But that's dangerous. It could get you killed.

DETERMINED PRUE: We're willing to take that risk.

PAIGE: Well, I'm not.

She looks at her sister and her sister's clone.



The Original Piper and Chef Piper is standing by the stove while Chef Piper bakes cookies.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Okay. I'm trying to understand why you are cooking at a time like this.

CHEF PIPER: Well, I like cooking.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Well, I don't think you should be cooking right now. We should be out there helping our sisters, all of our sisters.

CHEF PIPER: Well I cook when I'm nervous.

ORIGINAL PIPER: You're not nervous. I'm not even nervous.

Chef Piper laughs at her as the Original Piper looks at her in confusion.

ORIGINAL PIPER: What's so funny?

CHEF PIPER: You said that you're not nervous when I'm pretty sure you're nervous.

ORIGINAL PIPER: Listen, you must have missed the memo because I'm not nervous anymore. The nervous Piper is gone.

CHEF PIPER: No, she's not completely gone. She's always going to be a part of you. You just have to handle it differently and don't let it take control of you.


CHEF PIPER: All of your life, you've loved cooking. But ever since Phoebe died, you haven't hardly cooked anything but some muffins and oatmeal.

ORIGINAL PIPER: What's your point?

CHEF PIPER: My point is you let your fear take over you so bad that you forgot your coping skills when being even a little bit nervous.


CHEF PIPER: Listen, don't let anything, and not anything get in the way of your passion.

The Original Piper looks at her and lets out a deep breath.

CHEF PIPER: Listen, everyone has coping skills and you know yours. You just have to control your fear and use your coping skills. I don't know if you know this, but have you ever realized that when something bad happens or someone is dealing with something, they write, listen to music, or even cook?


CHEF PIPER: That's because that's their passion. Your passion is something that should always be important. You never forget that, okay?

Original PIPER (Smiles): I won't.

CHEF PIPER: Now promise me, you will take the chocolate chip cookies out in five minutes.


Chef Piper smiles at the Original Piper and disappears in swirling white lights like her other clone and disappears into Piper. As the light dies down, Determined Prue, Depressed Prue, the Original Prue, and Paige walk in.

PAIGE: Hey, we-

ORIGINAL PRUE: Where's the other Piper?

PIPER: She's here.

PAIGE: What do you mean?

Depressed Prue looks at Piper with a smile.

DEPRESSED PRUE: I think what she means is that Chef Piper will always be here.

Piper smiles back at Prue's clone and lets out a sigh.

PIPER: Okay. Now, how are we going to take out Shax?

PAIGE: The Prues' plan on luring Shax here.

PIPER: (Looks to the Prues.) Are you sure?

DEPRESSED PRUE: As sure as we'll ever be.



The Original Prue, Piper, and Paige stand on the stairs, behind the railing. Depressed Prue and Determined Prue both stand on the sides of the walls by the closet door.

ORIGINAL PRUE: Okay, are we all ready?




PIPER: We sure are.


The three sisters look down at a piece of paper in Prue's hand.

ORIGINAL PRUE/PIPER/PAIGE: Demon of wind, we summon you. Enter this house, we call to you. Demon of wind, we summon you. Enter this house, we call to you.

The front doors of the manor open and Shax's teleportation quickly enters. It dies down quickly, leaving a smirking Shax looking around the living room.

Determined Prue and Depressed Prue throw two potions at Shax's chest and it burns his chest. A big circle of his chest burns black as he turns to the two clones of Prue.


Piper extends her hands and freezes Shax, but he quickly begins adjusting.

ORIGINAL PRUE/PIPER/PAIGE: Evil winds that blow, that which form below… (Shax begins yelling.) No longer may you dwell, Death takes you with this spell. (He yells again before turning back into a mini-tornado once again and flying out of the manor, shutting the doors once more.)

The young witches sigh at the almost vanquish of the powerful demon.

PAIGE: Well, at least we hurt him a bit.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Yeah, but not enough to keep him away from us.

ORIGINAL PRUE: (To Depressed Prue) Okay. What is your problem?

The Original Prue walks down the stairs, followed by Piper and Paige and she approaches her clone.

ORIGINAL PRUE: Why are you so negative?

DEPRESSED PRUE: I think the better term is depressed.

ORIGINAL PRUE: This is so unlike-

DEPRESSED PRUE: Ugh, don't say it. Okay, do not say that that this is unlike you. This is you! The inner you!

ORIGINAL PRUE: What are you talking about?

DEPRESSED PRUE: You seriously don't understand that inside, this is who you are?!

ORIGINAL PRUE: I am not depressed!

DEPRESSED PRUE: Oh the hell you aren't! You pretend to be okay all of the time but you're not, okay?!

PIPER: Okay wait-

DETERMINED PRUE: Wait, Piper. (Looks at Original Prue and back to Depressed Prue) I think we both want to hear this.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Inside, we are depressed. We are scared. We have the whole package!

DETERMINED PRUE: And what exactly are we depressed about?

ORIGINAL PRUE: I really don't feel like arguing with myself.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Well, you're going to listen! You always try to block out how you're feeling! It's not okay, Prue?! It is not okay!

Tears begin forming in her eyes as the original and the other copy of Prue look at her. Piper and Paige watch the three Prue's.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Every night…I have the same nightmare, over, and over, and over! But we wake up and go throughout the day trying to push out what we saw! I'm tired, okay?! I-I'm tired.

Piper and Paige look at her in confusion.

PIPER: What nightmare?

ORIGINAL PRUE: It's nothing.

DETERMINED PRUE: We need to be thinking about how we are going to vanquish Shax-

PIPER: No! (The three Prues turn to her.) I want to know what nightmares you're having, Prue.

PAIGE: And why you haven't told us?

DEPRESSED PRUE: We didn't tell you because we didn't want to worry you.

PIPER: Not you. (She points her finger at the Original Prue.) I want you to tell us.

The Original Prue turns to Piper and Paige and slowly nods her head.

ORIGINAL PRUE: Ever since Phoebe died, I've been having nightmares.

PIPER: Prue-

ORIGINAL PRUE: I didn't want you to worry. I'm the Eldest sister! I'm supposed to figure everything out! I'm supposed to be this Super-witch! Well, I'm not okay?! Prue is scared, Prue is depressed, and I- (She covers her mouth as tears have already started coming down her face.)

DEPRESSED PRUE: We've been suffering for so long.

DETERMINED PRUE: We've been hiding it. I've just been the one who masks the depression.

Original Prue turns to her two clones and shakes her head.

ORIGINAL PRUE: How do we stop the nightmares from happening? Is there a spell or something we can do?

DEPRESSED PRUE: (Shakes her head): There's not a spell that will help you truly get better.

The Original Prue nods her head as Determined Prue walks up to her.

DETERMINED PRUE: Just because you are depressed does not mean you are any less a powerful witch. You're strong. (She looks at Piper and Paige.) You are all equally strong.

Piper and Paige nod their heads at her.

DEPRESSED PRUE: And this…this is nothing to be ashamed of. Just because you're a witch doesn't mean you're not human. I want to be healed Prue. I want us to be healed.

DETERMINED PRUE: But it takes time. And rest assured, you don't have to deal with this alone. You've got your sisters.

ORIGINAL PRUE: (Looking at Piper and Paige.) You're right.

Depressed Prue and Determined Prue look at her with all three having hope on their faces with a slight smile.

DETERMINED PRUE: You all have been holding yourselves back. You've let your inner demons affect you, preventing you from becoming what you are meant to be.

PIPER: What is that?

DEPRESSED PRUE: We'll just have to wait and see.

DETERMINED PRUE: There's always hope for us, Prue.

The Original Prue nods her head as Piper and Paige step up to the sides of their sister. Determined Prue and Depressed Prue stand in front of Original Prue with smiles.

DEPRESSED PRUE: Things will get better for us. I'm positive about that.

DETERMINED PRUE: Stay together you three. Even though you've only know Paige for a month and Paige you've only known us for a month, you all care about each other greatly. The closer you grow together as sisters and not just witches, the stronger you will become… (She waves at them, followed by Depressed Prue doing the same thing.) See you later.

Both clones turn into sparkling lights and enter Prue. As the white light disappears on Prue, she lets out a sigh of relief.

PRUE: Wow…I feel like a weight has been lifted.

She turns to both of her sisters and they wrap their arms around her. After a few moments, they release each other and Prue wipes off her tears.

PIPER: So, we still have one more demon to deal with.

PAIGE: And he's definitely an outer demon.

PRUE: Well, I think Piper has a plan.

PIPER: Yeah I-Wait. How did you know I was thinking of a plan?

PRUE: Um… I don't know. I just felt that you did.

PAIGE: That's weird.

PRUE: Yeah (Shrugs her shoulders), but the more important thing is we need to have a battle plan set for Shax.

PAIGE: Yeah, but this time he'll be ready for us.

PIPER: Yeah, but I know how we could defeat him.

PRUE: How?



Piper is standing in the middle of the hallway a few feet from the dining room table with a paper in her hands. She looks to her left to see Paige hiding behind the parlor wall. Then she looks further to the left to see Prue hiding behind the sunroom wall.

PIPER: Ready?


PIPER: Okay. Demon of wind, I summon you. Demon of wind, I call to you. (The air begins to pick up in the room.) Demon of wind, I summon you. Demon of wind, I call to you. (The air picks up more and the door quickly opens up, smashing the glass panel on the doors. As Shax appears through the wind, Piper has her hands extended.

Shax quickly throws a concussive blast towards her, but Piper quickly freezes it.

PIPER (Rushing away near her eldest sister): Prue!

Just as Shax begins adjusting, Prue TKs the blast right back at him, causing him to step back a couple of feet in shock and pain.

PAIGE: Hey Mr. Blue! (She throws a potion towards Shax and Piper quickly freezes him again, allowing the potion to hit him, causing an even bigger burn on his chest.)

Paige runs over to her two sisters while Shax unfreezes from the pain. He yells as he attempts to turn back into the wind, but Piper quickly freezes him again.

PRUE: Now!

Piper holds out the piece of paper and the three sisters chant, with Piper in the middle, Prue on her right, and Paige on Piper's left.

PRUE/PIPER/PAIGE: Evil winds that blow, that which form below… (Shax unfreezes and yells, failing to transport.) No longer may you dwell, death takes you with this spell!

Shax yells again and reaches up in agony before blowing up into tiny particles, leaving nothing but leaves on the floor.

They all let out a sigh of relief.

PAIGE: We did it.

PIPER: We really did it.

PRUE: We just needed some encouragement from our sisters. (She smirks at them and they smirk back at her.)



Coldplay rocks out on the stage of the popular club as people clap at them and drink at the bar. In the corner at a booth is sitting Prue, Piper, and Paige in that order.

PRUE: So I see that you got the gig for Coldplay tonight. How did you do it?

PIPER: Well, I'd like to say that you did it, but that'd be unconfident for me to say. I actually did it. But you did help me with sealing the gig for tonight. Well, the depressed you.

PAIGE: What about the Nervous you?

PIPER: Well, I realized that my powers have been wonky lately because I am in fear all of the time…in fear that some demon will attack you guys or Leo. But Prue, you taught me how to believe in myself and move past my fears…to manage them.

PRUE: Yay!

PIPER: So for now on, you'll be seeing a lot more confident Piper.

The eldest and youngest smirk at Piper.

PRUE: So Paige… (Paige turns to her.) How was your day with me and Piper?

PAIGE: Very interesting. (Her friends/sisters smirk at her.) But it was actually great. Piper, your chef side really bought me some brownie points with my co-workers. It was great to see you like that.

PIPER: Thank you. Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of my chef side. I'm going to start back cooking, maybe have family breakfast, dinner, and lots and lots of brownies.

PAIGE: That's great. (She smiles at Piper who smiles back at her.)

PRUE: What about me? I can imagine I was too prideful, too professional, too busy…

PAIGE: The only thing about the other you is that you were determined to get any and everything done. You were confident, so confident that you helped me get a Big Thumbs Up from my boss.

PIPER: What happened?

PAIGE: You really brought the confidence in me. Something that I've hidden for a very long time actually. I feel so good and relieved that I'm finally able to be the real me. The Paige that I've hidden for so long.

She looks down at her feet as Prue suspects something is wrong and looks worriedly at her.

PRUE (To Paige): Are you okay?


PRUE: It's okay, Paige. Whenever you are ready, you can talk to us about whatever's going on, okay?

PIPER: Yeah. Just know that our home is always open to you and we will always be there for you.

PAIGE: Thanks. (She smiles before she opens her eyes wide.) Oh, Prue, you helped me on the case for Dr. Griffiths' children.

PRUE: Really? What's the verdict?

PAIGE: Well, I'm pretty sure if he was alive, he would have them right now. (She frowns as she looks away.) Those kids…not only did they have an abusive mother, but they also lost a great dad.

PRUE: It's okay, Paige.

PIPER: Yeah. Hey, I'm sure Dr. Griffiths is looking down at you right now, thanking you.

PAIGE: Yeah…I think so too.

PIPER (Turns to Prue): Hey. Are you going to be okay? You know, with your nightmares?

PRUE: Uh…yeah…well, not really. I don't want to talk about it right now. Is that okay?

PAIGE: Hey, fine with me. We're both in that "don't want to talk about it" committee.

PIPER: Well, let's not go too long without talking about our problems. We don't need more clones to help us with our inner demons.

The three sisters laugh, just as Leo walks up to them with a smile.

LEO: Um, hello.


PIPER: Hey Handsome.

LEO (Smiles hard at Piper): I take it you're not mad at me anymore?

She stands up and steps to him. She wraps her arms around his neck and quickly kisses him. As the two kiss, Prue and Paige laugh at their PDA.

Piper pulls back from the kiss with a smirk.

PIPER: Does that answer your question?

LEO: Definitely.

PRUE: Um…Leo, I have a quick question.

LEO: Yeah?

PRUE: Where were you today? I mean, we had problems with ourselves.

LEO: Yeah, they told me not to come.

PIPER: What? Why?

LEO: Because they knew that you three needed help…that you were holding yourselves back. And that you needed to form a stronger bond and not just as the Charmed Ones, but as sisters.

PIPER: Hmm. Well, I'm glad about what happened.

PRUE: What? So I'm not in trouble anymore? (She smirks as Piper shakes her head with a smirk as well.)

Paige smirks at them as well and they turn their attention to the band playing with smiles.