The sun lightly shines onto the beach, partly hidden by the clouds as PRUE HALLIWELL stands on the beach reading a piece of paper.

PRUE: Spirits of air, sand and sea. Converge to set the Angel free. In the wind I send this rhyme, bring Death before me, before my time.

The usual black and blue wisp appears and disappears leaving the Angel of Death standing a few feet away from in front of Prue.

PRUE: Well?

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: So far, I haven't found anything substantial except- (Stopping and looking away)

PRUE: What is it?

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: Well, I thought about when you all convinced the Source to have that demon reset time and I remember who I took and a few names that were on my list of people to take.

PRUE: And?

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: I remember taking your sister…Piper.

PRUE (slowly nodding her head): Right. Um, well yeah. She died before time reset. It's actually odd that I am able to remember that, seeing how only the people unaffected by the time reset should know.

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: That is something. You should check into that. Maybe you can ask your whitelighter why do you know what happened. Does Piper remember as well?

PRUE: No, not to my knowledge.

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: Find out. If she doesn't remember, then there is a reason that only you remember. And maybe that's connected to this magical force.

PRUE: Okay. Now, what were you saying about the names on your list to take before time reset?

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: Well, you were on the list of people I was to take.

PRUE (in shock): What?

THE ANGEL OF DEATH (Nodding his head): Yes.

PRUE: Oh my god. That means that I really am supposed to be dead.

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: Yes, but that is the big question. Why aren't you?

Prue nods her head, trying to wrap things around in her head.

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: I have to go. There are people waiting.

PRUE: Okay.

THE ANGEL OF DEATH: We will figure this out, Prue.

She nods her head just before he disappears in his usual wisp.




A paper comes out of a printer and is picked up by PAIGE MATTHEWS who quickly walks back over to her desk where her work phone rings. She picks up the phone as she sits down in her chair.

PAIGE: Hi. South Bay Social Services. This is Paige Matthews. How may I assist you?

Eerily, Creepy Voice: Paige…

Paige tenses up in fear and looks around her in fear.

PAIGE: Who is this?

Eerily, Creepy Voice: Who do you think?

PAIGE: Uh...-

GLEN/LILA (jumping from on the other side of Paige's cubicle): Gotcha!

Paige gasps in shock and lets out a breath of relief.

PAIGE: Oh my god! You guys scared the crap out of me!

Along with Glen, Paige's other friend, LILA BROWN, laughs at her.

GLEN: It's just a joke, Paige.

LILA: A very good joke.

Paige rolls her eyes and stands up. She grabs her bag with a huff.

PAIGE (walking away): No. That was a terrible joke.

Glen and Paige look at each other in wonder before taking off after their friend.



Paige walks out of the building and towards the parking lot as Glen and Lila try to catch up to her.

GLEN: Paige!

LILA: Paige!

Glen quickly picks up speed and touches Paige's shoulder which causes her to turn around in anger.

PAIGE: What?!

GLEN: We're sorry. We didn't mean to make you angry with us.

LILA: Yeah. We were only joking.

Paige takes in a breath and releases it as she nods her head.

PAIGE: I know. I just…I just haven't been feeling very well lately.

LILA: Why? What's wrong?

Paige looks at her, immediately knowing that she can't tell her friend the truth.

PAIGE (shaking her head): It's nothing too serious. I'm sorry for getting mad at you guys.

GLEN (Suspicious): Are you sure, Paige?

PAIGE: Yes. I'm fine. But I'm on my lunch break so I'm going to go grab a bite to eat.

LILA: Okay, well. See you when you get back.

GLEN: Yeah. See you.

They turn around and walk away with her turning around and letting out a sigh before taking back off to her car.



A big picture and small picture of PHOEBE HALLIWELL are in the room as a plant is sat down on a small end table by her older sister PIPER HALLIWELL.

Her husband, LEO WYATT, orbs in near the stairs and immediately sees the big picture of Phoebe. After a long look, he turns his attention to his wife.

LEO: Piper.

PIPER (Turning around): Hi Leo.

LEO (Walking over to her): How are you?

He hugs her and she hugs him back with a slight smile.

PIPER: I'm fine. I mean, of course I'm not fine fine, but I'm holding up.

LEO: Do you need anything? I could cook for you or-

PIPER (interrupting): You know what I need you to do? I need you to set some of the plants on the tables.

LEO (confused): What?

PIPER: I need you to set some of the plants on the tables. Phoebe's wake is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow so I'm getting everything prepared.

LEO: You know, you've been busy planning everything. I think you should-

PIPER (Interrupting again): Leo. I just want the wake and the funeral to go as planned.

LEO: I understand that, but you haven't talked about how you feel.

Piper (Irritated): Okay. I'm sad. You happy now?

LEO: No, Piper. I mean, really talk about it.

The front door opens and closes as Piper sits down and starts counting Phoebe's funeral programs. Leo lets out a sigh.

PRUE (Walking in): Good morning, you guys.

PIPER/LEO: Good morning.

Prue walks to Piper and gets a close look at Phoebe's funeral programs.

PRUE: Is that… (Swallowing) what I think it is?

PIPER: Yeah. I have to have them ready for the funeral.


PIPER (Letting out a sigh): I just didn't know that Phoebe had so many friends.

PRUE: Well, she was known in high school.

PIPER: Yeah, but as freebie (smirking), not Phoebe.

PRUE (smirking back): I bet she'll have a lot of ex-boyfriends at her funeral.

Leo begins smirking at their sisterly jokes as well. As the smirking calms downs, Leo clasps his hands together.

LEO: Okay. So, I have something important to tell you both.

Piper continues to count the programs while Prue turns her full attention to Leo.

PIPER: I'm listening.

LEO: Okay, well I checked with the Elders and they also didn't know about Paige's origins.

PIPER: So for once, the almighty Elders didn't know something about us.

PRUE: How quite ironic. But regardless, if they didn't even know, then that means her birth was kept a secret.

PIPER: But why is the question.

PRUE: I think I know where we can get that question from.

LEO: Who?



Prue opens the door and walks in, followed by Piper and Leo.

PIPER (In shock): Mom!

PRUE: Yep.

LEO: Wait, how will you talk to her?

PRUE: The same way I summoned Grams. Piper, get the candles and set them in a circle and light them.

PIPER: Uh…okay.

Prue walks over to the Book of Shadows on its stand and starts turning the pages while Piper goes to a small end table and gathers a few candles and a lighter.

PIPER (Sitting the candles in a circle and lighting them): Prue, I don't think we can summon her.

Prue stops turning the pages and sees the summoning spell.

PRUE: What makes you say that? I was able to summon Grams.

LEO: Yeah, but that was different. The Elders allow her to come to you guys and you can summon her whenever you want. With your mother, the Elders will only allow her to come for a special reason.

PRUE: Well, I count summoning her to find out why we have another sister a special reason.

PIPER (Finishing the last candle): Hopefully "They" think it is.

PRUE: Okay. Hear these words, hear my cry. Spirit from the other side. Come to me, I summon thee. Cross now the great divide.

In just a few short moments, their mother, PATTY HALLIWELL, appears in swirling white lights.

PATTY: Girls?

Prue and Piper stare and smile at the sight of their mother.

PIPER: Mom. I can't believe it worked.

PATTY: Hello, my daughters. How are you holding up?

PRUE: We're…hanging in there.

PIPER: Yeah. I'm planning the wake and the funeral, but I'm hanging in here.

PATTY: Hi Leo.

LEO (smiling at his mother-in-law): Hey.

PATTY (Looking back at her daughters): I'm so sorry, girls.

PRUE: Its okay, mom. We actually have to ask you something.

PATTY: Sure. What is it?

PRUE: Why didn't you ever tell us we have a sister?

Patty lets out a sigh and shakes her head.

PATTY: So, you know.

PIPER: Yes, mom and no offense, but I can't believe you hid that from us.

PATTY: I know, but I wanted to protect you girls.

PRUE: From what?

PATTY: Evil… (Looking at Leo) and the Elders.

PIPER: The Elders?

LEO: What made you want to protect your daughters from them?

PATTY: The Elders…well, they were adamant about the charmed ones only being three daughters. They were in fear that the prophecy would pass me if I had another child. So to make sure that I didn't have any more children, they ordered me to divorce your father.


PIPER (Turning to Leo): You see, Leo? Even back then the Elders were trying to ruin our lives. (Turning back to her mom) But go on, mom.

PATTY: That was a BIG reason why your father and I divorced. While of course we had a few problems here and there, it was a BIG reason. Your grandmother tried everything to make your father leave and eventually he did.

Prue begins to get teary eyed and looks away to suck them up. Piper wipes her tears with her hands as Leo holds her close.

PRUE (Turning back around to her mother): I was so mad at dad for so long. I just…I can't believe that he was pushed away because of the Elders orders.

PATTY: I know, sweetie. I wish I could've told you and let you know that your father was pushed away to protect you.

PIPER: I'm still not understanding how Paige came to be if you two divorced.

PATTY: Well, shortly after he left, I decided that I wouldn't let the Elders rule me and my family's life so I got back with Victor and on the day that we got back together, that's how…Paige came to be.

Prue takes in a breath of air as Piper shakes her head on Leo.

PATTY: Victor, your grandmother, and I were the only ones that knew. We didn't tell anybody because we knew that once the Elders found out, there would be reprisals.

LEO: Like what?

PATTY: They would've taken you all away from us.

The three look at her in shock.

PRUE: They threatened to take us away from you?

PIPER (Snapping): Alright, that's it. Leo, orb me up there so I can-

PATTY: No, Piper. Don't. You can't focus on them right now.

Piper reluctantly nods her head as Leo places his hands on her shoulders to calm her down.

PRUE: Why didn't dad tell us that we have another sister?

PATTY: Like your grandmother and I, he wanted to protect you. After I gave birth to Paige, your grandmother, Victor, and I took her to a local church. We asked the nun there to find a home for her, and she found one. A very, very good home.

LEO: Well, you did a good job of hiding her from the Elders.

PIPER: Mom. We have a problem.

PATTY: What is it?

PRUE: The Source is after Paige.

PATTY: Oh dear no.

PIPER: Yeah and we were hoping that you had some idea on where she is.

PATTY (Shaking her head): Well, all I can really think of is that church we dropped Paige off at.

PRUE: Okay. Where is it?

PATTY: It's near San Francisco Memorial Hospital. I don't remember the name. I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you, girls.

PRUE: No, mom. We're glad you explained to us how our…youngest sister came to be.

PIPER (Eying Patty suspiciously): Unless there's another sister we don't know about?

PATTY (Shaking her head and smirking): No. She is the last one… (Taking long looks at her two daughters) Well, if that is it, I have to get back.

PRUE: Okay, mom.

PIPER: Thank you.

PATTY: Oh, you deserved to know girls. I should've told you long ago.

PRUE: You were only protecting us.

Patty smiles at her daughters before Leo puts his hand up.

LEO: I actually have a question for you.

PATTY: Anything for my son-in-law.

LEO: Well, you were protecting the sisters from the Elders. So what's to say that the Elders won't try to punish them?

PATTY: That's something that I did not think about. But I don't think they will do anything now.

PRUE: What makes you so sure?

PATTY: Well, you're the Charmed Ones. You are the Power of Three. As much good as you girls have done in the last three years, I'm sure that the Elders will not risk losing against evil by punishing you.

PIPER: Let's hope you're right, mom.

PATTY (Nodding her head): Yes…so, do you girls need anything else?

PRUE: No, I think you gave us everything we needed.

PIPER: Thank you.

Patty smiles at her daughters, even sharing a smile with Leo.

PATTY: You are welcome… (Looking up) Your grandmother is calling me. She probably needs me to talk to- (She stops herself).

PIPER: Talk to who, mom?

Patty (Looking back at her daughters): Phoebe.

PIPER: Oh…well, is she okay?

PATTY: I'm sorry, but all I can say is that we are helping her through this.

PRUE: Figures. Grams said the same thing. But I know you don't want to get into trouble with the Elders.

Patty nods her head before looking back up.

PATTY: I have to go… (Looking at each of her daughters) Blessed be.

She disappears in the same way she appeared, leaving Prue, Piper, and Leo exasperated from receiving the truth.




Prue, Piper, and Leo walk down the stairs, just as the doorbell rings.

PIPER: I'll get it. That better not be another long lost relative.

She takes off to the front doors as Leo looks to Prue and notices her looking exhausted.

LEO: Prue? What's wrong?

PRUE: Nothing. Why?

LEO: It's just you look tired. I mean, you have been getting some sleep, right?

Prue looks away to see Piper walking back to them with Victor behind her.

PIPER: Look who's here!

PRUE: Dad.

LEO: Victor.

VICTOR: Hey, Prue. Hello Leo. How is everyone holding up?

PRUE: Well, aside from our baby sister being dead, we also have to deal with the fact that WE HAVE ANOTHER SISTER!

Victor looks at the three in shock as he gulps and shakes his head.

VICTOR: What are you talking about?

PIPER: The cat's out of the bag, dad. We know we have another sister and that you and mom kept her a secret to protect all of us.

Victor rubs his head and looks away for a moment.

VICTOR (Looking back at them): How did you find out?

Prue and Piper look at each other and then back at Victor.

PRUE: Well, first, a young woman came to the manor to express her sympathies and come to find out, Shax was ordered to kill her.

PIPER: Then, we found out that there were rumors that the Charmed Ones can be reconstituted.

PIPER: And then it was proven right when a demon tried to attack Paige in order to stop the Charmed Ones from being reconstituted.

PRUE: And then we talked to Mom and she told us everything, including the fact that the Elders ordered Mom to divorce you.

VICTOR: Look…girls, I-

PRUE: Save it, dad. We understand why you did it. You protected us.

VICTOR (To Leo): I guess you see why I hate the Elders so much.

LEO: I'm really sorry, Victor. I had no clue. I wasn't told about any of this.

VICTOR (Nodding his head): I know you didn't. If you did, you would've told the girls. (To Prue and Piper) So…her name is Paige?

PRUE (Smiling): Yes, dad.

VICTOR (Smiling): I like that name.

Piper holds up her wrist to look at her watch and gasps in shock.

PIPER: Oh god! Oh god! (Taking off back to the couch) I have to finish making sure all of the programs are perfect before 2:00 (Sitting down).

PRUE: What's at 2:00?

PIPER: I have to make a phone call with the priestess for Phoebe's funeral.

VICTOR: Do you need help with anything?

PIPER: I'm okay.

PRUE: Are you sure, Piper? I mean, those are a lot of programs.

PIPER: I'm fine.

LEO: But Piper, that's a lot of programs-

PIPER: I said no!

A plant blows up, sending the broken pieces of the pot everywhere, along with the dirt.

Prue, Leo, and Victor look around in shock and look at Piper in shock as she shakes her head in frustration.

PIPER: Great! (Standing up) Now I have to clean this up (Walking away).

PRUE: Well, I'll grab the broom-

PIPER: No! I don't need help. I want to do this myself (Continuing to walk to the kitchen).

Prue, Leo, and Victor turn to each other.

VICTOR: Okay, I know Piper is grieving, but if she is doing that, then she definitely isn't ready for the funeral.

PRUE: We know.

LEO: She hasn't really been grieving. She hasn't talked to me about how she really feels about this. All she is focused on is the wake and the funeral.

VICTOR (In confusion): I know she's trying to hold herself together, but I wonder why she doesn't want to talk.

Prue looks away, slowly beginning to realize why Piper is only focusing on the wake and the funeral.

PRUE: I think I know why.

She walks away and to the kitchen, leaving Leo and Victor still looking confused.



PRUE (walking in): Piper, we need to talk- (Stopping to see that Piper is not in the kitchen) Uh…?

She turns to her right to see the broom in the corner and then turns to her left to see the basement door open.



Piper is looking at a small bear in front of a box as a tear falls down her cheek.

PRUE (Walking down the stairs): Piper?

Piper quickly wipes her face and places the bear behind her back. Her eldest sister quickly notices her sister hiding something behind her back as she steps off the stairs.

PRUE (Walking towards her younger sister): Uh, Piper? What are you doing?

PIPER: What do you mean? I'm looking for the broom.

PRUE: So why didn't you grab the broom from in the kitchen?

PIPER: I decided to grab a different broom.

PRUE: Piper…

Prue steps up to her sister who is still holding the bear behind her back.

PRUE: What's that behind your back?

Piper reluctantly shows Prue the small bear. Prue looks at it with a smile.

PRUE: Oh my god! Barry Bear!

PIPER: Yeah…Phoebe's bear.

PRUE: I haven't seen him since we were little.

PIPER: Yeah. I remember Phoebe getting mad when you tried to throw it in the trash and I was the one who stopped you.

Prue begins to remember that event, giving a guilty smile to her younger sister.

PRUE: I remember that. I was so immature for trying to do that. I wish I never tried to do that. I wish I could change and stop a lot of arguments that I had with her.

Piper gives a sad smile to her eldest sister.

PIPER: I know. I wish we could change a lot with her, especially stopping her from making a deal with the Devil.

PRUE (Looking at Piper in wonder): Do you remember anything? I mean, from before time reset?

PIPER: No…why do you ask?

PRUE: It's just… (She walks over and sits down on the steps.) I remember what happened…everything that happened.

PIPER (Walking over and sitting next to Prue): Really?

PRUE: Yeah. It's actually scary. Ever since it's happened, I still think about it. I still see you…dying right in front of me.

Piper lets out a sigh as she hugs her sister who hugs her back.

PIPER: Well, I don't know why you remember everything, but I wish you didn't. (They release each other) Have you asked Leo about this?

PRUE: Not yet. I'm not sure if it's important or not.

PIPER: At this point, anything is of importance.

Prue looks down and picks her cuticles as Piper looks at her in wonder.

PIPER: What's wrong?

PRUE: Uh… (She begins scratching her head.)…Remember when Shax attacked us and Leo got their in time to save us?

PIPER: Well, yeah. I still get a headache from thinking about it.

PRUE: Yeah. Well...I almost died.

PIPER: Prue…we both almost died.

PRUE: No, I mean, I actually almost died. I saw the Angel of Death.

PIPER (Bewildered): What? Y-you… (Standing up and in front of Prue) you saw the Angel of Death?

PRUE: Yeah. But that's not all Piper.

PIPER: What do you mean?

PRUE: When he came to get me, I told him it wasn't my time. He thought it was but Leo came in time to save me. It confused him because…I was supposed to die.

PIPER: Well, Prue, it's not like we haven't cheated death before.

PRUE: Right, but only this time we lost Phoebe in the process. I lost Phoebe.

PIPER (Still confused): You lost Phoebe?

PRUE: It…it was my fault Phoebe died. The Angel of Death was supposed to take me but instead he took Phoebe. He came to me again and told me that that there is some powerful magical force that caused everything…that caused Phoebe's death.

Piper looks at her eldest sister in disbelief and begins shaking her head.

PIPER: Wait a minute. You've known this for almost a week and you didn't bother to share that information with me?

PRUE: We didn't want to tell anyone until we actually knew who or what we were dealing with.

PIPER: We? So you and the Angel of Death are in cahoots now?!

Prue stands up and looks at her sister in disbelief at her sister being this angry at her.

PRUE: Well, excuse me Piper for wanting to save my family, or at least what is left of it.

PIPER (Letting out a sigh): Prue, I am your sister. You could've told me when it happened.

PRUE: I didn't want to worry you. I mean, we just lost Phoebe! I didn't want to lose you too! The Angel of Death told me that letting anyone else know what is going on could be detrimental! It could make us lose ourselves even more.

VICTOR (Walking down the stairs): Is everything alright down here?

Prue and Piper turn to see their father, along with Leo coming down the stairs.

Piper looks at Prue and rolls her eyes, causing Prue to fold her arms.

LEO: What's going on?

PIPER (Furiously to Prue): Tell them.

PRUE: What?

PIPER: This family cannot take anymore secrets!

VICTOR: Alright, calm down! (To Prue) Now tell us what is going on here.

PRUE: Well…I saw the Angel of Death.


PRUE: And he told me that there's a powerful magical force that saved me but caused Phoebe's death.

VICTOR (Confused): Wait a minute. Who is this Angel of Death person?

LEO: He's an angel who collects the souls of people who die.

PIPER: Prue has been keeping this a secret from us for days!

PRUE: You know what?! I was too busy worrying about all of you!

LEO: Prue-

PRUE: No, Leo! Let me say this!

Piper, Victor, and Leo look at Prue in shock as she furiously looks at Piper.

PRUE (Tears forming in her eyes): My god, I can't believe how you don't understand how hard it was for me to keep this secret. It was eating me up on the inside. I wanted to protect you all from whatever magical force we're dealing with. Whatever magical force killed Phoebe.

LEO: Okay, I think-

VICTOR (Putting his hand out to Leo): No, Leo. They need to get this out.

PIPER: Prue, you're acting like you're the only one dealing with something! Okay, I've been busy planning EVERYTHING since Phoebe's death! I'm the one who has made the wake and funeral arrangements! (Tears beginning to form in her eyes.) I'm the one who had to pick whether or not there would be white lilies or red roses at her funeral, which is crazy because that doesn't even matter! What matters is that she's gone!

Prue looks at Piper, not realizing that Piper has been doing everything by herself while trying to handle Phoebe's death. After a few moments of silence, she and Piper have calmed down with Prue taking the initiative to speak first.

PRUE: Piper, I…I didn't realize that you were doing this all by yourself. I didn't mean to let you handle all of this by yourself. I just…I just wanted to protect you… (Looking at Leo and Victor) to protect all of you.

PIPER: But Prue, keeping secrets doesn't protect us. It tears us apart.

Prue begins to realize her mistake of not telling her family about her secret.

Piper turns and begins walking up the stairs.

LEO: I'll go talk to her. (He quickly follows his wife up the stairs.)

Victor watches as Prue sits back down on the steps and puts her head in her hands. He sits down next to his eldest daughter and wraps his arms around her, pulling her to him. She lays against him as tears begin to fall down her face that soon turn into full blown sobs.

VICTOR: Shhhh…its okay. Everything is okay.

Prue shakes her head and breaks away from her father to look at him with teary eyes.

PRUE: Nothing is okay, dad. I let Piper deal with this alone. I should've been there for her. I should've helped her with everything but instead I've been too busy keeping a secret from you guys.

VICTOR: Prue…I promise you that everything will be okay. I know that.

PRUE: How could you possibly know that?

VICTOR: Because you're a Halliwell. (He wipes falling tears off her face.) Despite all of the secrets, fights, and sadness in this family, there's one thing that pulls us together. We love each other. And when we love each other, we can defeat whatever comes our way, even demons.

PRUE: What about Phoebe, though?

Victor (Sighs): Well, you know what I also know. She wouldn't want you and Piper to be fighting. She would want us pulling this family back together for her to get through this funeral.

PRUE: Even Paige?

Victor (Nodding): Especially Paige.

Prue nods her head and falls back onto her father's chest. He kisses the top of her head as he comforts her.



Piper storms in with anger evident on her face. She quickly slams the door shut just as Leo walks up to it.

Not a moment later, Leo orbs in just as Piper sits on her bed. He looks at her in worry and sits down next to her.

PIPER: I'm sorry for slamming the door on you Leo.

LEO: It's okay. I know that you're just upset. (He pulls her into his arms to which she doesn't push away.)

PIPER: I just can't believe that all of this is even going on. I mean, Phoebe's gone. Then we found out have another sister. And now we found out Prue has been keeping this big secret from us. And I- (She stops before sighing) I feel so alone.

Leo (Confused): Piper, you're not alone. You have me-

Piper quickly breaks apart from Leo and stands up, turning around to him.

PIPER: It's not the same.

Leo (Sighs): I know, but I'm trying to be here for you as much as I can.

PIPER: I know, it's just- (The doorbell rings, interrupting her.)

The couple look at each other in confusion before heading for the door.



Piper opens the front door and is shocked at seeing DAN GORDON and his niece JENNY GORDON. Leo stands by the stairs, looking at them in shock as well.


DAN: H-hi Piper.

JENNY: Do you remember us? We were neighbors.

PIPER: Uh…(She turns around to Leo with a shocked face before turning back to the two people she never thought she'd see again.) How could I forget?

Jenny takes Piper by surprise when she hugs her, causing Piper to stumble.

JENNY: I'm so so sorry! I just found out that Phoebe's gone!

Piper looks up at Dan who nods his head with sadness.

Jenny (Tears begin falling down her face): I can't believe she's gone!

Piper can't help but hug the niece of the man she once loved, knowing that Jenny viewed Phoebe as her role model.

PIPER: It's going to be okay (Leading Jenny into the living room.).

Dan closes the door behind him and when he turns around, he immediately spots Leo standing by the stairs just as Prue and Victor walk up next to him. Dan decides to go help Piper comfort his niece as Leo turns to Prue and Victor, the first being in shock as well.

PRUE: Am I hallucinating or is that Dan?

LEO: It is.

PRUE: He must be here for Phoebe's wake and funeral.

VICTOR: Who is he?

PRUE: Oh, he was Piper's boyfriend. She loved him while she loved Leo.

Leo (smirking): But the best man won.

VICTOR: Well, seeing as how you've taken good care of my girls when I didn't, you definitely are the best she will have.

LEO: Thank you, Victor.

His father-in-law nods his head just as Piper walks out of the living room and to the three of them.

PIPER: Okay, did you all see who that is?

LEO: Yep.

Prue (Nodding her head): Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if any more people show up at the door from our past.

Piper: Oh I didn't tell you? Aviva is coming to the funeral, along with Clay, Eric, Grace, Alexandria, Daisy, Maggie, Kate and her parents, and her other friends from college…Oh and apparently she even kept in touch with that genie that got you killed.

Prue: That's a lot of innocents that we saved.

Victor: They all were innocents?

Piper: Pretty much, except for the genie.

Prue: Yeah. We just let him have a normal life.

LEO: Phoebe was a great person.

PIPER: Yeah. She was.

After a few moments of silence, Prue breaks the quietness.

PRUE: Piper…I'm sorry about everything. I didn't realize that I let you handle all of this by yourself. It was very irresponsible of me. It was very un-sisterly of me.

Piper (Sighs and nods): Thank you. But I have to say sorry too. I mean, this whole time I thought you were just too sad to do anything so I've been…trying to hold everything together, especially about finding out we have another sister.

Prue nods her head at her younger sister.

PIPER: I'm sorry that I was so angry at you. You've just been trying to protect us.

She steps up and hugs her big sister who hugs her back. Leo and Victor smile at their sisterly moment.

PIPER: So, do we need to talk to the Death now? Let him know that we're in this big secret too?

PRUE: Oh…Leo. You cannot tell the Elders anything about this.

LEO: Prue…

PRUE: I mean, it Leo. You have to keep this secret as well. Letting them know about the magical force might do more harm than good.

Leo (slowly nods): Okay. I won't say anything.

PRUE: Okay. Well…

PIPER: Should we talk to Death now?

PRUE: No. I think we should focus on the funeral. You've been handling all of this by yourself, Piper. I think it's time that I start doing my part.

Piper (slightly smiling): Thank you.

Prue nods her head at her younger sister.



Paige is lying in bed, her body completely covered, except for her head as she is lying on her pillow and staring at the ceiling.

PAIGE: Mom…Dad…I need your help. This big change has happened to me and I don't know what to do.

She sits up and lets her legs hang off the bed.

PAIGE: You may know or you may not know, but…apparently I was right. I'm related to the Halliwells. But along with having sisters, I also found out that... (She bites her lip and looks up above her again.) I'm a witch. I mean, I was a little attracted to the magical stuff when I used to watch Samantha Stephens and all those other supernatural shows, but…I never thought that it was really real. I mean, for God's sake, I don't even know what being a witch means for me. Can I cast spells on a cheating boyfriend or save the world from hunger? I just…I just don't understand. Can you just please send me a sign? I need something. I want…I want to have sisters, but I don't know if I want to be a witch.

She releases a deep sigh and clutches bed sheets.

PAIGE: I even want to go to Phoebe's wake and funeral, but I'm scared to have to talk to her sisters… (She stops and corrects herself) my sisters…again. Do you know what I should do?

The television powers on by itself and is on the local news channel where Elana Rodriguez is speaking about Phoebe.

ELANA: Phoebe Halliwell. A young woman who the neighbors say was a kindred soul, was tragically killed in her own home last Thursday. Tonight, her wake will proceed and is open to anyone who feels the need to see her before she is put to rest at her funeral tomorrow. The time of the funeral has not been released yet but hopefully we will update you on it tonight. This is your local reporter, Elana Rodriguez.

Paige grabs the remote and mutes the television and looks up to the ceiling with a slightly smile and nervousness.

PAIGE: Thank you mom and dad.

She leans over to her bedside table and picks up her phone. She dials a number and holds the phone to her ear. After a few moments, her boss Bob Cowan answers the phone.

PAIGE: Hello, Mr. Cowan. I'm sorry I didn't come back from my lunch break, I've just been very sick and having a hard time about my friend's death… (After a few words, she smiles) Okay. Thank you, Mr. Cowan. I will be at work next week. Thank you for allowing me a few days off to grieve. Bye, sir.

She hangs up the phone and lets out a sigh of relief of finally making a decision on going to the wake.




People walk in and out of the chapel as Prue, Piper, Leo, and Victor each speak to a mourner. Behind a mourner who just enters, Paige walks in with nervousness plastered on her face. She quickly notices the casket across from her and the body that is on display. She makes her way towards it. Paige looks down at Phoebe and stares at the lifeless body. She looks at in sadness and touches the closed half of the casket when she is pulled into a premonition.



Paige is sitting at a table, drinking a glass of water. She puts the glass down and looks up to see Phoebe walking up to the table and sitting down with excitement on her face.

PHOEBE: Hey buddy!

PAIGE: Hey Phoebe. How is your day so far?

PHOEBE (excited): Oh amazing! I have so much to tell you!

PAIGE: Well, what are you waiting for? Spill it, woman.

PHOEBE: Okay. You know that D.A. Attorney I met?

PAIGE: I think you said his name was Cole.

PHOEBE: Yep. Well, guess what he did?

PAIGE: What is it?

PHOEBE: He kissed me last week. And he asked me two days ago!

Paige smiles and high fives Phoebe.

PAIGE: Oh my god! That's great! So, when will you two go out?

PHOEBE (Sighs): Tomorrow, but that's not the problem. The problem is I don't know if the date is a good sign.

PAIGE (Confused): What do you mean? That's a great sign.

PHOEBE: No, it's a lunch date. Lunch dates are always a bad sign. I mean, you'd think we'd be having romantic dinners by now.

PAIGE: Well, it's you two's first date. Maybe he doesn't want to rush into it.

PHOEBE: Maybe…Well, did you do yesterday's assignment and submitted it?

PAIGE: Yeah. But the topic I was given was kind of hard to get into.

PHOEBE: Oh really? What was it about?

PAIGE: The supernatural.

Phoebe tenses up and laughs nervously.

PHOEBE: W-why was that hard to get into?

PAIGE: I mean, it was just so much about the supernatural that I didn't know. I mean, I knew about ghosts and poltergeists and stuff, but I didn't know about the Salem Witch Trials. Besides from Samantha Stevens, I didn't know much.

PHOEBE: Oh yeah. I know a thing or two about the supernatural. I actually find it pretty interesting. But you watch Samantha?

PAIGE: Of course!

PHOEBE: That was like my favorite show. Well, still my favorite show. There's reruns on TV.

PAIGE: I try to catch it every night.

PHOEBE: I can't believe we have so much in common.

PAIGE: Me neither.

Phoebe (After Smiling): You're a great friend to have Paige. It's nice to have someone to talk to that's not in my family.

PAIGE: No problem. You're a great friend too, Phoebe.

They both smile at each other, happy of their thriving friendship.



Paige returns from her premonition about one of her moments with Phoebe and stumbles backwards a little. As she catches herself, she continues to look down at Phoebe's body. Even when she fully regains her balance, she has her eyes on her body.

PAIGE: You were a great friend, Phoebe.

Tears form in her eyes as she continues to look down at her deceased friend and new sister. Piper and the mourner talking to her ends the conversation. As soon as the mourner walks away, Piper comes into view of Paige standing, looking down at her deceased friend and sister. Just as the mourner Prue was talking to walks away, Piper nudges Prue and gestures to Paige. The two sisters immediately make their way towards her.

As they approach her, they hear her sobs and look at her with sadness. Prue touches Paige's shoulder, causing her to turn around with a tear-stained face. She looks at the sisters, not even trying to hold back her tears.

Prue and Piper immediately hug her at the same time as Paige lets them hug without hugging them back. But after a few moments, she decides to hug them back.

Leo nudges Victor who is also done with speaking to a mourner and gestures to Prue, Piper, and Paige sharing a hug.

LEO: That's Paige.

VICTOR: Really? (SMILING) I can't believe it.

He is mesmerized by seeing his daughter for the first time before his smile changes into a frown.

Leo: You should go over there and introduce yourself.

VICTOR (Shaking his head): Not now. Right now, they need each other.

The two watch the three young women as for the first time, the three sisters share a sisterly moment together.



There are no more mourners left and Prue and Paige are two of the last in there. Piper walks next to her eldest sister and joins the two in looking at their sister's lifeless body.

PRUE: I guess this is it, huh?

PAIGE: Well, we have tomorrow to say goodbye.

PIPER: Yeah, but tomorrow will be different. We won't have very long to say goodbye.

Paige glares at her two living sisters and lets out a deep sigh.

PAIGE: Listen. I don't know about this witchy stuff yet…I don't know how to feel about any of this. It feels like everything is happening-

PIPER: All at the same time?

Paige nods her head at her older sister.

PRUE: Yeah. We know that feeling right now too.

PAIGE: What do I do? I mean, did you always know you were witches?

PRUE: Oh no, no.

PIPER: See, we found out three years ago.

PAIGE: Really?

PRUE: Yeah. And when we found out, it was hard on us. We didn't know what to do.

PIPER: I know it scared the crap out of me.

PRUE: I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe that I was a witch. But I actually found it pretty cool.

PAIGE: I don't know.

PIPER: Paige, it's not our decision on if you want to be a part of this destiny. But since we're your sisters, we're going to try our best to help you.

PRUE: We're not even sure if we should continue with this new power of three.

PAIGE: Power of Three?

PRUE: It's the unity of the three of us being connected and powerful.

PIPER: It used to be us and Phoebe, but now I guess it's us and you.

Paige looks at them with indecision on her face.

PRUE: And we don't even know what kind of power you have since Phoebe had premonitions.

PAIGE: Wait. Aren't premonitions like visions?

PIPER: Yeah.

PAIGE: I…I think I had one.

PIPER: Really? When?

PAIGE: An hour ago. I was right here and I sort of touched the casket and - (She remembers the premonition)

PRUE: And what?

PAIGE: I saw Phoebe and me… talking. It was about one of the times we had lunch together.

Prue and Piper smile at their new sister, already beginning to like her.

PAIGE: It was so…so beautiful. It was so real.

PRUE: Yeah. Phoebe always said the same thing.

PIPER: How do you feel knowing you have a magical power?

PAIGE: It feels… (She thinks for a moment) It's kind of scary, but also exciting. It was…cool.

PRUE: Who knows? Maybe you got the premonition for a reason.

PIPER: Maybe somehow you got it from Phoebe.

Paige (Slightly smiles): I'd like to think that.

Paige slightly smiles at her sister who suddenly looks up.

Piper: I have an idea.

Paige: What is it?

Piper: Okay, I'll tell you both. But it's going to require some phone calls and some coffee.

Prue: Sure.

Piper turns to Paige with a slight smile.

Piper: What about you, sister?

Paige (Slightly smiling): Yeah.

The three all look back at Phoebe's lifeless body.



An aisle on the stove turns off as PAIGE MATTHEWS picks up the tea pot from on it. She sets it on the small table as her friend and colleague walks up to the other side of the small table.

Paige begins pouring the hot water into a tea cup, with the tea bag hanging in it.

GLEN: Paige.

She doesn't say anything as she simply watches the tea form in the tea cup.

GLEN: Paige.

Paige (Looking up at Glen): Huh?

GLEN: You've been silent the whole time I've been here. You didn't eat the Chinese food I brought over. And you haven't even been drinking anything but tea. So I know something's up.

Paige (Shaking her head): Trust me, Glen. You wouldn't understand.

GLEN: Try me.

Paige looks at the man's determined look and smiles at him.

PAIGE: Okay. I'll tell you what's wrong. But if I tell, you have to promise me that you won't tell another soul about this.

Glen (Raising his hands): Scout's honor.

Paige (slowly nodding her head): Okay. Well, remember last week, there were two murders on Prescott Street.

GLEN: Yeah.

PAIGE: Well, come to find out, the two people that were murdered were people I knew.

Glen (Looking at her in shock): Paige…I wish I knew. And even though I won't say anything, I'm sure Lila would want to know what has been going on with you. We could've been there for you.

PAIGE: It's okay. One of the people were my doctor and also the doctor that we were working on getting his kids back to him.

GLEN: Oh right! Dr. Griffiths. He was the one that died! I can't believe I didn't know this!

PAIGE: Yeah. And the other person that died was a woman that has a sister that owns P3. Her and her sisters are there all the time.

GLEN: Piper Halliwell.

PAIGE: Yeah. Well, for some reason, there might be a possibility that they…are my sisters.

Glen (in shock): What?

PAIGE: Trust me, I was in as much shock as you are.

Glen, beginning to think about, nods his head at Paige.

GLEN: Actually, it kind of makes sense.

PAIGE (in confusion): It does?

GLEN: Yeah. I mean, you are adopted, you always tell me that you always feel somehow connected to P3 and that's why you always go there. And you even said that you once thought that you were related to the Halliwell sister's.

PAIGE: Yeah, but I wasn't sure.

GLEN: What made you believe they are your sisters?

PAIGE: Well, I- (She notices the local news station is on her TV and a picture of her new deceased older sister, PHOEBE HALLIWELL, appearing.

Glen turns around and notices the news station. He quickly grabs the remote on the table and turns up the volume on the TV, when Elana Rodriguez is speaking.

ELANA: Loved by many and best known for being the sister of Piper Halliwell, the owner of P3, Phoebe Halliwell was coldly murdered in her family home last Thursday. Her funeral is tomorrow, Wednesday, May 23. The funeral is open to the public. Though, the family asks that the people who do wish to come would not mourn Phoebe's death but rather celebrate the life of the amazing person she was.

The TV turns off as Paige sits down the remote control. She grabs her tea and begins drinking it.

Glen (In confusion): Why did you turn it off?

PAIGE: Because… (She walks towards a chair) I'm not sure if I'm even going to the funeral.

GLEN: What? Why not?

Paige sits down and looks at her in friend in disbelief.

PAIGE: Are you kidding me? I've just found out that her sisters are my sisters. Even though she was my friend, I think it will be a little too weird.

GLEN: Wait.

PAIGE: What?

GLEN: Did you even go to the wake?

PAIGE: Are you crazy? Of course I went to the wake!

GLEN: Then why won't you go to the funeral?

PAIGE: I don't know, okay!

Glen looks at her in concern.)

PAIGE: I just don't know what to do. I mean, at the wake, her sisters…I mean, I guess my sisters and I talked. But I'm scared about everything that comes with having sisters.

Glen gets up and walks to her. He bends down in front of her and looks up at her.

GLEN: Hey, you're not alone in this, Paige. You have me now.

Paige looks away from him, knowing that he doesn't know the full story of being one of the Halliwell sisters.

GLEN: Listen. I can't make you do anything you don't want to do-


GLEN: I think you should go to the funeral. I think it will be the perfect time to connect with your sisters. And I think that it will be good for you to say a final goodbye to your friend.

Paige slowly nods her head, still thinking about how angry she is about being a witch, but how she really needs to say goodbye to her friend.

PAIGE: How do I even know that I'm doing the right thing by going to the funeral?

GLEN: You'll know, Paige. You're a smart girl.

Paige (Smiling down at her friend): Thanks, Glen.

She reaches down to hug him and he hugs her back. As they hug, she still has a look of uncertainty on her face.



The moon shines through the dark sky as the night slowly becomes the morning and the Sun is up and shining on the manor's exterior.



Piper waters a flower sitting on an end table. She turns to see her husband, LEO WYATT, walking down the stairs with a sad smile on his face.

PIPER: What's wrong?

Leo (looking confused at her): What's wrong? We're going to Phoebe's…funeral.

PIPER: I know that this is tough, Leo. It's tough on all of us. For a week now, I've been thinking on Phoebe and how she would want her funeral. And last night, I finally realized what she would want best for her funeral.

LEO: Which is?

PIPER: She wouldn't want us to be mourning her at her funeral. She would want us to celebrate her life at her funeral. I've realized this now.

Leo slowly nods his head, understanding his wife. He turns around to see the sisters' father, Victor, walking in through the dining room.

VICTOR: So…is everyone ready?

PRUE (Walking down the steps): As ready as we'll ever be.

Everyone turns to her as she looks up at her father.)

PRUE: Hi Dad.

She reaches up to hug her dad who hugs her back.

VICTOR: Hi sweetie.

As they release each other, the doorbell rings.

PIPER (Turning around): I'll get that.

She walks to the front doors and open it to see the family friend, DARRYL MORRIS, looking down at her with a sad smile similar to Leo's.

PIPER: Darryl.

DARRYL: Hey Piper.

He reaches down to hug her and she hugs him back, sighing and wishing that she didn't have to be going through this.

They separate and walk to the others with Darryl waving at everyone.

DARRYL: Hey Prue, Leo, Victor.

PRUE: Hi Darryl.

She gives him a hug and he gives it back.)

PIPER: So…I guess this is it. It's time to go.

The doorbell rings once again as Piper rolls her eyes.

PIPER: Okay. Who is that? Don't they realize we have to be at the funeral on time?

Prue realizes that her sister is as nervous as she is. It's just that Prue is better at hiding it than Piper.

PRUE: I'll get it. We'll leave in just a second, Piper. Just stay calm.

Piper lets out a sigh as Prue walks to the front doors. She answers it, only to be in shock as she sees her ex-boyfriend, JUSTIN HARPER.

PRUE: Justin?

JUSTIN: Prue. Hi.


JUSTIN: I came here to give my deepest sympathies. Are you okay? I mean, of course you aren't okay. Why would you be okay when Phoebe's…you know?

PRUE: Thank you, Justin. It's very sweet of you to come by. We are just getting ready to go to the funeral.

JUSTIN: Oh, well…I guess I'll follow behind you.

Piper (walking up): No need, Justin. You can just ride in the family car with all of us.

PRUE: Uh, Piper-

PIPER: Come on.

JUSTIN: Are you sure?

PIPER: Of course.

She walks out of the manor, followed by Prue, Victor, Darryl, Justin, and Leo.



(A large picture of a happy Phoebe is framed golden and sitting on a stand. Next to it is a beautiful ivory-colored coffin that sits on a pedestal amongst the flowers. An ivory-dressed, Wiccan Priestess stands before a blue silk covered altar table, which is adorned with a ceremonial chalice. A tied, silver cord lays before the chalice, three lit candles surround it, symbolizing birth, death, and the rebirth. To the unaware mourners, however, the service comes across a part traditional, part New Age.

Prue, Piper, Leo, Darryl, Victor, and Justin are seated close to the priestess. Piper simply stares at the casket while Leo holds her close to him as Prue holds in most of her tears in her eyes while Justin has his arm around her. The funeral program, which bares the symbol of the triquetra above the name, reads: "PHOEBE HALLIWELL, 1975-2001; "In Our Hearts She Will Forever Dwell." Paige sits in the farthest of the mourners, crying as much as the other mourners, with Glen holding her as well.)

The priestess gestures Piper to come up to the podium. Piper stands up and goes up to the podium. All of the mourners look up at her, awaiting her to say something.

PIPER: I actually had planned to write something for her funeral, but…it never came to be. (Tears fall down her face.) I just forgot about it. Yesterday I was so busy trying to make sure that the wake and the funeral is the way that Phoebe would want…But last night I realized that I had forgot something about my sister…something very important. (She takes a moment to look at her family, catches a look at Paige, and then to the other mourners.) She was a happy person. She was a bright person. She always tried to look at the positive. She was so hopeful about things. She saw the best in almost everyone.

Prue looks down at her feet, realizing that one of those people were Cole.

PIPER: So I realized that Phoebe wouldn't want us to be mourning her and focusing on her death. She would want us to celebrate her life. And that is why we, the family, have decided to let a few of the friends of the family to share their experiences of the joys and happiness to know our sister, Phoebe.

Someone stands up and as they come up to the podium, it is revealed to be AVIVA HARRISON, the teenage girl that the sisters met and saved from an evil witch two years ago.

AVIVA: Hi. I'm Aviva. I, of course, am a friend of the family. I met the Halliwells' when I found their family cat. I returned her and the first person I met of the family was none other than Phoebe.

The camera pans to the golden-framed picture of Phoebe.



The priestess now once again is standing at the podium.

Priestess: That which belongs to fellowship and love. That which belongs to the circle, remains with us. The wheel turns. As life is a day, so our sister has passed into night. Nothing is final, and we who remain behind know that one day, we will once again share the bread and wine with our sister. O' blessed spirit, we bid you farewell, for you await a new destiny.

(She unties the silver cord and gently lays it into the chalice. She begins to blow out the candles. As the first candle is blown out, Prue remembers a moment between her, Piper, and Phoebe.


PAST (1.16 Which Prue Is It Anyway?): INT. SUNROOM- NIGHT

(Piper holds a boxing hand to Prue's head as Phoebe has Prue's arm pinned behind her back while holding her. The three of them laugh during this funny sisterly moment.



As the second candle is blown out, Piper remembers when she was excited about having the money to purchase P3.


PAST (2.01 Witch Trial): INT. ATTIC- MORNING.

Piper: Thank you!

She hugs Phoebe and Prue who all are happy that Piper finally has her club, P3.



As the third candle is blown out, both Prue and Piper, unknown that both are thinking of the same memory, remember another moment they were with Phoebe.



PRUE: I know we can't be together forever.

PIPER: But it feels good that forever isn't today.

Both Phoebe and Prue lean on Piper's shoulder, the three enjoying their happy sisterly moment.

Unbeknownst to Prue, Piper, and Phoebe at that time, it wouldn't be happy moments of the three of them together a few months later.



The camera pans to the golden-framed picture of Phoebe.



Piper is on the sofa crying. She hears the sound of footsteps and she quickly stops shaking and quickly wipes her face of the tears.

PRUE: Sweetie, is something wrong? (She walks towards her.)

PIPER: No. I was just looking at a picture of Phoebe.

Her eldest sister nods her head and grabs the picture. She looks at it and smiles.

PRUE: I remember this. This was when we all went shopping at the mall and Phoebe was so determined to get a picture of herself. Who knew that Death would get her a few months later?

(Prue's smile becomes a frown as she sets the picture down on an end table. She begins walking away as Piper follows behind her in worry.

PIPER: Prue…what's wrong?

PRUE: Nothing.

Prue continues walking away as Piper follows behind her.)

PIPER: Something is wrong, Prue. I know it and I know you. What is wrong?

Prue turns around and looks at her sister with a frown.



The Source appears in his usual fiery entrance with his sword pointed downward with his hands. He waves one hand and a demon-guard shimmers in front of him. The guard immediately kneels down to the Source.

DEMON GUARD: My liege…

THE SOURCE: Inform my assassin to go after the Charmed Ones again. I will be tending to another important matter.

The demon guard nods his head. Then he stands up and walks away, leaving the red-hooded and cloaked Source disappearing in his usual teleportation.