4.01 Something Wicca This Way Comes…Again



(Leaves are everywhere as it is silent in Halliwell Manor - deathly silent.)


(DR. GRIFFITHS lies hanging out of the window with blood dripping out of his right ear. But he's not the only in a similar position….)


(PRUE and PIPER are still lying on the ground outside of the broken wall. Blood pools behind Prue's head and right ear, while blood leaks from Piper's nose and left hand.

The ANGEL OF DEATH appears, looking down at Prue and Piper.)


(Sparkling white lights leave Prue and move towards the Angel of Death. They quickly disappear, leaving Prue standing in front of him with confusion on her face as she looks at the deathly angel standing before her.)

PRUE: What happened? What are you doing here?

ANGEL OF DEATH: You know why I am here. (holding out his hand) Come.

(Prue shakes her head frantically as she sees her body next to Piper's.)

PRUE: No. I'm not dead.

ANGEL OF DEATH: But you are. Accept it so that you can move on to the afterlife.

(Prue glares at him as she shakes her head.)

PRUE (angered): I don't think so.

(She tries to TK him away, but he doesn't move an inch. He simply sighs in disbelief.)

ANGEL OF DEATH: I thought that you learned last time that you can't fight me. I am inevitable.

PRUE (getting into her fighting stance): Well, I'm not going anywhere with you.

(LEO orbs in, shocked to see the sisters.)

ANGEL OF DEATH: This can't be.

(Leo bends down and places each hand over one of the sisters, using his power to begin healing them.)

PRUE: That's right, Leo; come on.

ANGEL OF DEATH: This is not right. You are not supposed to be healed. You are supposed to come with me.

(Leo sighs in relief as their wounds heal. The Angel of Death quickly reaches towards Prue, but she steps backwards away from him.)

PRUE: In case you haven't notice, it's not my time yet.

(Piper opens her eyes and looks up, confused.)

ANGEL OF DEATH (concerned): I am going to find out what is happening. And after I do, I am coming back for you.

(He disappears. Not a moment later, shining white lights surround Prue and she disappears within them. The lights travel to Prue's body and enter into her.

PIPER (sitting up): What happened?

(Leo stands up even as Prue slowly opens her eyes and lets out a groan as she sits up. Leo reaches down to take their hands and pull them to their feet.)

LEO (anxiously): We've got to get down to the Underworld fast.

PIPER: What? Why?

LEO (near panic): Phoebe! We have to go – now!

(He grabs their hands and he orbs them out.)


(The dust-covered cave is lit up by a dozen or so candles that sit on a small altar as PHOEBE, her face tear-dried, stares at the altar. COLE stands behind her. At the entrance of the cave, THREE DEMONS shimmer in.)

DEMON #1: Okay, witch…your time has come.

PHOEBE (to Cole): Are you sure Prue and Piper are okay?

COLE: Yes.

(A single tear falls down Phoebe's face.)

PHOEBE: I'm ready.

DEMON #1: Good.

(Cole places his hand on her shoulder.}

COLE: Phoebe.

(He quickly grabs and hugs her, and she hugs him back, terrified by what's about to happen.

Cole smirks at the three demons before pulling out an athamae and stabbing Phoebe in the back. She gasps at the sharp pain and lets out a loud cry as Cole pulls the knife out of her. He unemotionally lets her body drop to the ground with her face colliding with the ground, breaking her nose.

Cole delicately takes out a black cloth from inside his robe and wipes the blood off of the athamae.)

COLE: Now…tell the Source that like the traitorous half-demon, the witch…

(Cole transform into KLEA from the Brotherhood.)

KLEA: …is dead.


(We see stock footage of San Francisco in the afternoon as "If You're Going Through Hell" as sung by Rodney Atkins is played and the GUEST CREDITS roll. The footage ends at Halliwell Manor.)


(Just as the three demons step towards Phoebe, LEO orbs in with PRUE and PIPER in tow.)


(Prue TKs one of the demons into another one. The third demon runs towards them just as Piper freezes the demon as Leo rushes towards Phoebe. The first demon stands up and runs towards Prue who TKs him away again.

Leo quickly kneels next to Phoebe's body and places his hands over the bloody hole in her back as he uses his power to try to heal her.

As the second demon runs towards Piper, she explodes the demon.

Just as the first demon stands up, he sees that Leo is still trying to heal Phoebe. He conjures an energy ball and throws it at Leo.

Prue TKs the energy ball back to the demon and he blows up as Piper explodes the final demon in front of her and the frozen demon explodes.

Piper lets out a small sigh of relief before both she and Prue realize that Phoebe isn't waking up and they rush to her and Leo.)

PRUE: Leo, what's the matter? Why aren't you healing her?

LEO: I-I can't heal the dead.

(Prue and Piper gasp in fear and disbelief as Piper drop down to kneel next to her younger sister's body. Prue remains standing, staring in horror.)

PIPER (shaking Phoebe's body): Phoebe!

PRUE (desperately): Come on, Phoebe! Wake up! You have to wake up!

PIPER: Phoebe!

(Tears flow down Piper's cheek as she cradles Phoebe's body and rocks back and forth with her. Prue very simply stands there and stares.

Hearing approaching footsteps, Leo grabs the sisters. As TWO DEMONS enter and spot them, Leo orbs out with Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's body in tow.)

DEMON #2: We've got to tell the Source they've got the body!


(Leo orbs in with Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's body still in tow.

Leo starts towards DR. GRIFFITH's body still hanging out of the window, but Prue grabs his arm.)

PRUE (staring blankly ahead): Don't bother. He's already dead.

LEO: How do you know?

PRUE: I…I just know, okay?

PIPER (sobbing): Prue. We've lost our baby sister.

(Prue shakes her head as tears roll down her face as well. She falls to her knees and grabs Piper, who cries into Prue's shoulder. With her other hand, Prue rubs Phoebe's cheeks as she looks at the baby sister she has just lost.)





(A police camera's flash goes off as the sunroom and dining room are now considered a crime scene. POLICE OFFICERS, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS, PARAMEDICS, and the CORONER are milling around, doing whatever those people do. DR. GRIFFITH's body still lies where it was after Shax's attack, while PHOEBE's body still lies amongst the wreckage caused by Shax, posed to make it appear that, like Dr. Griffith, this is where she died.)


(PRUE and PIPER are sitting on the couch. Piper is leaning on her big sister's shoulder, rocking herself, as a young Latino inspector, Inspector CORTEZ, stands before them, writing in his notepad.)

PRUE: We brought the doctor here because we really wanted him to see my brother-in-law. He feels kind of sick.

CORTEZ: Your brother-in-law…(to Piper) …who is your husband?

PIPER (staring at the sunroom): Yes.

CORTEZ (letting out a long sigh): Did you see what the killer looked like?

PRUE: We didn't see him.

CORTEZ: You didn't?

PRUE: N-No…We weren't here when this happened. We were at the store. We were on our way home from the store and we came home to see…Ph-Phoebe…

CORTEZ (confused): Okay. I find that a little weird.

PRUE: Why?

CORTEZ: You came home from the store, but yet I don't see any groceries anywhere. So…again…did you see the killer?

(Now, both sisters are nervous and he notices this.)

CORTEZ: Is there something you two aren't telling me?

(Inspector DARRYL Morris walks up to Piper's side.)

DARRYL: Cortez…They just lost their sister. I think you should let them grieve before you start questioning them.

CORTEZ: But we need to know who did this so we can stop him from doing it again.

DARRYL: Cortez… Please. I know this family. I can handle it.

(Cortez nods and waves his hands in the air in defeat.)

CORTEZ: All right. But rest assured, we will find the monster who did this.

(He exits.)

PRUE: Piper…Go upstairs and-

PIPER: No…I don't want to leave Phoebe.

(Prue slowly nods just as LEO enters.)

PRUE (to Leo): Stay here. I have to go upstairs.

(Leo nods as Prue stands up and exits. Leo sits down next to Piper and holds her in his arms just as she starts crying again.)


(PRUE enters in and quickly but quietly shuts the door behind her. She crosses to the Book of Shadows (BOS) pedestal, opens the BOS and turns the pages, stopping on the "To Summon a Spirit" spell.)


(Flames blaze from a fire as a woman dressed in a sinuous golden gown, The ORACLE, steps forward to the hooded and devilishly winged SOURCE of all Evil, who holds his sword to the ground. The flames of the fire light up his devilish appearance as the Oracle bends down on her knees and bows down to the evil before her.)

SOURCE: Oracle…

ORACLE (rising): My liege…I have seen something that you will be of great interest to you. It involves the Charmed Ones.

SOURCE: The Charmed Ones are dead.

ORACLE: Not all of them.

SOURCE: One gone ends the threat. Of course, if you had foreseen that a whitelighter was going to save the other two witches, they'd all be gone. (raising his sword to her neck.) Be grateful that I do not end your life right now.

ORACLE: Yes, but then how would you see into the future without me?

SOURCE: Have you forgotten about the Seer?

(She rolls her eyes and looks away in anger.)

ORACLE: I have not.

SOURCE: Besides, without the Charmed Ones to worry about anymore, I may not need to see into the future.

ORACLE: Mmm. Well, my liege…you may want to keep me around a little while longer.

SOURCE (lowering his sword back to the ground): Have you foreseen something?

ORACLE: Yes… Even though your assassin succeeded in killing the doctor, the woman who I foresaw, the woman who can change everything…she still survives.

SOURCE: Send my assassin after her. And this time, make sure you foresee anything or anyone that can save her or stop it.

(The Oracle nods as she bows to the Source and then disappears in a golden ball of light.)



(A TV shows ELANA Dominguez standing in front of Halliwell Manor as the headline "Murders in Quiet Neighborhood" scrolls across the screen.)

ELANA: We have yet to receive any more info on who may be a suspect in the murders of Phoebe Halliwell and Dr. David Griffiths, but we will keep you informed as soon as we are given any new information.

(The TV turns off as PAIGE Matthews, holding the remote as she frowns at her boss, Mr. COWAN, who is sitting at his desk.)

PAIGE: I can't believe it. I knew both of them, Mr. Cowan. Dr. Griffith was one of our clients and I knew Phoebe in college. They didn't deserve for that to happen to them.

COWAN: I know…it's very sad.

PAIGE: Well, I think after work, I should maybe go check on Phoebe's family. Let them know they have my deepest sympathies and that she was a great friend. I mean, I am trying to be a social worker.

COWAN: Well, I may start considering giving you that promotion sooner than I originally planned.

(Paige gives him a small smile of gratitude.)

COWAN: So, are you close to her family?

PAIGE (shaking her head): No, after she graduated, it's like she was never able to hang out. I'd try calling, but she was always busy doing something else.

COWAN: Well, then, I think that maybe it's better if you just let her family grieve on their own. Maybe in a few days you could go by and check on them.

(Paige lets out a deep sigh before nodding.)

PAIGE: And what about Dr. Griffiths' family? I mean, I just finished typing up the notes from his last session. You know how he has been trying to get his son and daughter back whatever way he could. And now… (frowning) they'll never get to see him again.

Mr. COWAN (sighing): Listen, Paige. I know that this is terrible for you right now. You should take the rest of the day off. Go home and get some rest.

PAIGE: Thanks, Mr. Cowan. I think I will.



(PRUE stands at the BOS, a circle of lit candles on the floor in front of her.)

PRUE: Phoebe! Please come down here, Phoebe! I want to talk to you…No. I need to talk to you. Please…

(She takes a deep breath and lets it out in a long sigh.)

PRUE (chanting): Hear these words, here my cries, spirit from the other side, come to me I summon thee…cross now the great divide.

(Slowly, sparkling white lights appear in the circle of lit candles, but rather than Phoebe's lively face, GRAMS appears.)

PRUE (rolling her eyes): Grams. I called for Phoebe.

GRAMS: I know, sweetie…but right now, only I can come to you.

PRUE: Why? Where's Phoebe?

GRAMS: Right now she is with your mother.

PRUE (nodding): How is she?

GRAMS: Your mother and I are helping her through this.

PRUE: Yes, but how is she?

GRAMS (shaking her head): I'm not allowed to tell you, just like you're not allowed to see her…for right now anyways.

(Prue steps back in disbelief and rolls her eyes angrily.)

PRUE: Are you kidding me? Our sister is dead and we can't even see her spirit?

PIPER (o.s.): What?

(PIPER enters the room, disbelief written all over her face.)

GRAMS: Piper, honey-

PIPER: Why can't we see her? Why can't we see Phoebe?

GRAMS: Well…because seeing Phoebe right now keeps her alive to you and that…keeps you from moving on and continuing your destiny.

(Prue rolls her eyes again.)

PRUE: What are you talking about, Grams? It's over; it's done. Phoebe's gone and-

GRAMS: You may not understand it at this moment…but you will, my darlings. Just remember…there is always a reason for everything.

(Grams disappears the way she came. Prue quickly starts flipping through the pages of the BOS again.)

PIPER (confused): What are you doing?

PRUE: Looking for a spell to bring Phoebe back to us. Maybe a different spell will bring her back instead.

(She looks up and TKs a dresser so it's in front of the door.)

PIPER: Now what was that for?

PRUE: In case someone tries to barge in. We don't want to have to worry about exposure…again.

(Piper nods just as Prue stops on the page for "To Call a Lost Witch".)


(PAIGE exits the building, her blue-jean purse over her shoulder. She crosses to her green VW and opens the driver's door. She gets in and puts her purse on the passenger seat. She buckles herself and starts her car.)


(PRUE and PIPER sit at the small table. On it is a lit candle, the BOS opened to the "To Call a Lost Witch" spell, an athame, and a bowl filled with the ingredients needed for the spell they are about to cast.)

PRUE: Okay…you ready?

PIPER: I guess so, Prue.

PRUE: Then let's do it.

PRUE/PIPER (chanting): Power of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies, come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here.

(Piper picks up the athame and hands it to Prue.)

PIPER: You know how much I hate this part. You do it.


(Paige reverses her car out of her parking spot. She switches gears and drives towards the exit. Just as she nears it, she turns on her right-turn blinker.)


(Blood drips from Prue's finger as she holds it above the bowl.)

PRUE (chanting): Blood to blood, I summon thee…

(She squeezes her finger and more blood drips into the bowl.)

PRUE: Blood to blood, return to me.

(A wind picks up and the two sisters turn around to notice the flames of the candles moving. After a few beats, the wind dies, the flames return to normal, and Piper shakes her head.)

PIPER: For a second there…I thought it would work.


(Paige has reached the exit, but has to stop when a truck with the name "Halliwell's Moving Company" painted on the side drives down the street in front of her. She slowly nods even as she switches off her right blinker and turns on her left blinker instead. She makes a left turn, driving down the street.)


(Piper stands and crosses towards the door when there's a loud crashing sound. She spins around to see the small table flipped over with the BOS, bowl, knife, and all of the ingredients scattered across the floor. Prue waves her hand and the trunk sitting on the other side of the attic opens.

Prue TKS the BOS so it rises and then moves the BOS into the trunk, before slamming the trunk closed.

Piper hurries over to Prue and hugs her as Prue hugs her back. As they release each other, Prue wipes a tear coming down Piper's face.)

PRUE: I'm done.

PIPER: What?

PRUE: You were always right about these powers, Piper…Phoebe was wrong.

PIPER: What do you mean?

PRUE (bitterly): They're not a blessing…they're a curse.

(Piper nods, just before Prue TKs the dresser away from in front of the door and back to its original position.)

PIPER: Prue…

PRUE (bitterly, determined): We can't do this anymore, Piper. I won't risk losing you, too.

(She and Piper exit. The door closes and we hear a click as Prue locks it, determined to never go into the attic again.)





(Only LEO and DARRYL are still downstairs, standing near the spot where Prue and Piper once laid and where Phoebe's body lay before the coroner took it away for an autopsy.)

DARRYL: Good thinking putting Phoebe's… (not wanting to say the word "body")…well, you know…down in this spot. You really made it look like she died here.

LEO: Well, if I hadn't gotten here in time, it would've been worse.

PRUE (o.s.): What do you mean?

(Leo and Darryl turn around to see PRUE walking towards them.)

LEO: Where's Piper?

PRUE: She went to lie down.

DARRYL: Listen Prue…Phoebe was… (not finding the right thing to say.) She's…Sheila and I are just so sorry.

(Prue nods just before they hear the sound of a door opening. Even as they turn to walk towards the sound, they hear the sound of a door closing. VICTOR rushes in, worry, fear, concern, and pain evident on his face.)


(He rushes to her and hugs her as she hugs him back.)

VICTOR: Oh, dear God, Prue. I can't believe this.

PRUE: Dad…

VICTOR: It's okay. I'm here now.

LEO: Victor…

VICTOR: Leo, what the hell happened?


VICTOR: Tell me why my baby girl is gone!

PRUE (slowly stepping away from Victor and closer to Leo): He tried, Dad. He couldn't do anything. We were too late.

VICTOR: But isn't that what whitelighters are for? They're supposed to heal people!

LEO: I can't heal the dead! I wish I could. But I can't. Not since I healed Piper when her death wasn't caused by magic.

VICTOR: Is Piper upstairs?

PRUE: Yeah. She's in her room getting some rest.

VICTOR: I'll go check on her.

(Victor exits.)

DARRYL (concerned): You okay, man?

LEO: I wish. There's just a lot is going on and Victor's right. I should've gotten to Phoebe before she died.

PRUE: No, Leo, don't blame yourself. He's just angry and doesn't understand why this happened. And he's not alone in that.

(Before Leo can respond, the doorbell rings again. Prue sighs and crosses towards the foyer.)


(Prue opens the door and to see PAIGE.)


PRUE (confused): Hi.

PAIGE: I'm know that this is a very bad time and it's only been a few hours, but…I just wanted to give you my deepest sympathies.

PRUE (nodding): Thanks.

PAIGE: You're welcome.

(There's an awkward silence as Paige tries to figure out what else to say while Prue studies the young woman in front of her.)

PRUE: Have we met before?

PAIGE: No…I mean, I don't think so. I've seen you before at your sister's club…Piper, isn't it?

PRUE: Yeah. Did you know Phoebe?

(Paige nods and slightly smiles.)

PAIGE: Yeah. We were friends. She and I were in the same psychology class.

PRUE (smiling wistfully): Phoebe loved psychology…she had a passion for it.

PAIGE: Yeah, she definitely did. She was always trying to get the best grade in class.

PRUE (confused): Really?

PAIGE: Yeah, she was so competitive and the class brain. I always wanted to be as smart as her.

PRUE (shocked): My sister Phoebe? Class brain? Wow…I never knew that.

(Paige tilts her head, totally confused.)

PRUE: What I meant to say was I didn't know Phoebe was super-smart in much of anything. I mean I knew that she loved it, but not that she was the class brain.

PAIGE: Yeah, but she was so friendly and always tried to help anyone who needed it. Everyone loved her.

(Prue nods just before she closes her eyes.)

PRUE: Whoa.

PAIGE: Are you okay?

PRUE: Uh…(opening her eyes) Honestly. I don't know.

(Suddenly the wind quickly picks up and Prue and Paige turn to see a mini-tornado flying into them, carrying them through the manor and into the dining room table, both young women falling to the floor. LEO and DARRYL walk out, trying to find out what is happening, covering their faces from the leaves blowing around them and the strong winds.

The mini-tornado dies down and disappear leaving SHAX stalking towards them. Darryl quickly pulls out his gun and shoots Shax, but they don't affect him at all. Both Paige and Prue stand up, Prue shoving Paige behind her, even as Shax turns to Darryl and Leo. Just as he pulls back his arm to launch an attack on them, an explosion bounces him back, but only a few feet away. We see PIPER on the stairs, hands extended.

Shax turns back to Prue and Paige, sending a blast at them which Prue instinctively TKs back at him.)

PRUE (shouting): Paige! Run!

(Paige runs out the door as Prue faces Shax.)

PRUE: Piper! Try again!

(But before Piper can do anything, Shax turns back into a mini tornado and flies out of the manor, slamming the door behind him.

Everyone looks at each other, confused for a moment before it hits Prue.)

PIPER: Why did he attack us and then just leave?

PRUE: Because he's not after us! He's after her!

(She runs out the door.)

PIPER: Prue!

(Piper rushes after her sister, followed by Leo and Darryl.)


(PAIGE runs down the alley, before she slows down, finally stops, needing to take a breather. But just as she leans against the concrete wall, the wind begins to pick up again causing her to take off running again. However, the winds pick up even quicker and the mini-tornado appears before her, freezing her in her tracks in terror. She steps backwards, covering her face as leaves blow everywhere as the mini-tornado dies down, leaving SHAX smirking evilly at her.)

PRUE (o.s): No!

(PRUE, PIPER, LEO and DARRYL come running around the corner. Shax pulls back his arm as Prue pulls back hers, but Leo grabs it.)

LEO: No! You're outside!

(Shax throws one of his blasts at Paige, and she cowers in her arms. But just as the blast is about to reach her, the blast freezes in mid-air. Paige uncovers her face, shocked to realize that she is not hurt. She moves just as the blast unfreezes but Prue TKs it right back at Shax, but he only steps backwards a few steps.)

PRUE: Piper, freeze him!

(Piper extends her wrists and Shax freezes in place once again, but immediately he slowly starts moving again.)

PIPER: Oh, no! It's not going to hold!

(Shax throws another blast of air at Paige.)




PRUE (as she TKs the blast back at Shax): Freeze him again, Piper, then everybody run!

(Piper freezes both Shax and the blast. Everyone, including Paige, turns and runs away from Shax just as both he and the blast unfreeze again. The blast only pushes him back few steps but allows the others to flee. In anger, he transforms back into the mini-tornado and disappears.)


(PRUE leads PAIGE into the room, followed by LEO and DARRYL. She sits their innocent on the couch.

PRUE: Are you okay?

PAIGE: No. I am not okay. Some scary-looking creature just tried to attack me. I'm definitely not okay.

(As she talks, PIPER enters, holding a glass of water, which she now hands to Paige.)

PIPER: Okay, easy…It's okay. We'll protect you.

PRUE: Piper-

PIPER: Prue, she's an innocent. We can't just ignore an innocent…Look I know that right now we would both rather be grieving but we can't right now. We have to save her.

(Prue looks away from her sister as she thinks about it.)

PIPER: What would Phoebe think if we didn't try to save an innocent?

(Prue slowly looks back at Piper, sighing deeply as she realizes that Piper has a point.)

PRUE (nodding): Okay… (turning to Paige) You have to stay here.

PAIGE (in shock): What?! Are you kidding me?! I can't stay here!

(She jumps up, but Leo steps in front of her, stopping her.)

LEO: That thing that's after you is a demon, and these girls can protect you from it.

PAIGE: Demon? There's no such thing as demons.

PRUE: Um, you saw it with your own eyes and you saw what he could do. No matter if you believe in demons or not, can't you tell that you need to be protected?

(Piper crosses to them, trying to find a way to calm them both down.)

PIPER (to Paige): Look, can you let us save you, please? We only recently lost our baby sister, so losing someone else would be really, really tough on us. Just stay here and stay safe until we figure a way to get rid of him. And after that, if you still want to, you can leave and pretend none of this happened. But please…let us save you.

(Paige looks at Piper for a moment before slowly nodding and Piper sighs in relief.)

PIPER Alright…

PRUE: I'm going to go check the Book about Shax.

PAIGE: Book? What Book?

PIPER: Our Book of spells. It's part of heritage.

PAIGE: May I see it?

PRUE: Sure.

PIPER: Before you go, either of you want anything to eat?

PRUE (exiting): I'm not hungry.

PAIGE (following Prue): I already ate.

PIPER: Okay, I guess we worry about bonding over food later.

(Leo crosses to her as she sighs.)

LEO: You okay?

PIPER: I am not even remotely okay, Leo. (Tears begin to form in her eyes.) I just lost my baby sister! And we haven't even gotten a day to mourn her before evil found its way back here.

(Leo pulls her into a hug and she cries on his shoulder while Leo and Darryl exchange concerned looks before she steps back, trying to pull herself together.)

PIPER: Okay…can you go check with the Elders about this? I mean, I know she's an innocent, but there's only so much protecting we can do now that we don't have…don't have the Power of Three.

LEO (nodding): Okay. I'll be back as quick as I can.

(He orbs out as Darryl crosses to Piper.)

DARRYL: I think I better get back to the station. Make sure that Inspector Cortez doesn't look too much into your case.

Piper: Case…Phoebe a case? (starts crying again)

(Darryl hugs her.)

DARRYL: I'm so sorry, Piper. (stepping back) I'll check on you and Prue later. Stay safe.


(KLEA falls to her knees as THE SOURCE of All Evil, holding his sword, flames in.)

SOURCE: Speak…

KLEA (standing up): The magical force you wanted me to sense?


KLEA I can sense the return…of the Power of Three.

(The Source holds out his hand and a golden ball appears next to the demon. As it dissipates, it leaves behind the ORACLE who immediately falls to her knees, bowing, while Klea glares at her.)

ORACLE: My liege…?

SOURCE: Has my assassin killed the woman yet?

ORACLE: No. He tried to, but the other two Charmed Ones are relentless.

KLEA: Other two Charmed Ones? So I sensed correctly that the Power of Three has been reconstituted.

SOURCE: Not yet. I have sent my assassin after the one who can reconstitute the Charmed Ones.

ORACLE: And your assassin will not fail, my liege. I have not foreseen his vanquish.

SOURCE: No…but I believe I will temporarily change my plans. I shall have someone else be sent after the girl, someone she would least expect.

(The Oracle bows down to her knees again, before disappearing in a golden ball of light.

THE SOURCE (looking at Klea): Keep sensing. I may need you later.

(Klea bows down on her knees and shimmers out from that position.)


It's starting to rain.


Prue walks in with Paige following behind her. Just as Prue makes her way towards the trunk containing the BOS, she spots the Angel of Death's wisp in the corner of the attic.

She eyes it with fury before realizing Paige is in here.

PRUE: Uh, Paige. Go back downstairs.


PRUE: There's something I have to do.

PAIGE: Well, okay.

The woman quickly turns around and walks back out of the attic as Prue turns back towards the wisp with fury once again in her eyes.


(PAIGE comes down the stairs just as PIPER enters, carrying a tray of tea and soup.)

PIPER: I was going to bring this upstairs to you.

PAIGE: I told you. I'm not hungry.

PIPER: You said you ate earlier and earlier from earlier meant that you ate this morning. So eat up.

(Paige stares at her for a few moments and then slowly nods.)

PAIGE: Thanks.

(Piper smiles and leads her towards the living room.)




Prue paces around the room in frustration as the Angel of Death watches her in annoyance.

ANGEL OF DEATH: What is it that you aren't comprehending?

PRUE: The fact that you think I was supposed to die!

ANGEL OF DEATH: Oh please, Prue. Don't lie to yourself. You know it was your time.

PRUE: Fine, maybe it was! But it doesn't matter anymore. Leo saved me.

ANGEL OF DEATH: But look at the cost…You lost your sister.

Prue shakes her head, refusing to believe what she is being told.

PRUE: You think it was my fault that Phoebe died?

ANGEL OF DEATH: Maybe, yes. If you had accepted that it was your time and came with me before Leo healed you, maybe your sister would still be alive. On the other hand, something else…delayed me from coming to get you sooner then.

PRUE: What is it?

ANGEL OF DEATH: I sensed that there is another magical force at play. I tried to think of what it could be. I thought it wasn't anything too serious and then I came to take you away. But when I realized that you didn't die and Phoebe did, I realized that the magical force had to be responsible. The force…It's unique but familiar. However, I don't know what it is.

PRUE: How powerful is it?

ANGEL OF DEATH: More powerful than me.

PRUE: Does anyone else know about this?

ANGEL OF DEATH: No. I have chosen not to alert anyone until we know for certain what or who we are dealing with.

PRUE: What about me? Am I still supposed to die?

ANGEL OF DEATH: Well, death is the natural order of the universe. Though, time will tell.

He disappears in his wisp, leaving Prue staring away with a look of fear.


(PIPER is watching PAIGE who is sitting on the couch, the tray and the soup on the coffee table in front of her.)

PAIGE: Wow… (between chews) this is amazing.

PIPER: Thanks.

PAIGE: I've never tasted soup this good.

PIPER: I made it this morning…just to do something to get my mind off So all I had to do is nuke it for you.

PAIGE (setting her spoon down, sympathetically): I don't think we formerly met. (extendng her hand to Piper.) I'm Paige Matthews. Also, I'm an assistant social worker.

PIPER (shaking her hand): I'm Piper Halliwell. I own P3.

PAIGE: I know, I've been to your club. It's pretty great.

PIPER: Thanks.

PAIGE: You're welcome…(reaching into her pocket and pulling out a card, handing it towards Piper) and with me currently working to become a full social worker, if there's anything you need, you can just give me a call.

PIPER (taking the card): Thanks. (glancing at the card) I just might do that.


(It's dark and rain is now pouring down.)


(DARRYL sits at his desk staring down at his coffee. Suddenly, the coffee shakes and Darryl looks up to see Inspector CORTEZ leaning against his desk, a smirk on his face.)

CORTEZ: Someone sure is thinking hard about something…or someone. Your wife?

DARRYL (shaking his head): No. I can't stop thinking about…Phoebe Halliwell.

CORTEZ: I know you were close to her and her family, Morris. It's sad what happened to the woman and the doctor. It's fortunate that the other three weren't attacked as well.

DARRYL (looking up in confusion): Other three? There are only two sisters left.

CORTEZ: Right. I was talking about the brother-in-law.

DARRYL (slowly nodding his head): Oh, right.

CORTEZ: I've got some things to do before the end of shift.

DARRYL: Okay. Well, see ya, Cortez.

CORTEZ: See ya, Morris.


(It's now pitch-black, rain pouring down, the wind blowing the bushes against the windows.)


(PAIGE is finishing her soup and tea while PIPER watches. LEO orbs in, Paige shocked by his entrance.)

PIPER: So? What did the Elders say?

LEO: Well, they don't know anything about her and they don't know why the Source would send Shax after her. For now, they want you to protect her as best you can.

PIPER (frustrated): Is that seriously all "they" had to say?

PRUE (entering): Leo…there's something you're not telling us. What is it?

LEO: Well, I found out something else.


LEO: So…there is a rumor going around "Up There" and in the Underworld that the Charmed Ones can be reconstituted.

PRUE: Leo, that's impossible.

LEO: And…I'm not finished. It's being said that Paige…can become a Charmed One. (looking at Paige) And that's why the Source sent Shax after you.

PAIGE: The Source? The Source of what?

PRUE (sighing): …of All Evil.

PAIGE (shaking her head): No. I can't deal with this. I just can't!

(She turns around and starts hurrying away.)

PIPER: Paige!

PRUE: Paige, wait! Piper, freeze her!

(Piper flicks her hands, but Paige just stops and turns around to look at them, frustrated. Prue, Piper, and Leo just stare at her in shock.)

PIPER: She…s-she didn't freeze. That means she's a…

LEO: Good witch.

(Paige shakes her head as she rolls her eyes.)

PAIGE: I am not a witch! I am just a normal person with a normal life!

LEO: But you are a witch, Paige; you have to be! The only ones Piper can't freeze are good witches.

PAIGE (being stubborn): Maybe there's another reason why she isn't able to freeze me.

PIPER: Prue…remember what Grams said earlier? She said we're supposed to continue our destiny.

LEO: Grams? You talked to Grams?

PRUE (catching on to what Piper is thinking): You think Grams-

PIPER: She had to.

PAIGE: What are you talking about?

PRUE: Our grandmother…I tried to summon Phoebe to me, but she came instead and she told us that we couldn't see Phoebe-

PIPER: Because it would keep us from continuing our destiny.

LEO: Then the rumor must be right. She is your sister.

PRUE: I don't believe this.

PAIGE (in shock.): I...I-I have s-sisters.

(We hear the Elders jingle as Leo looks up.)

PIPER: They're calling you? Right now?

LEO (nodding): I have to answer them, Piper. They may know something about this.

PRUE: You're right. Go.

(Leo orbs out, leaving Paige once again mesmerized. Prue glares at Paige as she rolls her eyes at her.)

PAIGE: Do you have something to say?

PRUE: Other than you can't be our sister, no. Not really.

PIPER: You guys…

PAIGE (to Prue): What makes you think I want to be your sister?!

(Lightning crackles, followed by thundering and all the lights go out.)

PRUE (throwing her hands in the air.): Great!

PIPER: Prue…calm down.

(Prue lets out a long sigh before nodding and shoving her hair behind her ears.)

PRUE: Okay…I'm…I'm sorry, Paige. I'm just a little-

PAIGE: I know…I'm sorry too. I know it's been a very rough day, more so for you two. But can I go now?

PIPER: No…no we can't let you go out there in that weather.

PAIGE: So what? I'm going to have to spend the night here?

PIPER: No, just until the weather calms down.

PRUE: Actually, it's supposed to rain all night so…you can sleep in my bed.

PIPER: Where will you sleep, Prue?

PRUE: I will sleep down here. But right now, I need to go check the circuit breaker. Piper, come with me. I need someone to hold the flashlight for me.

PIPER: Just use your power, Prue.

PRUE: Piper…I told you I don't want to use my powers anymore…please…

(As she turns around and starts to exit, Piper lets out a sigh.)

PIPER (to Paige): Stay here, okay?

(As Piper exits, Paige looks around in wonder. Just seconds after the two leave, we hear the shaking of the front door's knob. Frightened, Paige quickly hides behind the couch. We hear the front door open and the sound of shoes hitting the floor. Paige almost gasps, but she covers her mouth with her hands.

She peeks around the couch and looks up to see Inspector CORTEZ smirking as he looks around, heading towards the SUNROOM. As soon as he out of her view, Paige sneaks around the couch and stands up only to scream as Cortez steps right in front of her. He grabs her by the neck and she gasps for breath.)

CORTEZ: You pathetic witch… (chuckling) you've made this too easy for me.

(Paige manages to touch the lamp on the end table next to her.)

Paige: I'm not… (trying to catch her breath)…a witch.

CORTEZ: I mean, I am so glad that the Source assigned me the task of killing you. Wouldn't want you stopping his plan, now would we?

(Paige grabs the lamp and whacks Cortez's head, so he releases his grip on her throat. She hurries towards the SUNROOM while holding her throat just as the lights come back on.

PAIGE (screaming): P-Prue! Piper!


(PRUE, closing the circuit box, and PIPER, holding a flashlight, both scream.)

PIPER: Paige!

(They take off running.)


(Paige runs into the dining room but Cortez shimmers in front of her and throws her to the floor. He forms an energy ball, but Paige quickly kicks him between his legs, and he bends down in pain, his energy ball dissipating. He grabs in between his legs and groans in pain as Paige stands up.

PRUE and PIPER run in and Prue quickly TKs Cortez into a cabinet. Prue reaches down and pulls Paige to her feet.)

PRUE: You okay?

PAIGE: He was choking me, but y-yeah. I think I'm okay.

PIPER: Inspector Cortez?!

(Cortez quickly stands up, forming an energy ball. Piper quickly freezes him.)

PIPER: Okay! We're good; we're good!

(Just like Shax, he almost immediately begins to move.)

PIPER: Okay! We're not good, we're not good!

(Prue stands in front of Piper and Paige to shield them.)

PRUE: Piper. Paige. Upstairs! Now!

(Piper grabs Paige's hand and they run out of the room and we hear them running up the stairs as Prue watches Cortez finish unfreezing.)

CORTEZ: You know the Source only ordered me to kill the new witch. But I guess I can kill you and your other sister too, bitch.

(Prue quickly TKs him into the grandfather clock and he falls to the floor, struggling to stand up. Prue quickly hurries up the stairs.)


(PIPER and PAIGE are just rushing in.)

PAIGE: What do we do?

(Piper points at the trunk across the room.)

PIPER: Open that trunk and grab the Book out of it! Hurry!

(Paige does as she is told as Piper looks through some drawers and pulls out a pouch of herbs. She hurries over to the pedestal.

Paige pulls the Book of Shadows out of the trunk. She holds it in one arm while stroking the triquetra on the cover with the other in amazement.)

PIPER: Paige! Bring it over here.

(Paige snaps back and hurries over to the pedestal, handing the BOS to Piper.

PAIGE: What is this?

PIPER: Phoebe would call it our heritage. Among other things, it tells us how to vanquish nasty demons. So let's find Cortez in it.

(Piper lays the BOS on the pedestal, opens it and starts flipping pages while Paige just stares.

PRUE rushes into the attic.)

PRUE: Okay! I fended him off, but he must be strong. I threw him into the grandfather clock, but I don't think that's gonna keep him down for long. Is there a spell in there for him?

(Piper quickens her pace screaming when she reaches the end of the BOS.)

PIPER: He's not in the Book!

PRUE: What?!

PAIGE: Omigod! What are we gonna do?

(Prue looks around and spots the Spirit Board, lying on an end table.

PRUE: Of course! The Power of Three Spell!

PIPER: Of course!

PAIGE: What's that?

PIPER: If Leo's right, then the spell should work with the three of us!

(Suddenly, the door explodes as an energy ball dies out from hitting it. Pieces of the attic door fly everywhere.

PRUE (to Paige): Trust us!

(Paige nods just CORTEZ enters into the attic, smirking. Prue grabs Piper's and Paige's hand. The chandelier on the ceiling of the attic shakes above them. A familiar blue light emits from the chandelier and illuminates the young women.


(He quickly forms an energy ball and throws it, but Prue TKs it back at him. He ducks as the energy ball hits flies out the destroyed door.)

PRUE (to Paige): Just repeat after us!

PRUE/PIPER: The Power of Three will set us free!

PRUE/PIPER/PAIGE: The Power of Three will set us free!

CORTEZ (to Paige): You think I'm the only one out there who's going to come for you?! There are more evil beings out there worse than me!

PRUE/PIPER/PAIGE: The Power of Three will set us free!

CORTEZ (to Paige): You will not last long, witch! The Source will avenge me! He will make sure you are all dead!

PRUE/PIPER/PAIGE: The Power of Three will set us free!

CORTEZ: You will all die!

(He blows up in a fiery vanquish, leaving behind nothing. Paige turns her head away from the sight.

PRUE: The Power of Three…

PIPER (sighing in relief): It worked.

(Slowly but surely, Paige turns back to the spot where Inspector Cortez once was. She takes in a deep breath and then lets it out.)

PRUE: You know what that means, don't you?

PAIGE: Yeah, I'm a witch.

PIPER: And you're our sister.

PAIGE: Who was that man?

PIPER: Apparently a demon pretending to be an inspector.

PRUE: Boy, wait until we explain this to Darryl.

(Paige walks away from Prue and Piper.)

PIPER: Paige? Are you okay?

PAIGE: No! I'm not okay! You've turned me into a witch!

(She turns around and runs out of the attic as Piper attempts to stop her, but Prue reaches out and grabs Piper.)

PRUE: No, Piper…she needs time.

PIPER (letting out a stressed-out sigh): Yeah, well so do we. We still have to bury our baby sister.

(Prue nods and then shudders when that dark blue and black wisp crosses the room. She reaches out to hold Piper.)