Now that Cole has the power of the hollow, he realizes that he can’t attack the sisters as witches, but women. Meanwhile, Prue and Paige debate about whether Cole is truly evil or not. While Paige makes a potion, the sisters switch bodies and have to find a way to switch back. However, a demon steals Paige’s soul and now Prue and Piper must get it back. Will Prue and Piper save Paige? What will Cole decide to do?


Cole Turner/Belthazor/Hollow


Prue: Cole IS evil, Paige. I knew that before anyone else did.

Piper: Okay, we have a soul-less body and a switched soul. How wonderful this is!

Paige: I don't think Cole is truly evil, Prue. I mean, from what you and Piper have told me, he saved your lives.

Leo: Piper, we will get Paige back.

Cole: I've realized something, Seer. I can't attack the sisters as witches...but as women.