INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- ATTIC- MORNING. PRUE HALLIWELL draws a line through the word THE KEVMAY with her pen on a notepad and sets both on a small table as PIPER HALLIWELL is looking through the Book of Shadows.

Piper: You know, I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Prue: You’re looking for any demon who may be in cahoots with the Source.

Piper: Well, Prue…we won’t be able to find that out just be looking in the page of the Book.

Prue: Why not? Shax’s page did.

Piper: Yeah, but every demon that has ever worked with the Source isn’t going to be listed in the Book.

Prue: Piper…

Piper: Prue…Look, I want to go after the Source just as much as you do, okay? But we have to think smart.

Prue: I am thinking smart. Eliminate demons who have ever worked for the Source and then the Source won’t have any allies.

Piper: This is the Source we’re talking about.

Paige: Knock-knock.

Prue and Piper turn to see PAIGE MATTHEWS walk into the attic with her blue purse to her side. They smile at her as she smiles back.

Piper: Hi.

Prue: Hey.

Paige: Hi. Uh, I’m coming by for my appointment.

Her sisters look at each other in confusion being looking back at her with confusion.

Piper: What?

Paige: Oh…you forgot.

Prue: Forgot? Forgot what?

Paige: You two are supposed to be training me to fight demons today.

Prue: Oh!

Piper: Oh god! Paige, we’re so sorry.

Paige: It’s okay.

Piper (snarkily): We were just busy chasing after demons.

Prue: Demons that could have connections with the Source.

Paige: Wait, what’s going on?

Piper: Prue seems to think that we should hunt any demon who could have worked for the Source.

Paige: But I thought that’s what we do.

Piper: No, we save the innocent, not chase after demons unless they pose a threat to us.

Prue: I’m sorry, okay. I just want to make sure the Source won’t send any more demons after us.

Paige: He’s going to send demons after us anyways, right?

Piper: Yeah, but we shouldn’t give him any more reason to.

Prue: Okay. Look, I promise I’ll stop chasing demons…

Piper: Thank you.

Prue: …after I get this last demon.

Piper throws her hands in the air and a box behind her blows up, scaring the three.

Prue: Okay…Piper, put your hands down. Remember, you still don’t have that much control over your new power.

Piper (smirking): I’ll try.

Piper walks towards the door and out of the attic as Prue walks towards the Book of Shadows. Paige stands around in the middle of the attic with confusion.

Paige: So…am I getting trained today?

EXT- SAN FRANCISCO- ALLEY- MORNING. A man runs down an alley. He keeps looking behind him as he runs. He reaches a door and begins banging on it with his fists.

Man: Help! Help!

Female Voice: Aww…you’re running.

The man slowly turns around in fear and steps back as he sees three women, with tattoos and talons staring at him with evil smirks. The woman standing in the middle of the other two decides to speak.

Female #1: Girls…let’s feast.

The women all start running towards the man with their hands out as he yells.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- LIVING ROOM- NOON. Paige sits on the sofa as Piper is pacing back and forth.

Piper: I think we really…really need to talk to her.

Paige: About what?

Piper: About what?! About the fact that we can’t chase after just any demon.

Paige: Okay…I’m all for not chasing demons, but aren’t you supposed to be training me?

Piper lets out a sigh as she sits down next to Paige.

Piper: You’re right. And we should be training you right now. But instead, we are chasing after every demon in the Book of Shadows. I mean, why is she doing this? Why is she acting this way?

Paige: I mean, it sounds like she’s angry.

Piper: Angry at who?

Paige: The Source.

Piper: Well, she’s not the only one.

Paige gives Piper a sad look.

Paige: Look, we haven’t been sisters for very long, but I know that instead of helping her chase demons, we should be trying to talk to her.

Prue walks down the stairs with her black jacket and white shirt with blue jeans and black boots on.

Prue: Talk to who?

Piper and Paige both look up at her and quickly stand up.

Piper: Uh…you. We…need to talk to you.

Prue: Okay. Well, let’s talk while we’re in the car and on our way to vanquishing the Furies.

Paige: The furies? The mythological ones?

Prue: Yeah, they’re sort of like the mythological ones. Darryl called me and told me that a man was killed in an alley an hour ago.

Piper: So…what makes you think it was the furies?

Prue: They left marks on his skin and I looked up for demons that do that and I found the furies.

Paige: So…what do we do?

Prue: Well, first thing’s first…we need to go to this alley that I scryed for evil at.

Piper: You scryed for evil?

Prue: Yeah and I think the furies might be there because it’s only a few blocks from the crime scene.

Piper: Prue, do you really think we should do this?

Prue: Piper, those women are killing and it’s our job to protect the innocent.

Piper: I know, but…

Prue already starts walking away, leaving Piper and Paige watching her.

Paige: We’ll get through to her.

Piper: Hopefully.

EXT- SAN FRANCISCO- ALLEY- AFTERNOON. Prue, Piper, and Paige are walking down the alley slowly.

Prue: Okay…are you two ready?

Piper: You know Prue, I don’t think this is a really good idea.

Prue: Okay. I'll see you at home.

Piper turns to Paige in distress.

Paige: Okay. I don’t think I want to be trained this quickly. Maybe we should back in the car, Prue.

Prue: Fine. You two get in the car. I’ll handle the furies.

Piper: We’re not even sure it’s them.

Paige stops walking as she sniffs her nose.

Paige: Wait. Does anyone else smell smoke?

They all stop walking as they look at a large wooden door.

Prue: It must be in there.

She points at the door. There is smoke rising out from under it.

Man (from inside): What is that? What is it? Stop! Stop!

Prue begins walking towards the door.

Man: Who is th- What are you?

Prue: Okay, on three Piper. I want you to blow it up.

Piper: What? I still can’t control my powers.

Prue pulls Piper and Paige behind a dumpster.

Prue: You can do this, okay? Just focus on saving the innocent.

Piper: Okay…

Prue: Alright. One…two…three.

Piper extends her wrists and the smoke under the door freezes.

Paige: Uh…Piper---

Piper: Yeah, yeah. I know.

She wiggles her arms to relax herself. She breathes and quickly flicks her wrists, causing the door to blow up and sending pieces of it everywhere.

Prue: Good job.

A man runs outside, knocking Piper into Prue and Paige. Three furies follow. Prue and Paige steady Piper and Prue looks at a trash can next to the furies.

She throws her hand around and the trash can slams into the three furies as they step back in shock.

The furies turn around and look at the three witches in anger.

Fury #1: You dare provoke us, witches.

Paige: Uh-oh.

Piper extends her wrists, but the furies don’t freeze.

Piper: They're-they're-th-th-they're immune to my freezing.

Prue: Okay! They’re not immune to mine though.

She throws her hand around and two furies fly into a wall, leaving the other fury running towards them.

The fury attacks Prue who dodges her hit. The other two furies begin to stand up and eye Piper and Paige.

Piper: Oh god!

Paige: Piper, can’t you blow them up?!

Piper flicks her wrists and one of the furies blows up, leaving no trace.

Paige ducks as the third fury swings at them. Piper picks up a trash can lid and the fury puts a hole in it.

Prue punches the first fury in the face who kicks her in the stomach. The fury punches Prue in the face and flips her onto the ground.

The second fury knocks down Piper and leans over her as Paige looks at them in terror.

Paige: Get off of them!

The first fury blows smoke into Prue while the second fury blows smoke into Piper. Paige runs over to a trash can, picks it up and throws it at the second fury.

Paige: Hey! Here! Ms. Dog-face, over here!

Prue throws her hand out and the first fury is thrown away into the wall. She cough as she stands up and sees the third fury stalking towards Paige.

She throws her hand out again and the second fury flies into the first one and they both fall to the ground.

Prue and Paige quickly run towards Piper who is also coughing and trying to stand up.

Paige: Are you two okay?

Prue: Yeah.

The three look on as the first and second fury look back at them.

Fury #1: You’ll die for this.

The furies disappear in smoke, leaving the three sisters looking away in worry.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- LIVING ROOM- AFTERNOON. Prue, Piper, and Paige walk into the house.

Prue: Alright, we need to find those furies.

Piper: I wasn’t really up to it earlier, but now…I'm ready to take out those chain-smokin' bitches if it's the last thing I do.

Paige: It might be the last thing you do.

Piper: What?

Paige: Nothing. It’s just…don’t you think we need to be planning a way to vanquish them since they said they’re gonna kill us.

Prue and Piper are both coughing as Paige looks at them in worry.

The three begin walking into the kitchen.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- KITCHEN-AFTERNOON. The sisters walk in as Prue heads to the refridgerator.

Prue: We’re gonna plan our attack, Paige.

Piper: And what was that they did back there? It’s like they breathed into us.

Paige: I don’t know. But shouldn’t we go find out?

Prue: I wouldn’t worry about that. I mean, we’re not showing any symptoms, are we?

Paige: Besides coughing and wanting to kick their ass, no!

Piper: We’re fine, Paige…really.

Prue takes two water bottles out of the fridge and hands Piper one.

Paige: You two can’t even stop coughing. And it seems you can’t control your powers, Piper.

They begin walking out of the kitchen.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- LIVING ROOM- AFTERNOON. Prue, Piper, and Paige are walking.

Prue: Well Paige, our powers are tied to our emotions, so it would make sense that they would be a little off right now.

Paige: All the more reason that we shouldn’t have went after those furies in the first place.

Prue: All the more reason to vanquish them, okay? That is what we do. Eliminate evil and protect the innocent.

Paige: Okay then how about we go check that big book?

Prue: It’s called the Book of Shadows, Paige.

Paige: Well, shouldn’t go check it for these…furies?

Leo orbs in beside them with slight worry on his face.

Piper: Leo…hi.

Leo: Hey…I’m sorry to interrupt your training, Paige but---

Paige: It’s okay. Training’s off today.

Prue: It is not. I told you. You got your training when we fought the furies.

Leo looks at them in shock.

Leo: You guys fought the furies?

Piper: Yeah, it was the usual…they screamed, we kicked their asses, they said they were going to kill us, and then disappeared…except we caused the fight.

Leo: Wait…how did you cause the fight?

Prue: Well, there was an attack in the city and a man was killed. Judging by what Darryl told us, he furies seemed to be the ones that killed him.

Piper: And then Prue scryed for random evil and we happened to find them.

Paige: Then we stopped them from killing another person and they attacked us.

Leo: Well, you were protecting the innocent. That’s what you do.

Paige: It didn’t really seem like we were protecting him.

Piper: It was more that we kicked those furies asses straight back to whatever it is they came from.

Prue: And I’m all up to kicking more of their asses. Okay? I’m going to go check the Book of Shadows.

Piper: Right behind you.

Prue and Piper begin walking up the stairs but they stop and turn around to Paige.

Prue: Paige. Are you coming?

Piper: Yeah, this is your training.

Paige: Yeah, I’ll be right there. I just have to mentally prepare myself.

The two sisters nod their heads and turn around, walking back up the stairs, leaving Paige and Leo turning towards each other.

Paige: Okay…am I just crazy or does it seem like something very weird is going on?

Leo: What is it?

Paige: Before we attacked those furies, Prue was the only one who wanted to vanquish them, but now Piper is acting just as angry as Prue is.

Leo: Well, they’re still mourning. We have to give them time.

Paige: Look, I’ve only known them for a few weeks, but I know that Prue and Piper aren’t acting normal. Am I right?

Leo: Yes. They are acting unusual, more angry than ever. I expected Prue to be this way, but Piper…

Paige: Piper what?

Leo: Piper has always be the one to hold in her emotions…to keep everyone else at peace…to be the middle sister.

Paige: I’ve noticed…hey, do you know anything about those furies blowing smoke into you?

Leo: Yeah. That’s partly why I came. I wanted to tell you guys that the Elders fear that the furies are becoming more powerful after every kill. And that you three should be cautious when attacking them. If they blow smoke into witches with unexpressed fury, they can cause the witch to become a fury themselves.

Paige looks at Leo in shock and releases a gasp.

Paige: Oh my god!

Leo: What?

A CRASH sound echoes throughout the house as Paige and Leo look up in fear.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- ATTIC- AFTERNOON. Piper is thrown into boxes as a third new fury has her hands in offense. Prue waves her hand at the third fury who is thrown back into a mirror, shattering it and vanquishing her.

Paige and Leo run in fear and see the first fury and the second fury..

Paige: What? There’s another of them.

Leo: They have clans, Paige. It’s never just three of them.

He looks and sees Piper trying to stand up. He rushes to her as Paige looks at Prue waving her hand back and forth as objects around the furies are flying around at them.

As Leo tries to help Piper up, she stands up and pushes him away with a snarl.

Piper: Don’t touch me.

Leo looks at her in shock as Paige is observing the objects being thrown around the attic.

Paige: Prue!

Prue manages to send the second fury across the room and into old boxes.

Piper runs towards the second fury in rage as Leo tries to catch her.

Paige runs towards Prue just as she sends the first fury flying to the other side of the attic.

Piper punches the second fury in her face and reaches her hand out, getting ready to hit her again. Her nails quickly become talons and she slashes the second fury’s face.

Leo quickly pulls Piper off of the second fury in shock and disbelief.

Leo: Piper! Piper, stop!

Paige: Prue!

She grabs Prue’s arm just as she is about to send the first fury flying again.

Paige: Stop! Prue…you are turning into one of them!

Prue slowly turns to look at Paige in fury. Paige notices that Prue’s eyes are black.

Paige: Oh god!

Prue: Get the hell away from me!

She pushes Paige to the floor and rushes towards the first fury again.

Piper flips the second fury to the floor again, surprising Leo with her strength.

Prue kicks the first fury who is still on the floor.

Paige stands up and watches as Prue stabs the first fury, vanquishing her in flames.

Piper picks up the second fury and throws her across the room with her landing on a piece of broken wood, stabbing her through the chest.

Leo sees this and lets out a yell.

Leo: No!

The second fury bursts into flames, becoming vanquished as well.

Paige and Leo look at Prue and Piper in worry and fear.

Paige: Prue…Piper…

Prue and Piper look at themselves as they now both have talons on their hands and dark tattoos appearing on their skin.

As the two sisters look back at Paige and Leo, they disappear in clouds of smoke.

Paige looks at Leo in worry and terror as he looks back at her with equal emotion.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- ATTIC- NIGHT. Paige is flipping through the Book of Shadows with speed, hoping to find something that will help her sisters.

Paige: Please…let there be something in here.

Leo orbs in front of Paige with worry on his face.

Paige: You’re back. Did you find anything out?

Leo: Well, I have good news.

Paige: Tell me.

Leo: Thankfully, Prue and Piper aren’t complete furies yet. They have to kill a mortal to become them.

Paige: Thank god…I thought when they vanquished those furies that might mean the end of me having sisters.

Leo: No…we can still save them. Unfortunately, the Elders can’t sense them anymore. They’re hiding their radar.

Paige: Knowing how smart they are, that should’ve been a given. And doesn’t Piper hate THEM?

Leo: Well, I wouldn’t say hate…more like dislike…a lot.

Paige turns a page and sees “To Call a Lost Witch Spell”.

Paige: Okay…I think I have something.

Leo walks over to the side of Paige and begins scanning the page with her.

Leo: To Call a lost witch?

Paige: Yeah, I mean we should at least try it.

Leo: But technically, they’re furies now. The call won’t be strong enough because they’re becoming furies.

Paige: Well, we have to hope they’re not completely furies yet.

She looks at the spell and her face begins to light up.

Paige: I’ve got it.

Leo: What?

Paige: The spell says to call for a lost witch, but how about instead of witch, I use sisters?

Leo: It could work. The blood of the Halliwell lines is powerful. It might be powerful enough to bring your sisters here.

Paige: I have to use my blood.

Leo grabs a knife off of the table next to them and hands it to Paige.

Paige: What will we do when they get here, though? They’re not going to be exactly sisterly.

Leo: I’ll create a crystal cage.

Paige: Crystal cage?

Leo: It’s a cage Prue developed to trap demons, but in this case it should work on them too.

Paige: Okay…well, let’s hope this works.

Leo: You can do it, Paige.

Paige: I’m new to this, though.

Leo: You are a Halliwell, Paige. You have the blood of one of the strongest women in this world.

Paige slowly nods her head at Leo.

Leo: You can save your sisters, Paige. You just have to believe in yourself.

Paige: Thanks, Leo.

He nods his head at her as she turns back to the knife in her hand.

EXT- SAN FRANCISCO- ALLEY- NIGHT. Prue and Piper are being circled by another fury as they are all tattooed with Fury markings.

Paige (O.S.): Power of this sister rise, course unseen across the skies…

Prue and Piper begin looking upwards and around them.

Paige (O.S.): Come to me who call you near, come to me and settle here.

Prue and Piper disappear in swirls of bright lights.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- ATTIC- NIGHT. Paige and Leo stand by the Book of Shadows just as the swirls of bright lights appear in the middle of the attic. Paige and Leo look on as Prue and Piper appear in the spots where the swirls of bright lights left.

Paige: It worked!

Prue and Piper look at Paige and Leo while letting out growls.

Paige: Uh oh…

Just as the two begin to step towards them, the two are snapped back by a bolt of electricity from the crystal cage.

Paige: They’re stuck in there, Leo?

Leo: Yeah. Now, we just have to get to them and make them snap out of it.

Paige: Okay…I’ve got Prue. You got Piper.

She walks in front of Prue and Leo walks in front of Piper.

Paige: Prue…it’s Paige. I know you haven’t known me for that long, but I know that you aren’t like this. You’re stronger than this.

Leo: Piper…you’re a good witch, okay? You can fight this. This is not the answer Piper and you know it.

Prue: Stop talking to me.

Piper: Let us go!

Paige: No! Not until you two turn back into your normal selves! You two are my sisters, last name or not. I just got sisters! Don’t let me lose another one! You two are angry at me. You think I’m trying to replace Phoebe, but I’m not! I swear!

Prue (growling): You’re still talking?

Piper (growling): If you let us go, we promise to make your death as quick as possible.

Paige: God! This isn’t working, Leo! We can’t---

She stops as Leo looks at her in wonder.

Leo: What is it?

Paige: I just thought of something. They’re not mad at me.

Leo: What?

Paige: Don’t you get it? They’re mad at Phoebe.

She turns to them both and looks at them with determination in her eyes.

Paige: It’s not about me! It’s about her, isn’t it?

Prue looks down at the crystal and it flies away, breaking the cage. Piper takes a swing at Paige who quickly orbs out. She orbs back in behind Piper who spins around to Paige.

Paige: Phoebe’s the sister that abandoned you!

Piper grabs Paige by the neck with anger.

Piper: Then do something!

Leo pushes Prue into Piper and Paige and he grabs onto them, orbing all of them out.

Leo orbs in with Prue, Piper, and Paige. Prue and Piper back away when they sees Phoebe's plaque.

Paige: Tell her, you two. It's all right to hate her.

Prue and Piper walk away to separate doors and both try to open them, but they are chained shut.

Paige: You should hate her. When my parents died, I hated them for it. I was alone, and I hated them. It is okay to hate Phoebe.

Piper looks at Paige.

Piper: How dare you!

She runs over to Phoebe’s plaque and bangs on it.

Piper: How dare you leave me! How could you go and die and leave me and Prue all alone? Please come back! We need you! Please come back.

Piper screams and sinks down to the ground.

Prue begins shaking her head.

Piper sits there on the floor and bawls. She quickly changes back to normal, just before Leo kneels down beside her.

Leo: It's okay. It's okay, honey.

Piper: It's not okay. She risked her life every day and she never thought about what would happen to me and Prue if she was gone.

Paige starts to cry for the sister she never knew.

Prue: Stop it!

Piper begins crying more as Leo holds her.

Prue: Stop it!

She starts backing away as Piper, Paige, and Leo look at her…all of them with tears in their eyes.

Prue: Don’t blame her.

Piper: What?

Prue: It’s not Phoebe’s fault, okay? It’s mines!

Paige looks at Prue as she begins to come to a realization.

Piper: Prue…

Paige: You blame yourself.

Piper begins wiping her tears as she stands up with the help of Leo.

Prue: It’s my fault! I was the one who got us exposed!

Piper: Prue, stop…

Prue: Don’t you get it, Piper?! I’m the oldest! I’m the one who’s supposed to protect my sisters, not the other way around!

Piper lets out a sad sigh as Paige begins tearing up more.

Prue: My god! Phoebe died to save us!

Leo: Prue, it’s not your fault.

Paige: Prue…

Prue: Yes it is, okay?! It was my fault! I mean, don’t you understand? I should’ve been the one to die, not Phoebe! Not her!

Paige begins stepping closer to Prue.

Paige: The world needs you, Prue! The world needs all of us!

Prue: But Phoebe…she didn’t deserve this! The world is better off without me!

Piper: Don’t say that, Prue.

She begins stepping closer to Prue while tears run down her face.

Piper: You’ve held it together for me…this whole time, Prue. If I had lost you, I don’t know what would’ve happened. I would’ve been devastated! I don’t know what it is like to not have a big sister.

Paige: I’ve never had a big sister until I met you guys…but I wish I did before. Prue, throughout these weeks that I’ve known you, I can tell that you are one of the strongest people I know. You risk your all for someone you care about. You risk everything to save anyone in danger.

Prue looks at Paige.

Paige: The world would not be a better place without you.

As tears begin rolling down Prue’s face, she turns back into normal.

Piper and Paige step closer to Prue and hug her.

Paige: We’ll get through this, okay?

Prue: How do you know that?

Paige: Because we’re Halliwells…last name or not.

Prue and Piper let out small smiles as they realize that Paige is truly a Halliwell even though her last name is Matthews.

The three sisters cry into each other as Leo sadly watches them.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- KITCHEN- MORNING. Prue sits at the table reading a newspaper and drinking coffee just as Piper walks in. She heads to the coffee machine and grabs a cup from in the cabinet.

Piper: Good morning.

Prue pulls the newspaper down and gives a small smile to her sister.

Prue: Good morning.

Piper pours her a cup of coffee, just before walking towards the table. She sits down next to Prue and begins drinking her coffee.

Prue: So…how’d you sleep?

Piper: Uh…better actually than I have for a while now. You?

Prue slowly nods her head.

Prue: Uh…ditto.

The doorbell rings as Prue and Piper look up and start getting up.

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- LIVING ROOM- MORNING. Prue opens the door as Piper stands beside her and the two see Paige smiling at them.

Paige: Good morning.

Prue: Morning.

Piper: Good morning.

Paige: May I come in?

Prue steps out of the way, letting Paige walk in as she shuts the door behind her. They walk towards the stairs and stop.

Paige: I just wanted to stop by and make sure you two are alright, you know with last night.

Piper: We’re doing better now.

Prue: Thanks to you.

Paige: Well, it wasn’t easy…at all. But you should be thanking Leo too. He helped me believe in myself.

Piper smiles at her and nods her head.

Piper: Yes, he tends to have that effect on people. He sure won me over.

Prue: Literally.

The three of them laugh together.

Paige: So, am I getting trained today? I took today off too.

Prue and Piper smirk at each other and grab Paige, running up the stairs with her.

Paige: Where are we going?

INT- HALLIWELL MANOR- ATTIC- MORNING. Prue, Piper, and Paige walk in towards the Book of Shadows.

Paige: What’s going on?

Piper: Well, we have to show some things since you’re a Halliwell.

Prue: We wouldn’t be good sisters nor witches if we didn’t.

Paige: Show me what?

Prue flips to the page that has the spell that gave the sisters their powers.

Prue: This.

Paige scans over the page and looks at them in confusion as she stands in the middle of them.

Paige: What’s this?

Piper: Our first spell…well technically Phoebe’s first spell.

Prue: It’s the one that gave us our powers…our birthright.

Piper: And we wanted to show you this because we’ve realized that we have to make sure you know all that you can about what has gone on in our lives.

Prue: Every spell, every demon that we’ve come up against…

Piper: You need to know it all.

Paige: Okay…so tell me this. I mean, I had a premonition about the first time you got your powers, but what was it like for you when you first got them?

Piper: We were scared…

Prue: And confused…

Piper: But we got over that and realized that this is who we are. It’s a part of us.

Prue: And it’s a part of you too.

Paige smiles at them as they smile back at her.

Piper: So…you know about Jeremy?

Paige: A little bit…yeah.

Prue: Then maybe we should tell about our next demon…Javna.

Paige: Javna?

Piper (fading): It was a demon who…

The episode ends.