The Hunt For the Whitelighters is the 74th overall episode of Charmed.

The Hunt For the Whitelighters
Season 4, Episode 08
Limbo Clouds
Air date December 17, 2001
Written by Abbey Campbell, Brad Kern & Nell Scovell
Directed by Les Landau
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Summary Edit

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After many whitelighters and Leo disappear, the sisters get assistance from the Angel of Death to find them and set the balance of good and evil back right. At the same time, Paige turns evil after she receives the powers of a darklighter.

Main Characters Edit

Prue Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

Paige Matthews

Leo Wyatt

Recurring Characters Edit

The Angel of Death

Other Characters Edit


Spells Used Edit

To Exchange Powers (Edited)

All three Charmed Ones:

What's mines is yours,

What's yours is mine,

let our powers cross the line...

Just Piper and Paige:

...We two sisters offer our gifts, share our power to this witch.

Powers Used


Molecular Immobilization

Molecular Combustion


Conjure darklighter bow and arrow



Notes and Trivia Edit

This is the first time Paige turns evil, following behind the Charmed Ones' history of turning evil a few times.

Although the spell is edited this episode, this is the second time the "To Exchange Powers" spell has been used in the series. The first was "Love's A Witch".

Prue receives a hint of her telepathy being advanced.

This is the first episode when the Charmed Ones learn of the Source's seer, but do not know their name.

Quotes Edit

Prue: You know, maybe we shouldn't go there anymore.

Piper: You were the one who ordered the cake.

Prue: But you were the one who blew it up! Did you see everyone's faces?

Piper: Did you see the face of the waiter? Luckily, I froze the room and made it seem like the cake had fallen and splattered everywhere.

Piper: Thank you, Paige. I know we will find him.

Prue: We always have.

The Angel of Death: Only this time it's different.

Piper: Hey, buddy! Would it kill you to be a little encouraging instead of having a deathly mind?

Paige: I want to stop evil. Think about this, you guys. When I take out all the darklighters, the world will be less evil and allow us to take out the rest of the evil out here.

The Angel of Death: That's not possible. Evil will always be out there. You can't stop them all.