A woman with curly orange hair, Katrina, stands on the steps leading up to the front door, watching the house. She walks up to a window and peeks in.

She sees many cats sitting around. A few cats start meowing and goes towards the door. Just as she motions for the cats to come closer to the window, a shadow comes across the room revealing a woman with long blonde hair named Emily Mason.

EMILY: What's wrong with all of you?! What are all of you clawing about?!

KATRINA (Whispers to cats): I'll be back. I will save you all.

The cats meow as if hearing her. She quickly turns around and disappears in a bright white light, just before Emily peeks out of the window in suspicion.



Prue is driving while Piper is sitting on the passenger's side with Paige in the backseat looking at a map.

PIPER: Okay. Are we sure that this is the way we're supposed to go?

PAIGE: I think so. From what I saw in my premonition, it happens not too far from here.

PRUE: Well, hopefully we get there in time.

PIPER: We would've gotten there faster if Kit didn't go missing.

PRUE: We'll look for Kit after we save our innocent.

PIPER: I still can't believe we didn't notice that Kit was gone.

PRUE: Yeah. We had a lot going on I guess.

PAIGE: I think we found the spot.

Prue's car slowly comes to a halt, followed by Prue, Piper, and Paige hopping out of the car.

PRUE: Are you sure this is the street?

PAIGE: Yep. Third and Fourth Street.

PIPER: And you didn't see the demon who caused it?

Paige shakes her head with a sigh.

PRUE: Okay. Well, it can't be something that the power of three can't handle, right?

A car honks and then a loud CRASH alerts the women as they turn to where the sound comes from.

One car is flipped on the ground as a man drunkenly exits his own car in shock.

DRUNKEN MAN: Oh no! What have I done?!

PIPER: Oh god.

Flames begin to ignite on the car on the ground.

PRUE: Oh god. It's about to explode.

Piper extends her wrists and the flaming car and the man freezes.

PRUE: Come on.

Prue and Piper begin running towards the flaming car as Paige just stares at the scene before her eyes.

The two sisters try to open the car door.

PIPER: It's stuck. Paige!

Paige continues to stand there in shock.

Prue waves her hand and the door opens.

Prue and Piper manage to reach in and pull out a woman from the burning car.

PRUE: Careful. Hurry before anyone sees us.

They carry her over to where Paige is standing. The car unfreezes and blows up, causing Prue, Piper, and the woman to fall to the ground. As Prue and Piper stand up to look at the car and back to Paige, they are in confusion.

PRUE: Paige.

PIPER: What happened to you?


Paige continues to stare at the burning car.





Prue walks in to see Piper cutting pineapples into a bowl.

PRUE: Morning.

PIPER: Morning.

PRUE: Hey. Did you call Paige this morning?

PIPER: I did.

PRUE: Did she let you know anything about what happened last night?

PIPER (Letting out a sigh): No, unfortunately. She just let me know she made it home and then that was it.

PRUE: That was really weird last night. I mean, she didn't do anything. She just looked at what happened like she had seen a ghost or something.

PIPER: In this family, it wouldn't be the first time.

PRUE: Well for her it would. But we do need to talk to her about what happened.

PIPER: Are you sure? I mean, maybe it was just this one time where she froze up. God knows we all have. Remember when you did when Abraxas attacked?

PRUE: I was still grieving that's why.

Piper looks away in wonder just as Prue does the same.

PRUE: You think…

PIPER: Paige is still grieving from Phoebe's death? Maybe.

PRUE: If she is, we definitely need to talk to her. I mean we all are still grieving but in the three years we've been witches, we have been able to learn how to still do our Charmed duties. She hasn't learned yet. We can't have Paige freezing up like that.

PIPER: What do you think we should do? Should we talk to her?

PRUE: Definitely, but right now I can't. I have to go to my first appointment with my therapist.

Piper slowly nods her with a sigh.

PIPER: Are you sure you want to go to it alone?

PRUE: I have to, Piper. I have to do this myself. But thank you.

PIPER: So, do you want me to just talk to Paige?

PRUE: Well, I definitely have to talk to her. I'm the eldest sister.

PIPER: Prue, you are the eldest sister of me and Phoebe for right now. But for her, we're just her friends slash sisters.

PRUE: I think we need to have a bond.

PIPER: Is that the Charmed One talking or her friend?

PRUE (Rolling her eyes): Piper. I just want to keep us safe, all of us.

PIPER: I know, but I think the best thing to do right now is provide friendship to Paige.

PRUE: I'm worried about her, Piper. She froze up last night. It could have cost us our lives.

PIPER: I know, but-

PRUE: We're going to talk to her together, okay?

PIPER (Sighs and then nods): Yeah. I'll go by her work and ask her to come by here later on.

PRUE (Walks out of the kitchen): Thanks Piper. Tell Paige I said hey!

PIPER: Okay!

The doorbell rings with Piper quickly smiling in shock.

PIPER: Oh my god. (She quickly puts down her mug.) Oh my god. Oh my god. (She takes off out of the kitchen.)



Prue already has the door open as Dan walks in and Piper runs into the living room.

PIPER: Whoa!

PRUE: Uh…I have to get going. I'm going to be late for my appointment. Uh…I'll just go. (She walks out and begins closing the door behind.)

PIPER: Wait! (Prue closes the door.)

Dan looks at her and awkwardly smiles.

PIPER: Dan…um, hi.

DAN: Hey Piper. How are you?

PIPER: I'm good. What about you?

DAN: Well, I was fine until… (He goes into his back pocket and pulls out a paper. He unfolds it and shows it to Piper.)

She looks at the paper that shows a missing sign for Kit.

DAN: I saw this posted by my house.

PIPER: Oh…I thought… (She looks down and scratches her head with a frown.)

DAN: Ah…you thought someone found Kit.

PIPER (Looks back up at Dan): Yeah. I was…very excited to say the least.

DAN: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make it seem like-

PIPER: It's okay, Dan. I just have to keep trying to find her.

DAN: Well, to be honest I think there's a better way to find her than just posting up paper signs around the neighborhood.

PIPER (Confused): What do you mean?

DAN: You'd be able to find her better by going to a house where a woman takes in stray cats. Her house is a few blocks from the neighborhood.

PIPER: Wow. I never knew that. Do you know which house she's in?

DAN: Yeah. I can show you…if you want?

PIPER: I…uh...

DAN: It's okay, Piper. We're just friends now. Nothing more.

Piper nods her head with a slight smile.

PIPER: Okay. I'll go get my jacket. (She walks away to the sunroom.)

DAN: Okay. (He looks around at the manor's few new objects, only for his eyes to land on a framed picture of Piper and Leo kissing at their wedding.

He frowns as Piper comes back in front of him.

PIPER: Okay. I'm ready.

DAN: Okay.

She walks ahead of him towards the door as he walks behind her with a slight frown.



Prue sits on a sofa as a middle-aged man, Doctor Davidson, sits in a chair a few feet away from her.

DOCTOR DAVIDSON: So, what brings you here, Ms. Halliwell?

PRUE: Well, um…Doctor Davidson, I have been having…some strange nightmares, every night.

DOCTOR DAVIDSON: Strange dreams? (Writes on his clipboard.) Can you describe the dreams?

PRUE: Not really, no. (She lies as she rolls her eyes.) I can remember seeing my baby sister being put into a body bag.

DOCTOR DAVIDSON: I'm sorry…I know you must feel terrible, Ms. Halliwell. I know how hard it is to lose a sibling. I lost my little brother a few months ago.

PRUE: Really?

DOCTOR DAVIDSON: Oh yeah. I was very- (He stops as he looks at her.) Let's not talk about me. Let's just talk about you.

PRUE: Why can't we just talk about you? You can't just expect for me to open up to you if you're not going to open up to me.

DOCTOR DAVIDSON: Like I said before Ms. Halliwell, let's talk about you.

PRUE: Why? So you can judge me? (She grabs her wallet and stands up.) If I wanted to be judged Doctor, I would've just went to court.

DOCTOR DAVIDSON: Ms. Halliwell, it's not what you think.

Prue opens the door and walks out of the office. The doctor simply sighs at her leaving.



Dan and Piper pull up in his truck in front of a yellow-painted house with affine-cut green grass and flowered bushes on either side of the steps up to the front door.

DAN: This is the house.

PIPER: Wow…it's beautiful.

DAN (Bluntly): Yeah, it is.

He opens his door and gets out, followed by a confused Piper.

They walk up the steps to the front door with Dan in the front and Piper next to him. Dan quickly knocks on the door and looks down in nervousness.

The front door opens and Emily stands in shock at Dan.


DAN: Hello Emily.

Piper looks between the two in confusion.

EMILY: I can't believe-

DAN: Piper. This is Emily Mason. She might know where Kit is.

PIPER: Uh, hi Emily.

EMILY: Hi and you are…

PIPER: Piper Halliwell. I'm in the neighborhood a few blocks away.

EMILY: Okay…

PIPER: I'm looking for my cat. I was wondering if you found her.

EMILY: Okay. Let's go see.

She opens the door further and walks away with Piper looking at Dan in wonder.

PIPER: Who is she?

DAN: My ex-girlfriend.

She looks away in shock as they walk into the house.



Piper and Dan walk into the living room to see cats running across their feet.

PIPER: Oh wow. You have… a lot of cats.

She walks into the living room, narrowly missing a cat who goes right between her legs.

PIPER: Okay. (She sees a dark cat meowing around her leg and another one wave her paw at her.) Wow. The cats must love me.

Then some other cats start rushing to Piper and Dan meowing and waving their paws at them.

Piper and Dan smile at the cats, starting to appreciate the cats' friendliness.

The sound of something big falling alerts the three with Piper ready to raise her hands in defense.

PIPER: What was that?

EMILY (Adjusts herself and stands up): It was probably just one of the cats knocking something over.

DAN (Furrows his brow at Emily): Something that big?

EMILY (Smiles): Yes. I have many sculptures things down there.

DAN (Shakes his head at Emily): Is her cat here?

EMILY: What does she look like?

PIPER: Well, she has white fury, she's kind of thin and- (Her phone rings, interrupting her.)

Some of the cats start meowing at Piper who looks at them in wonder. She answers her phone just as those cats run out of the room.

Emily quickly stands up and looks at Piper in nervousness.

EMILY: Um…those cats are just very jumpy. (She walks away out of the room and follows the cats.)

PIPER (To Prue): Hello?

PRUE (O.S.): Hey Piper. I'm heading home now. Did you go see Paige and ask her to meet us there?

PIPER: No, but- (She stops as she realizes Prue has only been gone for less than 2 hours.) What time was your appointment?

PRUE (O.S.): 12 o' clock. Why?

PIPER: It's only 1:15, which means you either didn't go to your appointment or you walked out of it.

PRUE (O.S.): Oh wow, look at this traffic. I've gotta call you back Piper. Talk to you later. (She hangs up.)

Piper rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

DAN (Notices this): Hey, are you okay?

PIPER (Nods her head): Yeah. It's just… a lot going on right now.

DAN: What is it?

Piper looks up at Dan and shakes her head with a sigh.

PIPER: I can't tell you.

DAN (Sighs): Okay. You know, two years ago I would've been tired of hearing that from you, but now…I understand you.

PIPER (Confused): Really?

Behind the living room wall, Emily listens to Piper and Dan's conversation while stroking the same black cat that was in her lap on the sofa.

DAN: Yeah. I actually have had quite a weird two years when I left this city.

PIPER: Oh really? What happened?

DAN (Smirks): I can't tell you.

PIPER (Smirks back): Okay.

EMILY (Walks back in): I'm sorry my dear. Your cat isn't here.

PIPER (Lets out defeated sigh): It's okay. I'll try to see if someone else has seen her. Thank you though. (Stands up and walks towards the door, along with Dan.) It was a pleasure meeting you.

EMILY: It was a pleasure meeting you as well. (She smiles as Piper opens the door and walks out with defeat followed by Dan who looks back at her and sighs.) Definitely a pleasure.

As the two get in Dan's truck, Piper turns to Dan and nods her head.

PIPER: Thank you for taking me here.

DAN: I'm sorry you didn't find Kit.

PIPER: It's okay. I just have to hope that Kit will find her way back home safely.

DAN: I hope so too.

PIPER (Sighs): It's strange to me.

DAN: What is?

PIPER: I'm looking for Kit who was given more attention by my baby sister. It's strange that I'm the one searching for her.

DAN: I can definitely say that there were many times I saw Phoebe with Kit, but I can also say that you love Kit just as much as Phoebe and Prue.

PIPER: Yeah, I just wish I was closer to Kit when Phoebe was alive. Maybe I wouldn't be hurting as much right now.

DAN: Are you ready to go back home?

PIPER: Yes. But I have to go back out and go see my other sister, Paige.

DAN: Yeah…that's going to take some getting used to. I mean, another sister?

PIPER (Puts her seatbelt on): Join the club pal.

Dan pulls off in his truck, taking Piper back to the manor.



Paige is at her desk, talking on the phone.

PAIGE: No, I'm not family, I'm from social services. (She nods her head.) I was just calling to see how she was after the accident. (Listens) Thank god. Okay, I'll call back and check in on her. Thank you.

Piper walks in through the doors just as Paige hangs up the phone. As she approaches her youngest sister, she gives a smile.

PIPER: Hi Paige.

PAIGE: Hey Piper. How's your day?

PIPER: It's alright. I've just been a little worried.

PAIGE (In confusion): About?

PIPER: The car accident last night.

Paige lets out a sigh and nods her head.

PAIGE: Yeah. Um, I'm okay. I just got a little shocked by the fire. It was a pretty big fire, you know.

PIPER (Shakes her head): Paige.


PIPER: I know something is wrong. And as your friend, I want to help you.

PAIGE (Nodding her head): Okay. I'll come by your place and we'll talk.

PIPER: Okay. I'll be there all day.

PAIGE: What? No big bad demon to fight today?

PIPER: Other than inner demons, no. (She looks down with a sigh.)

PAIGE: Piper…is something wrong?

PIPER: It's nothing really.

PAIGE: Well, it seems like it's something. We'll talk when I come to your place later.

PIPER: Thanks.

Paige nods her head as Piper gives a soft smile to her.

PIPER: See ya.

PAIGE: See you too.

Piper walks away as Paige watches her and looks down at her cubicle phone. She picks it up and quickly dials a number. As she holds it to her ear, she awaits an answers. A few moments later, she finally receives an answer.


PAIGE: Is this San Francisco Memorial Hospital? (Waits for an answer.) I'm looking for the guy who was drunk driving last night and caused a car crash. I just want to make sure he's getting the help he needs.



Piper opens the door and walks in just as Prue walks down the stairs with wonder.

PRUE: Well, I see you've finally made it home.

PIPER: Yes. I went to Paige's workplace and she agreed to come by so we can talk about last night.

PRUE: Oh, I wasn't just talking about that. I saw you get out of Dan's truck before you went to yours.

PIPER (Shakes her head): It's not what you think, Prue. Dan and I are just friends. Besides, he was helping me look for Kit.

Prue (Smirks): Kitty cat?

PIPER (Annoyed): Prue…

PRUE: Okay. Okay. I throw in the white flag, okay? Something must be wrong with you.

PIPER: Nothing is wrong with me.

PRUE: Really?


PRUE: Yes there is.

PIPER: How do you know?

PRUE: I just do.

PIPER: Well, only my husband would know if something's wrong with me.

PRUE (Snickers): Your husband would know what's wrong with you before your sister, huh? Okay. (Looks up to the ceiling.) Leo!

PIPER (Shouts): Prue!

Leo orbs in next to Piper with a smile.

LEO: Hey Piper.

PIPER (Rolls her eyes at Prue and turns to her husband with a smile.): Hi Leo.

He plants a kiss on her lips and she gives one back.

PRUE: Hi Leo.

He turns to her with a smile.

LEO: Hey Prue.

PRUE: Hey. I have an interesting question.

PIPER (Worried): Prue…

PRUE: He needs to know, Piper.

PIPER: I will tell him as soon as I can, Prue.

Prue looks at Piper with disbelief and shakes her head.

PRUE: Okay. I'll let you spill it to your husband before your own sister. (Walks away into the sunroom.)

PIPER: Prue…



Prue sits down on the loveseat and covers her face in her hands. She shakes as she slips into her memories.



Piper lies on the bed, bleeding to death as Prue holds her hand in desperate need for her sister to breathe right.

PIPER: Prue…I-I'm cold.



PRUE (Whispers to herself): Make it stop. Please make it stop.

Piper comes and sits down next to Prue with worry on her face.

PIPER: Prue, what's wrong?

PRUE: It's nothing.

PIPER: No, it's not nothing. Talk to me. You, Paige, and I said that we will tell each other our problems if it gets too serious.

Prue lifts her head out of her hands and turns to her younger sister.

PRUE: I keep seeing you.

PIPER (Confused): What?

PRUE: I keep seeing you…covered in blood.

Piper quickly grabs her older sister and pulls her into a hug, which Prue allows.

PIPER: I'm going to make sure everything gets better.

The two break apart as Piper gives a slight smile to Prue.

PIPER: Paige and I, we will be there for you. No matter what.

PRUE: Thanks.

Piper nods her head just as they hear the front door open and close seconds later. They stand up and walk into the parlor to see Paige holding her purse in her hand with tears running down her face.

PRUE: Paige.

PIPER: Are you okay?

PAIGE: I'm…I'm ready to talk.



From left to right, Piper, Paige, and Prue sit on the couch as Paige takes a sip of water in a glass and sets it down.

PIPER: Okay. Are you ready?

PAIGE: Yeah. Okay…Um, it all really started in high school. At first, I was a great student. I was praised so much for my academic achievements. My parents loved that I was so smart and successful at a young age. (Smirks) Heck, they even took me out to eat for getting an A plus on an English exam that pretty much everyone else in the class failed.

PIPER: Sounds like you were the perfect student.

PAIGE: That's the thing. I WAS.

PRUE: What happened?

PAIGE: Well, I used to get bullied by students a lot. I guess they really hated me.

PIPER: They didn't hate you. They hated that you were so smart.

PRUE: They were jealous, Paige.

PAIGE: I guess.

PIPER: Is that why you hide your confidence? You're scared that you will be bullied again?

Paige nods her head.

PRUE: Paige. (She grabs Paige's hands and puts them in her's.) You won't get bullied anymore, okay? We won't let it happen.

PIPER: Yeah. We're your sisters, but we're also your friends. You will never have to worry about that. You're so confident, Paige.

PRUE: Yeah.

PIPER (She smirks at Paige.): Sometimes, I think that you have more confidence than me and I've had more years on this Earth than you.

Paige nods her head.

PRUE: What else happened to you?

PAIGE: So…one day, my parents sat down with me and told me the secret.

PIPER: What secret?

PAIGE: About me being adopted. They waited so long to tell me.

PRUE: I'm sorry, Paige. I wish they would've told you.

PAIGE: Me too. After learning that, I got tired of everything, the bullying and being adopted that I… (She takes in a breath and slowly lets it out.) I took a glass of my parent's wine and downed it.

PRUE: Wow. How much did you drink?

PAIGE: Pretty much the whole bottle. (She chuckles) I didn't stop for a long time.

Piper and Prue smirk at her.

PAIGE: Then, I was able to handle the bullying. Every day I got bullied, I would go home and drink my night away. One day, I went ahead and drunk a bottle for breakfast and went to school. I acted out in class and somehow my bullying pretty much stopped. Everyone liked me, I got invited to parties, and it seemed my life turned around.

PIPER: But it didn't.

PAIGE (Shakes her head): No. It got bad at school and home. My grades started going way down and I started having… (Gulps) arguments with my mom and dad. I was being cruel, I even said that they weren't my real parents. So eventually, I left home to go to a party and I got wasted.

Prue and Piper look at her, awaiting for what was to come next.

PAIGE: One of my longtime friends called my parents and told them to come get me. So, they did. (Tears begin flowing down her face again.) They were on their way…and I guess my dad wasn't paying attention…and all I know is that I got home and found police at my door. (She completely lets out her tears and Prue grabs her, hugging her.)

Piper gets closer to Paige and hugs her too.

PAIGE: They told me my parents were dead! It was my fault! It was all my fault!

PIPER: No, Paige. It wasn't your fault.

PRUE: Not at all.

Paige breaks apart from them and looks down at her hands.

PAIGE: I can't do anything. Anything to fix it. I just want to get them back!

PRUE: I know, Paige. I know.

PIPER: I wish we can make you feel better.

The doorbell rings and they all look up. The oldest sister volunteers herself.

PRUE: I'll get it. (She stands up and moves to the door.)

Prue gets to the door and opens it to see Katrina smiling at her.



KATRINA: I need your help.

Prue looks at her in worry.



Paige sits next to Katrina as Prue and Piper sit in chairs listening to Katrina.

KATRINA: She lives down the street from this neighborhood. She kidnaps cats and poisons them with a dangerous mix of ingredients.

PIPER: What does it do to them?

KATRINA: I don't know. All I know is the cats in there are definitely not lost pets.

PAIGE: They're stolen pets.

Katrina smiles at Paige and nods her head.

PRUE: How do you know this?

KATRINA: I was wondering why all of the cats in this neighborhood keep disappearing and I heard of a woman who saves cats when they are lost. I went there and saw her and saw all of the cats that have gone missing.

Piper looks at her in wonder as something clicks in her head.

PIPER: Wait. Is she a blonde? Is her name Emily?

KATRINA: Yes, how do you know?

PIPER: Dan and I went over there and-

KATRINA: Dan? (She smiles at Piper.) Is he cute?

PIPER: Uhh… (Smirks)

PAIGE: Okay. Um, what were you saying Piper?

PIPER: We went over there and saw all of these cats. I knew something was wrong with her and those cats. (Snaps her fingers in anger.)

PRUE: All we need to do now is make it over there and figure out what- (Piper Ooos at her.) - Evidence we can get on her.

PAIGE: Yeah...we need to call the police.

PIPER: Okay. Thank you Katrina for alerting us of this.

Katrina stands up with a smile.

PRUE: Wait…why did you come tell us? Why not tell the police yourself?

KATRINA: Well, I'd prefer someone that can actually help. The police wouldn't believe me.

PIPER: Right… (She eyes Katrina.) Okay.

KATRINA: It's time for me to leave.

She moves to exit the room, but stops and turns around to the three.

KATRINA: You three will be able to save those cats. I know it.

Piper, and Paige eye her in suspicion as Katrina turns around and walks to the door. She opens it and Prue walks to the door. Katrina exits out of the house and Prue closes the door behind her.

PIPER: Okay…that was…

PAIGE: Weird.

PRUE (Walking back in): I don't know. She doesn't seem that suspicious to me.

PIPER: What?

PRUE: She seems familiar to me like I've seen her before or talked to her.

PAIGE: Do you think we should trust her?

PRUE: I want to say yes, but I also want to be sure.

PIPER: Okay. So what's the plan?

PRUE: The plan is we go over to Emily's house and find out what is going on. (Prue and Piper stand up.)

PAIGE: Okay. Let's go.

She stands up as Prue and Piper turn to her.

PIPER: Are you sure?

PRUE: Yeah. You got a lot going on…we don't want to force you to do something that you aren't ready for.

PAIGE: No, it's okay. We have to save those cats. Besides, I have to do something to get my mind off- (She stops, afraid to finish the sentence or she'll start crying again.)

PRUE: Okay. Let's go.

The three head towards the front door.



Prue knocks on the door, but no one is in the room. She knocks once again and no one answers again.

The front door flings open and from left to right Piper, Prue, and Paige walk in, ready for anything. They don't see anyone in sight, no people and no cats.

PRUE: Alright. Where's Emily?

PIPER: And the cats?

PAIGE (She rubs her arms and shakes): It's freezing in here. Luckily we brought our jackets.

PIPER: Guess she decided to make it winter in here.

PRUE (Walks forwards, along with her sisters): Hopefully she didn't clear house. Come on.



The three sisters walk into the sitting room and see a pair of wet clay cat paw prints.

Paige looks up to see the paw prints leading to the stairs of the basement.

PAIGE: Well, we know where one of the cats went.

Piper walks down the stairs first, followed by Prue, and Paige.



Piper, Prue, and Paige enter the basement to see a lot of stoned cats lining up on the wall.

PAIGE: Whoa…

PIPER (Shocked): Oh no…the cats.

They all turn to see Dan tied up on a wall in the form of a bird.


She runs towards him just as Emily walks in between them.

EMILY: Hi! Welcome to my home again!

She extends her hands and Piper flies back and into her sisters. The three sisters fall into boxes on the floor.

EMILY: You three must be out of your minds if you think that I didn't expect you to come here.

The three sisters manage to get up on their feet.

PAIGE: Uh, what did you do to the cats?

EMILY: They're just sculptures now. I stole their abilities…more importantly their nine lives. I have an incredible amount of lives. You cannot kill me.

PIPER (Looking at Dan): What did you do to him?!

EMILY (Rolls her eyes): Oh please…he's fine…for now. That hunk of magic will soon be mines again.

PIPER (Confused): Did she say magic?

PRUE (Confused): I think she said magic.

PAIGE: She definitely said magic.

EMILY (Laughs and turns to smile at Dan.): He's a wolf in bed.

PIPER: Hey, sorry to interrupt your whole lusting after my ex thing, but I think we're done hearing you. (She flicks her wrist, but Emily doesn't freeze.)

PRUE: Piper? (She waves her arm, but Emily doesn't fly away.) Alright, my power won't work.

PIPER: Let's try this. (She flicks her wrists again and Emily blasts backwards, but only a few steps away.)

Dan begins waking up on the wall as Paige goes to grab a fireplace poker. She hurls it at Emily, but she just waves her hand and the poker disappears in a light.

Emily throws a flame towards Paige who ducks and the flame hits the wall, nearly hitting a stoned cat.

PAIGE: Okay! That was close!

Prue quickly drops her head and she astrals behind Emily. Astral Prue quickly high kicks Emily and she falls forwards. Astral Prue runs towards Emily and quickly surprises her with another kick, followed by two punches and another kick.

Emily manages to throw flames at Astral Prue who disappears as the flames hits the wall near Dan. Emily turns to the three sisters with Prue now waking up.

The three witches get close together just as Emily extends her hand and green mist begins to surround the sisters in the form of a small tornado. The sisters begin coughing and holding their chests, having their breath being taken away.

PRUE: Oh god!

PAIGE: Piper, blow it up!

PIPER: I can't!

Dan stares at Emily as she watches the sisters. Dan's eyes slowly becomes into blue, round shaped eyes and pointed at the edges.

EMILY: I should say I'm sorry…but obviously I'm not.

Dan slowly takes on the shape of a werewolf and growls loudly, causing Emily to turn around and the sisters to stare at him. He quickly breaks his ropes and steps towards the evil witch. The breath-taking tornado-mist dies down with the sisters slowly regaining their breaths.

EMILY (Stepping to the side): Okay…okay…easy boy. Easy...


PAIGE: Did you know your ex was a werewolf?

PIPER: No! How was I supposed to know?

PRUE: It doesn't matter. He is about to get her.

Werewolf Dan jumps at Emily and claws at her chest, leaving a bloody mark.

PIPER: Oh God…Dan.

PRUE: We can't have him kill her. He's not that person.

Piper quickly flicks her hands, freezing the Werewolf Dan. Emily looks at the sisters with anger. Paige begins stepping towards a row of fireplace pokers.

EMILY: Thanks! Now I can finish you all off!

PAIGE: I don't think so… (She throws a fireplace poker to Emily who gasps in shock and pain.


The three sisters watch as the evil witch quickly becomes surrounded in green smoke.

PAIGE: Wait! We have to save the cats!

PIPER: Gotcha! (She flicks her wrists.)

Emily is blasted back a few steps before being blasted back again by Piper.

PIPER: Prue! Say a spell! (She blasts Emily back again.)

PRUE: Uh…return the lives of these stoned cats…make this witch lose their wrath.

After Piper blasts Emily back again, the evil witch hits the wall. She yells in pain as her eyes turn black and smoke leaves her body. The smoke goes into the stoned cats that are quickly busted open, revealing all of the cats alive and meowing.

The evil witch blows up just as all of the cats looks up at her. The sisters turn to Dan.


Werewolf Dan quickly eyes her and growls. Prue and Paige watch Piper, hoping that their sister will not meet her end by her ex- boyfriend.

PIPER: Look, Dan…I'm Piper. Do you remember me? I stay right next door to you.

PRUE: He's angry. And not just at Emily.

PIPER: (Looks at Prue) What? (Looks back to Werewolf Dan) You're angry at me?

He growls again causing Piper to slightly jump.

PAIGE: Yeah I'm pretty sure he's angry at you.

PRUE: You hurt him, Piper. You chose Leo over him. That's why he's angry.

PIPER: Hey Dan…I'm sorry that I hurt you. I didn't mean to hurt you, okay? That's why I broke up with you. I didn't want to hurt you and have you be angry at me.

Werewolf Dan growls a little but less loudly than before.

PIPER: Come on, Dan. I would never hurt you, okay? I promise you. Just please… (Lets out a deep breath) Please come back to me.

Dan moans a little.

PIPER: Come on! Please! Please!

Werewolf Dan moans and slowly transform into a naked Dan. Piper lets out a deep breath in relief.

PIPER: Thank you.

Dan nods his head.

At the same time that Prue and Paige gasp at Dan's nakedness, Piper quickly steps back and covers her eyes, along with her sisters.

PIPER: Uh, Dan…I need you to cover up.

PRUE: Please.

Dan looks at them in embarrassment.



Dan sits on the couch with clothes on and Piper sits in the chair with the coffee table between them. Prue stands at the side of the couch and Paige sits on the edge of the other side of the couch.

DAN: I met Emily in Portland, Oregon. She was a bartender at a local bar my brother-in-law used to take me. She flirted me a lot and eventually my sister and my brother-in-law convinced me to ask her out. I did and eventually we started dating.

PIPER: Your sister always convinced you to date.

DAN (Smirks): Yes. (His face changes back to seriousness.) Eventually she moved in with me.

PRUE: Wow. Sounds like it was serious.

DAN: Yeah, it was really serious. Things started getting weird. I went to work one day and I came home to find a cat there. She said it was a cat she found and she was going to nurse it back to health. I didn't see another wrong with the cat, but I don't know. She seemed like she knew cats all her life.

PAIGE: Cat lady at an early age? That doesn't sound good.

DAN: Every time I went to work, I would come home to see cat after cat after cat. So we had a basement where she would put the cats in and nurse them. I went down into the basement and I saw her turning a cat into stone.

PAIGE: We saw them. She stole their nine lives.

PIPER: I'm just glad we returned their lives to them.

DAN: Thank you for that. There's some of them that I actually remembered and cared about.

PIPER: Wow. I never pictured you as a cat-man.

Dan smirks at her.

PRUE: Now let's talk about the werewolf situation?

PAIGE: I mean, I heard about you but I didn't hear about your werewolf side.

DAN: Well, Emily revealed to me that she was a witch and I don't know, cast a spell on me and turned me into a werewolf.

Prue, Piper, and Paige share looks at Dan's mention of witch.

DAN: But she said that she didn't turn me into a werewolf, but just unlock my werewolf abilities inside of me. I guess, it was always in me. I left her and move back her. Just a month ago, I found out a lot of cats were going missing and I found out where she lived. I knew I couldn't call the cops because she might do something to them.

PIPER: I'm sorry about-

DAN: Don't be sorry, Piper. Now I understand what was going on with you and your sisters.

PRUE: What do you mean?

DAN: You're witches.

Paige gasps at his realization and her and her sisters share looks again before looking back at Dan.

PIPER: How long have you know?

DAN: Well, after noticing how Emily was acting, it seemed like you guys. But I got an official answer today.

PRUE (Concerned): Um, Dan, we-

DAN: Don't worry, Prue. I won't tell you guys secret.

PIPER: Thank you.

PRUE: Does Jenny know?

DAN: No. I don't think she'd handle it. I mean, I probably wouldn't have handled if you all told me when I was here before. I guess things happen for a reason.

PAIGE: That's something I've actually realized for a few months. It changed my life.

DAN: Are you happy with your life?

PAIGE: Yes, I am. I have friends now. I have sisters.

Prue walks over to Paige and hugs her which Paige smiles about.

PIPER: Okay. Is there something else we can do for you?

DAN: I'm worried.

PIPER: Dan, we'll make sure you're safe.

DAN: Not me. I'm worried about Jenny. She lives with me. Ever since her parents died, she's been…broken. I don't want her being hurt because of something I did.

PRUE: I wish we can do something.

PAIGE (Getting an idea): Maybe I can.

The three look up at her in wonder.

PAIGE: I mean, she could come stay with me if you want. My apartment has two beds.

DAN: Really?

PAIGE: Yeah.

PIPER: Paige, that's nice of you.

PAIGE (Shrugs her shoulder): No problem.

DAN: Are you sure?

PAIGE (Nods her head): Yeah.

DAN: Okay. Well, thank you. (He stands up) Now I just have to figure out how to tell Jenny that she's moving into your apartment.

PRUE: I'm sure she won't mind.

PIPER: Right.

DAN: I guess it's time for me to go home.

PIPER: Okay. I'll walk you out.

He walks towards the door first, followed by Piper.

Dan opens the front door and turns to Piper who gives him a friendly smile.

PIPER: Have a nice night.

DAN: Thank you, Piper…for everything.

PIPER: No problem, Dan.

Dan begins to turn around before Piper interrupts him.

PIPER: Wait, Dan. (He turns back around to her.) I'm sorry…for everything.

DAN: It's no problem, Piper.

PIPER: Are you still angry at me?

DAN (Shakes his head): No.

Piper nods her head.

DAN: Goodnight, Piper.

PIPER: Goodnight, Dan.

Dan turns around and walks down the steps as Piper closes the door with a friendly smile on her face.

She walks back into the room to see Paige and Prue looking at Piper with resting faces.

PIPER (Confused): What?

PAIGE: Piper, don't tell me you like Dan?

PRUE: Again.

PAIGE: Right, again.

PIPER (Rolls her eyes): No. I do not. I'm being friendly, okay? Dan needs friends right now. He's going through a lot and we can't just let him deal with everything alone.

PRUE: Well, you are right about that.

PAIGE (Points at Piper): But wait until I tell Leo.

PIPER: I will tell him. Leo and I are married now. I have nothing to worry about.

The doorbell rings and the girls look to it.

PIPER: Is that Dan?

Prue (Rushing to the door): Ooh, I'll get that so you don't.

Piper rolls her eyes as Paige follows Prue and behind is Piper.

Prue opens the door to see Katrina smiling at them.



KATRINA: Can I come in?

PRUE: Sure.

She lets her walk in and Catrina goes into the parlor and sits down on the couch.

Prue sits down next to Catrina while Piper sits down in a chair and Paige sits on the edge of the other side of the couch.

KATRINA: So…I noticed that everyone got their cats back in the neighborhood.

PRUE: Yeah, but not everyone. Some of them escaped.

KATRINA: What about Emily?

PIPER: She's gone.

PAIGE: She left in a real…real hurry.

KATRINA: If I didn't know any better, I'd think that you women vanquished her.

The three sisters share looks once again in worry and then laugh at Katrina.

PIPER: That's funny.

KATRINA: Did you three find your cat?

PAIGE: No, but I wish I found mines.

PRUE: You had a cat?

PAIGE: Yeah. It was a little stray cat that I kept for a while. But then all of a sudden she left.

KATRINA: You didn't have a stray cat.

PAIGE: Well, yeah but she just came out of (She realizes that what Katrina said)

Katrina smiles at her.

PAIGE: How did you know that she wasn't a stray?

Katrina once again smiles at them all.

PIPER: Is there something you're not telling us?

PRUE: You're very familiar you know that?

KATRINA: That's because I am one.

PAIGE: What?

KATRINA: Maybe this will give you your answer… (She twists her necklace from behind her hair and reveals the same necklace that had the triquetra symbol on it just as Kit did.

PRUE (Shocked): Oh my god.

PIPER (Shocked): Are you-

KATRINA: Yes I am… (She purrs at them)

PAIGE (Shocked): You're a cat?

PRUE: Our cat.


Leo orbs in standing next to Piper.

Piper: Hi honey.

He reaches down and kisses her before standing back up.


LEO: Hi…Kit.

PIPER: What?

PAIGE: You knew she was a cat?

LEO: Well, yeah. I was watching over your sisters throughout their lives. I learned about Kit when…

KATRINA: When he tried to pick me up and have an excuse to meet you all. It was before he introduced himself as a handyman.

PIPER (Taps Leo's leg) Sir, why didn't you tell me that?

LEO: I didn't want to expose Katrina…But I am really hungry from all of the orbing around today. Do you mind me going to raid the fridge? (Smirks)

PIPER: I insist (She smirks back).

He walks away as Katrina smiles at Piper.

KATRINA: I always knew you and Leo were going to be together. I am a clairvoyant and I can sense.

PAIGE: Like Phoebe and me?

KATRINA: No, I'm not as powerful as you two.

PRUE: Wow…I just never thought that our cat was really a human.

KATRINA: I know this may be weird for you. But I am your familiar…well I was your familiar. (Turns to Paige) I was your familiar too. Paige. I was the cat that always hung around your apartment.)

PAIGE (Amazed): Wait…wasn't that guy that used to be a cat was a familiar?

PRUE: Yeah. He's just like her.

KATRINA: Only I'm good and I'm not trying to kill you guys.

PAIGE: That's definitely a good thing.

PIPER: Hey…um (She stands up) since you're our familiar, I'm pretty sure that you are familiar with our hospitably. So, do you need water, tea, a saucer of milk?

KATRINA: No thanks, Piper. But I wouldn't mind since Kibble if you have any.

Piper looks at her sisters and Katrina smirks back at Piper.

PIPER (Smirks): That's not funny.

PAIGE: It's kinda funny.

PIPER: No, see you didn't live with her for three years. And by the way, what was with all the scratching on my bedpost?

KATRINA: I had to keep my nails sharp, of course.

PIPER: Yeah, see…that is creepy. (She laughs along with everyone else.)

Katrina slowly drops her smile and looks at Paige.

KATRINA: I know what happened to you, Paige. I know about what happened to your parents. (Paige looks at her with a frown.)

PAIGE: You did?

KATRINA: Whenever I wasn't here, you never knew that I was at your home. I was there when…the police officers came there. I saw your reaction.

Tears begin to form in Paige's eyes.

KATRINA: I know that you blame yourself for everything. I know that you believe that your parents died because of you…but that is not true.

PAIGE (Confused): What do you mean?

KATRINA: Your parents were already out before they got the call. They felt bad for not telling you that you were adopted earlier and they decided to go get dinner.

PAIGE (Shocked): Really?

KATRINA (Nods her head): You didn't cause what happened.

Prue stands up and walks over to Paige to hug her. The youngest sister cries into the oldest sister's shoulder.

Piper stands up and moves over to Paige to hug her as well.

Katrina frowns at Paige's cries and gives a solution.

KATRINA: All of you are dealing with terrible problems. I know that you all may not like it, especially you Prue, but…you have to get through this together.

The three break away and look at her in confusion.

PIPER: We have.

KATRINA: I'm talking about counseling. You have to visit someone that can help you. They're not magical problems. They're human problems.

The three look at her and nod their heads.

KATRINA (Smiles): I think it's my time to go.

PRUE: Wait. You never told us why you're not a cat anymore?

PAIGE: Yeah. You're human.

KATRINA: I've been rewarded. I was the familiar of powerful witches. I guided and protected you in these three years. Thanks to you, I have been rewarded to being a human.

The three sisters smile at her.

KATRINA: And because I was a familiar, I have dedicated the rest of my life to guiding other familiars, such as the cats that escaped the house.

PIPER: Is that why you wanted us to vanquish her?

KATRINA: I wanted you to save all the cats and handle the situation the best you could. But…Paige are you okay?

PAIGE: Yes, thank you…you really gave me some relief. At least on my part, though they're still gone.

KATRINA: Even though they're gone, they will always be with you…no matter what.

Paige nods her head at her.

KATRINA: Prue… (The oldest sister looks at her) I know you have been affected greatly by the last six months…and I'm not gonna say I know how you feel but…you are one of the strongest women I know, along with you and your three sisters. You can get through this. Remember, everything happens for a reason.

PRUE (nods her head): Thank you.

KATRINA: And Piper… (The 1st middle sister looks at her) I know your heart. I know what you have been through. I know you have been wondering about the past, if you made the right decisions. But you did, regardless of now.

Piper (Slowly realizing what she is saying): Oh…well, thank you. Will you be around more?

KATRINA: As much as I can, but protecting and guiding other familiars is my duty but I will always have time for family.

She steps towards the exit of the room with a smile.

KATRINA: Blessed be my loves.

Prue, Piper, and Paige smile and wave at their familiar turned human.

Katrina slowly shines and disappears in a white light.

PRUE: Okay. So, this day was eventful.

The three young women smile at the spot Katrina was once in, happy of her presence.



Doctor Davidson sits down at his desk and writes down on his paperwork. A speaker goes off on his desk.

FRONT DESK ASSISTANT: Doctor Davidson, your 12:00 appointment session is ready to start.

DOCTOR DAVIDSON: Okay. Send her in (He continues writing down on his paperwork.)

His door opens and from front to back comes in Prue, Paige, and Piper who waits for Mr. Davidson to look up.

Doctor Davidson looks up from his paperwork and is shocked to see Prue and her sisters there with her.


PRUE: I figured that not only do I need help, but my sisters too and the only way for us to open up to anyone is with each other.

DOCTOR DAVIDSON: Well, okay. (He smiles at them.) Anything that can help.

Prue, Piper, and Paige smile at him, ready to get professional help.