The episode starts with Prue holding her phone to her ear, talking to her boss. Piper and Paige come downstairs to see Prue hanging up. She has to go to work to do a late photoshoot. Paige asks her if she can get a second job at 415. Prue tells her that she will have to ask her boss about it. Prue goes to leave and opens the door to see a little boy sitting down, looking up at Prue. The boy tells her that a demon is after him and he needs her help. Piper and Paige walk to the door and ask who Prue is talking to. The boy gets up and runs away. Piper asks Prue who she was talking to as Piper and Paige didn't see anyone. Prue is shocked and confused at this. Prue, Piper, and Paige are in the living room. Prue is drinking water as Piper and Paige talk to her. Paige asks why they couldn't see the boy since witches can see ghosts. Piper calls Leo and he orbs in. They tell him of Prue and the boy and he says that they should check the book of shadows and he'll ask the Elders about who the boy is. Leo orbs out and Prue tells Piper and Paige that shes going outside for air and that maybe she'll see the boy. As Prue leaves, Paige tells Piper she has to go back to her apartment to check on her new parrot. Paige leaves and Piper goes up to the attic to check the book of shadows about the boy.

As Piper enters the attic, she sees a horned, reddish demon standing with his hands above the book. She flicks her wrists and tries to blow him up, but he is only thrown backwards onto the floor. Piper calls for Leo and he orbs in to see the demon. The demon stands up and Piper tries to freeze him, but he doesn't. The demon says "I've found more witches." The demon disappears in flames.

At Paige's apartment, she walks in and sees the tenant of her apartment building standing in her living room feeding her parrot. He tells her that she has to move out because the building has decided to put a daycare inside. The tenant leaves with Paige looking sad.

In the morning, back at the manor, Prue, Piper, and Leo are looking in the book of shadows for the demon. They find it and discover that the demon is after witches' powers and has the power to manipulate minds. Paige walks in. Prue looks and sees the boy standing behind her. She points him out to the others, but they still can't see him. Prue asks the boy if Azazel is after him and he says yes. Paige asks what what will they do. Leo suggests they create a potion to vanquish him, but Piper points out that there isn't a potion for him. Prue asks the boy what his name is and he replies "It's Mike. You've gotta help me". She assures him that they will. Suddenly, another Paige walks in, shouting "That lousy scumbag!" Everyone looks confused as the Paige who was already in the attic pushes Leo into Piper and they both fly onto the floor. Prue uses her telekinesis to send the demon flying into old boxes. The fake Paige disappears and Prue and Paige run over to help Piper and Leo. Azazel appears in flames near Mike. Prue uses her telekinesis to throw Azazel away, but he lights up in blue and remains standing. Azazel uses telekinesis and throws Prue into Paige. Piper attempts to blow Azazel up, but he only bounces back. He disappears in flames.

In the underworld, Azazel flames into a cave, angry and growling. A woman in a red dress appears next to him in purple light. She tells him that she had a premonition of his failure to kidnap Mike and kill the sisters. He asks her who she is and why is she there. She tells him that she is the Seer and was sent by the Source to give Azazel a upper-hand in killing the sisters. He replies with "Tell me now".

Later, in the attic, Prue is talking to Mike while Paige and Piper are standing by the Book of Shadows. Paige tells Piper that she has to find a way to keep her apartment. Piper suggests giving it up and staying at the manor. Paige tells her that even though she loves the thought, she wants to keep a little bit of freedom and have a life outside of magic. Piper talks about how moving into the manor and getting their powers brought her, Prue, and Phoebe closer together, but adds that Phoebe had a whole life of freedom while Paige hasn't. She agrees that Paige should stay in her apartment for as much time she needs.

Prue comes over to Piper and Paige. She tells them that Mike is a senser and has the powers to read and influence people's thoughts, see the future, and become invisible. He has been running his whole life from demons while helping people overcome their problems. She tells them that Azazel is after Mike for his powers and now that they have gotten involved, he is after them too. Leo orbs in and tells the sisters that the Elders believe Prue is a potential senser and that is the reason she can see Mike. He also says that if Azazel acquires Mike's powers, he would become unstoppable. Prue says that Mike shouldn't have to run for his whole life. Paige lays her hand on Prue's shoulder to comfort her, but she receives a premonition. She sees her, Prue, Piper, Mike, and Leo in the attic. Azazel appears behind Piper and throws her across the room. He throws Prue into Leo and Paige goes to help them, Then, Azazel holds his hand out to Mike and he starts choking and blue lights leave him. Then, Mike falls out and. Paige is pulled out of the premonition.

Paige tells Prue, Piper, and Leo about her premonition and Prue suggests they make a plan to trick Azazel. Paige tells them that she needs to go back to her apartment first to make sure her belongings aren't out of her apartment yet. She leaves and Prue notices Mike is gone. At Paige's apartment, she walks in and sees her tenant standing in her apartment, feeding her parrot again. He tells her that she must be out by the next day and leaves. She screams at him, telling him "You're just mad because your wife left you!" Outside the door, the tenant is standing and his eyes flame into black.

Back at the manor, Prue and Piper are in the attic. Prue tells her that Mike doesn't deserve to run for his whole life from demons. Piper tells her that Mike being a Senser is his destiny just like being charmed ones are their destinies. Mike appears next to Prue and tells her that he found out where Azazel is. Prue tells him they have a plan.

Back at the apartment, Paige knocks on the door of her tenant's room and he opens the door. She tells him that she made a poem(Spell) for him. She chants it and he falls onto the floor, laying unconsious. Paige panics and checks his pulse and is relieved that he is alive. He wakes up and asks her what happened. She tells him that his wife just called and asked him how he's doing. The tenant got excited and went to his phone. Paige closed his door and left.

At the manor, Prue is talking to Piper and Leo while Mike is in the corner of the attic. Prue asks them if they remember the plan and if Piper has the spell ready. Both Piper and Leo nod their heads. Paige walks in and tells them she can stay in her apartment. Prue asks her if she remembers the plan and Paige responds with "You told me about 20 times. Of course I remember it." Prue tells them she hopes the plan works. Then, Prue leaves the attic. Leo grabs Paige and orbs out. Prue astrals into a corner of the attic. Piper stands in the middle of the attic. Azazel flames in behind Piper. As Azazel is about to grab Piper, Prue shouts at him "Hey!". Azazel quickly turns around and is met with a kick in the chest by her. Piper tries to blow him, but he only bounces backwards. Prue punches him in the face. Piper places the crystals around Azazel. Leo and Paige orb in and Prue's astral self disappears. Piper places the last crystal around Azazel and he is shot down by lightning bolts. Prue runs in and stands next to her sisters and Leo. Azazel laughs and disappears. Prue realizes it was an illusion and Azazel appears next to Mike. Piper tries to blow him up, but Azazel waves his hand and Piper is blow backwards onto a coffee table.

Suddenly, Patty appears behind Prue. Prue is shocked and Patty tells her to give up and let evil win. However, Prue astrals behind Azazel and kicks him down. Prue uses her telekinesis to move the crystals around Azazel, causing him to be shot down by 5 lightning bolts. Prue goes over to Piper and Paige and they chant the spell, causing Azazel to be vanquished in flames. Mike smiles at Prue and goes over to her. He tells her thank you and she tells him that she has a surprise for him. Prue chants the other spell and Mike glows yellow, but then it disappears. Piper, Paige, and Leo can now see Mike. Mike asks Prue what happened and she tells him that she changed his destiny and he is now free. He smiles and hugs her as she hugs him back joyfully.

In the Underworld, the Seer appears behind the Source and tells him that Azazel has failed again, but was able to put fear into Prue. The Source tells her that Prue is the strongest and now he has got her, he must get Piper next.

Later at P3, Incubus is playing and Prue, Piper, and Paige are sitting at a table. Paige tells them that her job was able to find Mike's parents and he's in a temporary home until they get to him in the morning. Prue is happy that Mike is free of his destiny, but Piper hopes that the Elders aren't angry that they relinquished Mike's destiny. Leo comes and tells them that the Elders knew it was Prue's destiny to save Mike and relieve him of being a Senser. Piper wonders who the new Senser is, but Leo tells her that one of the Elders are now a Senser. Prue asks Paige why the tenant let Paige stay and she told them that it is a secret. Piper thinks Paige slept with him, but Paige reassures them that she was able to negotiate a deal with the tenant. Then, the sisters and Leo dance to Incubus.