After a local party, Paige witnesses a wizard using his powers on her friend. She believes he is a good wizard. However, the wizard turns out to be evil and is after the book, believing that combining the book of shadows with his evil book of shadows will create a ultimate power that would be able to vanquish all beings who try to harm the wizard. At the same time, Paige starts forcing her premonitions so that she can figure out if the wizard is evil, but realizes that her actions have consequences. Will the sisters vanquish the wizard? Will Paige stop using personal gain?


Prue Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

Paige Matthews

Leo Wyatt

Powers UsedEdit

Telekinesis- Prue

Molecular Combustion- '''''Piper

Premonition- '''''Paige

Orbing- Paige and Leo


Prue: You say you saw a wizard?

Piper: What did you do, Paige? Follow the yellow brick road?

Paige: The wizard is evil?

Leo: Well, the Elders say the wizard may be evil, but they're not quite sure.