What Destiny May Hold
Season 4, Episode 18
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What Destiny May Hold is the 16th episode of season 4 and the 85nd overall episode of Charmed.

Summary Edit

Now that the Source has got the sisters off his back for a while and making them believe Belthazor is the current enemy, he continues with his plan to kill them. Paige gets a premonition of Belthazor killing Glen and Lila. After she warns her sisters, Prue, Piper, and Paige make the decision to vanquish him. However, their plans are put on hold when they receive receive a visit and shocking news from the Angels of the Universe. At the same time, Piper thinks that it may be time for P3 to close and for her to open her own restaurant. Will the Halliwell sisters figure out a way to vanquish Belthazor and deal with the Angels of the Universe? And will Piper close P3 and get the restaurant she always wanted

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • Simon Templeman as the Angel of Death
  • Dakin Matthews as the Angel of Destiny
  • Charisma Carpenter as the Angel of Life
  • Angela Kinsey as the Angel of Light
  • Denise Dowse as the Angel of Fate
  • Michael Dorn as the Angel of Nature
  • Michael Bailey Smith as the Source of All Evil
  • Debbie Morgan as the Seer

Co-Stars Edit

  • Greg Vaughn as Dan Gordon
  • Paige Karant Bryant as Jenny Gordon
  • Jesse Woodrow as Glen Belland
  • Becky Wahlstrom as Lila Brown

Magical Notes Edit

Belthazor Vanquishing Potion:

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the return of the Angels of the Universe since Where There's Smoke, There's A Fire-Starter.
  • In this episode, the Angel of Destiny gives many BIG reveals, including that Leo is not actually dead, but his soul is trapped between life and death by the Source of All Evil and that the Seer is responsible for Phoebe's death and not Prue.
  • Prue becomes a being of the Universe, more specifically the Angel of Death, when he transfers his power to her to take the souls of those who are supposed to die. Conicidentally, she is the sister who has died the most and has the closest relationship to the original Angel of Death.