Where There's Smoke, There's A Fire-Starter
Season 4, Episode 13
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Where There's Smoke, There's A Fire-Starter is the 13th episode of season 4.


When Prue is visited by her deathly friend again, she is faced with a big ruling that will affect not only her life, but her loved ones and the cosmic balance of the magical world. But once Paige finds a boy at her workplace that has the power to start fires, they find out that the boy's abilities may be linked to the magical force that caused the death of Phoebe and the resurrection of Prue. Meanwhile, Piper attends her friend's baby shower and wishes she and Leo could've started a family. Will the sisters save the boy and reveal the link between his powers and the trauma and tragedy they've endured in the last months? And will Piper find a solution to her feelings


Main Cast

Guest Stars Edit

  • Ray Wise as Ludlow
  • Alex Black as Tyler Michaels
  • Dwier Brown as Marshall
  • Ashley Gardner as Lilian
  • Simon Templeman as the Angel of Death
  • Dakin Matthews as the Angel of Destiny
  • Charisma Carpenter as the Angel of Life
  • Angela Kinsey as the Angel of Light
  • Denise Dowse as the Angel of Fate
  • Michael Dorn as the Angel of Nature
  • Debbie Morgan as the Seer

Co-Stars Edit

  • Chad Willett as Justin Harper
  • Jesse Woodrow as Glen Belland
  • Becky Wahlstrom as Lila Brown

Magical Notes Edit

Book of Shadows Edit

Fire-Starters Edit

An extremely rare
and coveted magical
creature, usually a mortal. The power
is linked to their emotions. It first manifests
in adolescence with the onset of puberty.
If subjugated while still impressionable, they
can be persuaded to use their powers for evil.
Because of this, they are often trained to be
bodyguards of the Source.

To Unlock A Door Edit

Used to unlock the gate to Ludlow's Academy.

Door Unlock,

No Magic Block

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the last we see of Glen and Lila as the Seer traps them and casts a spell that glamours the appearances of a demon from the Brotherhood of the Thorn and an Acephali into Glen and Lila.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Tyler, the foster-child who Piper will quickly bond and seek to adopt over the rest of the season.
  • This episode marks the introduction of the Angels of the Universe, magical beings that reside and manage the cosmic balance of the Universe.